USF Holland launches Guaranteed Window Delivery service

Discussion in 'Holland Reddaway New Penn' started by Cybergal, Jan 22, 2009.

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    nope bumpy - I am quite happy with how things are going right now.

    mypoint is that all of the doom and gllom - and endless longing for days gone by does no good for anyone.

    times have changed - and you have to be positive and look towards the future.

    if not - you lock yourself into that endless negative depression filled funk that so many of our drivers sit in day after day.

    keep your chin up - look to the future
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    To this I agree with you, what my point was, Is that holland was moving the freight further and faster then yellow was and all that they have done is to slow it down and handle it more thans needs to be. yes its hard to keep track of 2600 trucks running in different directions a nite and it got out of hand on them.So they put all in one box so to speak.
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    Unless I missed your tone, I have to disagree with you. Holland employees put a lot of their life into building that company into the best of the best of the LTL carriers. When things change for the worse out of no fault of their own, I think they have the right to be upset and a little bitter. Things change, but Holland most definitely wasn't broke and YRC shouldn't have tried to 'fix' them.

    This doesn't sound like your normal attitude, so let me know if I misunderstood your post. Employees who have a real stake in their companies are not always going to be cheerleaders and should call the BS when they see it.

    Also, best of luck at YRC, I hope things go well.
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    I can't pm back, but my point is that there is an army of people on this forum that would use that 'Swift' line on you if you went on strike. I would disagree with them if they said it. "Swift is hiring" is a default position that could be used in almost any situation. It's kind of a lazy thing to say.

    Holland, Roadway and Yellow have based their success on providing careers, not just jobs. The union affirms and demands the 'career model' over the 'job model.' I wish more companies would see drivers as career professionals and not just interchangable bums.

    The career drivers have an emotional buy in with their company. They have pride. Yes, they need to see that things have changed and they need to get on board. But you have to acknowledge that Holland has completely lost its identity in the market place. That is hard to swallow for a lot of their workers, and it will take time for them to get over it.

    Again, I respect and enjoy your posts. Thanks.
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