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    May 7, 2014
    So a ups feeder driver told me he makes 200k a year and showed me a $10k paystub for 2 weeks but somehow I still don't believe it. Is it possible? He chains A lot but $70k worth!?!? How much is chain pay?
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    Feb 27, 2016
    Are ups road drivers home every night and off weekends? I just applied in California. Wow! road drivers really make $120k+ a year
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    Apr 21, 2015
    Feeder drivers make around .80 a mile for doubles till August then it is a little over .81. By 2018 top mileage rate will be a little over .84.
    Sleeper teams make more. Top sleeper drivers with long runs make serious coin.
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    Apr 21, 2015
    UPS road drivers are freight and for the most part for the terminals I know all runs are home daily.
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    Granted this thread is almost 10 years old but man there is a lot of misinformation in the first 2 pages. The most egregious was the statement that a vested 26 year employee was fired and lost his pension. Once you are vested (takes 5 years at freight) the pension is yours no matter what. The last page or two was pretty factual.

    I am a 10 year UPS Freight employee. The comments I will make are only about working for UPS Freight. As others stated before UPS and UPS Freight are completely separate companies.

    Currently UPS Freight pays $27.90 an hour for a pickup and delivery driver (PU&D). That is a delivery driver who drives a tractor trailer making pickups and deliveries at mainly businesses but residentials as well. That pay rate is full scale. I'm not sure what starting pay is but I think it's around $14.00 an hour and takes 3 or 4 years to progress to top pay. When I started it was 3 years but I believe at the last contract it was increased to 4.

    3 years ago I made $102,000. The last 2 have been around $95,000. That is NOT working 40 hours a week. I bid the longer routes and rarely work less then 60 hours a week. I would say the average guy at my terminal works about 50 hours a week.

    They will hire you off the street or straight out of school as a full time employee and as a driver. But if you get in an accident in your probation period you'll be fired. Expect to work some weekends, being a new hire, if you hire on at a terminal that services a large city. There's usually Saturday work at mine for either Amazon or a trade show.

    I'm not sure what the road drivers make. I know it's by mileage and it's a lot more then most over the road companies. I want to say it's around $.70 a mile, but once again, I'm not a road driver. They also get hired off the street as full time. Same rules as PU&D. There is also a progression in pay. So a starting road driver's pay would be way less then $.70 a mile.

    Vacation is hard to explain when you first start because everything starts January 1st of every year but you get 2 weeks till the start of your 8th year then you get 3. Till the start of your 16th then you get 4. You also get 4 discretionary (sick) days per year that you'll get written up for using.

    I pay about $30 a week for family medical which is great medical coverage. Copays are $25. $20 a week in union dues. There is no company match on the 401K because they contribute 100% to the pension. There is also a discounted stock program.

    Overall it's not a bad company pay and benefit wise. The mood at my terminal is not great so I'll try to keep that out of my post. Each terminal is different. They do track just about every move you make but as long as you aren't a theif there isn't much to worry about.

    If I had it to over again I would not work here. However I'm in sorta deep and have established seniority so no sense moving on now. 20 more years and I can retire with full pension.

    Again this is all about UPS Freight. As far as I know it's rare for UPS Package to hire CDL drivers off the street full time. Also I have heard rumors about UPS combining Freight and Package into the same contract (thus giving Freight employees a HUGE pay increase) this is all B.S. Package car drivers work a hell of a lot harder then a Freight PU&D driver. They do like 200 stops a day. My busiest day I may do 20.
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