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Discussion in 'Wal-Mart' started by hkbravo34, Oct 23, 2007.

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    Call Wally's recruiting hotline
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    Hi all thought I'd jump in and say a little about walmart . I have now been working for walmart for 13 yrs at dc6020 in brooksville fl. My supervisors husband drives for walmart and they both have been with the company for 16 yrs . They do pay there drivers well but they are in the process of cutting back on the long haul . Most drivers are averaging about 2200 miles a week . Thats to the stores that the dc services we have a little over 80 stores at our dc . They use to have regional routes but they are contracting them out to other carriers . A lot of the drivers are mad about that because that was where the good money was . I have seen her husband come in and out of the dc 3 to 4 times a day taking loads to various stores . Walmart plans to to have all there store within 150 miles of a dc . Right now fl. has three regional dc's One in alatchua , homestead , and brooksville we also have 3 food dc's on in arcdia , lakeland and one up by jacksonville . Walmart drivers don't haul out of them since we have no refrigerated trailers . And yes I plan on getting my 3 yrs in on the road and go back to work for them . Hope this has been a help .

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    You mentioned "training" in your post. Are you attending t/d school on your own or, is Walmart sponsoring the training (i.e., tuition reimburs)?

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    I'm biding my time also... I live an hour from a DC and would LOVE to work for WM.

    Here's how I see the whole employee treated like crap thing. When they hire on, they know what bennies they get and don't get. They know how much they are going to get paid and how often that pay will increase. WM isn't going to lie to them about any of that, it's not legal to do so...

    It's kind of like some rich people moving next to a rail yard then complaining about the noise knowing it was there before they moved in....
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    Just a note:I made $900/week working for American Farm Lines out of OKC in the late 1970s. We ran OKC- SEA or LA or OAK every week running teams. It was a tough job, no sleep on I 40 as it was so rough. We could do LA in 54 hrs RT. so did 2/wk. Wal-Mart calls you an Associate and we know what the 1st three letters of that are. My ex worked for them and she got poor treatment.:biggrin_25514:
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    Great job putting the correct information out there kebo072. And there are drivers from the large to the small companies, private fleets, owner/operators and even union drivers that was laid off from their union jobs and has never went back working at Wal-Mart. One of the big things that Wal-Mart will look at is the longevity at your last job or jobs.:biggrin_25525:Passin Thru, if I only made $900 a week I would not be at Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart drivers would laugh at $900 a week. The last number I heard for turn over rate at Wal-Mart was like 2.6 percent. I could count on one hand how many drivers has quit in the last 9 years out of the DC where I work, but there has been more then that that has retired. And as for the treatment of your ex at Wal-Mart I would say she was the one with the problems because sometimes I get feed up with the way that management bends over backwards to make a driver happy and the driver appreciates done of what they do for them. What did Wal-Mart fire her for? And as far as a manager calling a driver the first three letters of associate would be enough to get that manager fired. Is Wal-Mart a perfect place to work? No, but its the best I have ever seen or worked at in 30 years of driving.
    I don't know about the routes in FL but here at 17, you can make more money on the local runs then you can on the inter regional runs. And as far as hauling out of the grocery DC's, Wal-Mart drivers are hauling more and more out of the gro DC's. We are now even hiring out of some of the gro DC's for full time drivers.
    You can not take your truck home or park it at a store if you are taking your days off but if you drive by the house to see a kids ball game for a few hours then yes you could park it at a store and visit with family. As long as you make it to work then you can live where ever.
    And no we are not union. This is my own personal opinion but the union would only screw up a great job.
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    I think the reason Wal-Mart has other carriers haulin for them is the volume of stores they have and the geographical area they cover.
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    The full time store employees have great benefits along with stock options and 401K. The drivers get a different insurance package due to their pay structure but both even out in the end. The stores pay different as their pay scale goes with the area the store is in. 1 store can pay 1 wage and the next store 5 miles down the road can be better or less due to the clientel of the store.
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    Im with you henderson.....I used to work in a wal-mart store, it was ok but it was slavery at the same time. I quit and went to trucking school. The pay was pretty ok(at least for my position), and the hours were reasonable so I wouldnt mind going back, when I get my xp up of course.
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    Well evidently you have never worked for was hilarious wal mart will tell you anything and everything to get you to slave. they will not give you the raise promised and for stupid reasons such as gender or race or hair color or the way you dress(off the the clock). That has been a terrible company to work for since Sam Walton died. You have to have worked there to understand and even the store managers will tell you that. Or maybe they wont being that its in their contract........lmao.......they won lie to
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