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  1. Max1989

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    Nov 17, 2023
    Hello, I have a 2005 Volvo with D12 engine 13speed eatonfuller
    1.5 million miles

    truck has no power,
    it has good boost
    fuel pressure showing good when idling
    85psi when reving in neutral.

    no codes or any symptoms when parked
    As soon as I start rolling some sputtering occurs
    with light loads like 5k lbs I have no power, its like hauling 45k and worse...
    everything as far as fuel goes has been checked
    system holds boost

    when i disconect speed sensor the sputtering goes away but still no power.

    2007 volvo d12 also 1.5million miles
    identical except when I start rolling trucks starts kicking like it loses power and then tries to go at it again... as if bad connection from batteries to ecm but that is not the issue. all good there...
    3 injectors were changed recently but problem persists...

    this unit even ended up at the dealer and they couldnt figure it out...

    when i unplug the speed sensor truck runs fine no stalling/kicking but ofcourse reduced power as speed sensor is unplugged

    any ideas????

    would the BodyControlModule have anything to do with signaling to the ECM as far as power is concerned... is the speedsensor routed through BCM to ECM or directly to ECM?

    anyone have similar issue? could it be bad injectoes on both trucks?
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