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    Dec 4, 2019
    I have been in the automotive sales field for over 15 years and know in quite well. I have a offer to go in to the trucking field selling used Class 8s . My question goes out to all experience and non-experience sales personnel. Is there money to be made and how long is the sales cycle to closing the sale. What do I look for in a company.

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    Trucks are a different beast than selling cars. Normally a car sales guy will sell 8-10 units a month, a truck sales guy maybe 1-2.
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    And in today's market, even less than that.

    Watch your local truck dealers. In a good market, they generally have very little stock on the yard. In a BAD market, they can't find enough space to park the stock between auction runs. Right now, most of the dealers I pass are stuffed beyond capacity.

    That means stock ISN'T moving, and if they are looking for a salesperson it's due to the last one wandering off to find a better paying job. Burger flipper at the local greasy spoon comes to mind.

    If you know car sales, you know the cycles there. And the sales periods. Big truck sales don't work anything like car sales. You also know that car lots have a team of salespeople, like 5-7 on any given day, depending on dealership size.

    Truck lots have maybe TWO. One for new sales, one for used.
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    You can allways move over to the F/liner select truck sales if the job does not pan out, at the sales lot they even have golf/carts that sales men ride truck buyers around to look at used trucks?
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