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  1. Rwsj

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    Jun 21, 2008
    Fallon, Nev.

    I drove mail in Nevada for Brugh for over a year , I was casual but ran full time 50 plus hrs a week for over 8 months, ran all Northern Nevada runs and also went down to Vegas to cover , pretty much know all the postal facilitys in Nev and Northern Calif. Then I got a bid run to Richmond-Oakland I ran until April this year.
    Family reasons forced me to move back to Sacto and I gave up job at Brugh-BIG MISTAKE.

    Matheson ran ad for casual out of Sac about 6 months ago , I have clean CDL over 3 years exp and still have my postal badge and not a word.
    Since then Matheson has ran several ads for casuals and seasonal drivers, Who do they want ?
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  3. ziggystyles

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    I know Matheson was hiring in my area too; small town but I think we have a couple of different routes that go here and there. I drive the area they run, every day for the past two years. however they wanted someone with at least 3years of mountain driving experience. I think they are in the position where they can be really picky about who they hire.
  4. outerspacehillbilly

    outerspacehillbilly "Instigator of the Legend"

    May 28, 2009
    The Who's Your State
    Anyone have any information on hauling mail for the USPS? I was wondering if anybody knows any co's that a O/O can lease onto for that or anything about it in general, like pay, requirements, etc....... Thanks

    Thanks to whoever moved my post. I was looking in the wrong place for the information I guess.
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  5. kwswan

    kwswan Road Train Member

    Jul 26, 2009
    there is a company out of smyrna tn. that leases o/op's to haul mail. mccormick trucking, i believe is the name. i know mccormick is right,but not sure about the last part. could be trucking or transport,something along those lines.
  6. coilhaulr

    coilhaulr Bobtail Member

    Dec 22, 2009
    Can anyone explain how the insurance works hauling for a mail carrier? I understand they pay you and extra amount per hour but then I'm lost. Do you take that money and buy your own insurance or does the carrier buy it for you? Is it good insurance? Like Kaiser or Blue Cross? Thanks!
  7. Grouch

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    Feb 3, 2009
    Between here and eternity
    When I hauled the mail, the carrier that I worked for carried insurance on the regular drivers who wanted it. I did not want it and so they paid the the extra amount per hour.

    I must say that hauling the mail was one the better driving job that I have had. And it really goes to what route you might get on. What I liked about it was that you had a time to be there and a time to leave, no getting jerked around. And again, different post offices are different to deal with. The route I was on came through from S.C. going to Westbourgh, Ma and I couldn't ask to deal with any better people than those at Westbourgh. Never had any problem with the workers there.

    Now, one word. Most of the mail does not run 7 days per week. Some are under the impression that it does, but no. No mail is picked up on Sunday and so, there is no mail going out Sunday nite or Monday morning. So, if you arrive at a "Hub " on Sunday, probably you are going to lay there until Tue. And if a holiday hits on a Monday, then you are going to lay there until Wed. Only catch to hauling the mail as far as I am concerned.
  8. coilhaulr

    coilhaulr Bobtail Member

    Dec 22, 2009
    Thanks Grouch that answers a few questions I had. I appreciate it! Have a Merry!
  9. brinkj23

    brinkj23 "Asphalt Cowboy"

    Dec 26, 2005
    Been to quite a bit of USPS hubs across the US hauling the junk mail magazines from printing companies. Some of the worst ones I went to was downtown Houston TX that one was a bear to hit the docks. Also the one in FT Wayne IN that one was a pain to get into, very tight streets to the truck entrance. Also the one in St Paul MN has some really tight docks with a overhang in front of you that has 13'4" clearance on the edges of it. Most the other ones I went to were nice, the one in a suburb of Houston was huge and nice, and one in Columbus OH was big and nice people there. All the places I went to had really nice people working the docks and never had any problems besides tight docks.
  10. ybr69

    ybr69 Bobtail Member

    Sep 13, 2009
    hey paddington do you know of any mail carriers down in the cincinnati area? thanks:biggrin_2558:
  11. jakebrake12

    jakebrake12 Road Train Member

    Feb 15, 2008
    Whoa, whoa, whoa, and whoa... Does FedEx Freight know about this? After some of the crap you've said about me and my company I'll be verifying this with some FedEx Freight drivers I know well from Youngstown, Cleveland, Snow Shoe, Hagerstown, and Erie.

    Besides that (which I'll report back on), you always brag about this 40hr a week lifestyle you have - if you do run mail on weekends and work at FedEx Freight during the week you work the same 60 I do for a lot less cash or you have zero seniority and reside on the extra board.

    But I do work for the Swift of LTL's..
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