Want to avoid getting burned by a lease-purchase agreement?

Discussion in 'Lease Purchase Trucking Forum' started by rookietrucker, Dec 13, 2009.

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    What working class suburb is that?
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    I've got 1 starting college this week so i know full well what it cost. and nope she didn't get a class ring. And neither did i when i finished school. Guess what? We are both still breathing. Not having that 300 dollar class ring didn't stop any of us from living productive lives thirty years ago. And it won't stop the new generation either. What will stop them from having productive lives is being handed everything they want and never dealing with disappointment. My job as a parent is to raise my children to be self reliant and productive members of society. Now obviously a class ring on its own doesn't make a kid spoiled but in ten years he or she isn't going to care if they got that high school ring so it is an science that could be cut to help meet financial goals.

    I look at the people i grew up with, there was those of us that had everything handed to us as teenagers and those that had to learn to make do with what we had. Guess which group is the most successful 30 years later?

    It's really bad when i can point to first generation immigrants that had a hundred dollars to their name when they got here and with in five years have made more of themselves than most born and bred Americans. I attribute it to a better work ethic and not spending every dollar they make.

    Now you can laugh at me cause i drive a 12 year old ford and my big truck is even older and there is only 1 tv in my house cause i want my kids to spend more time reading than watching sponge bob and playing ps3 games, but that hard nose mentality is what allows me to write a check when the truck takes a dump. It's also what put us in an ideal negotiating position a few years back when we decided it was time to upgrade to a nicer home in a better neighborhood. The home we live in now was a bank foreclosure and while they initially scoffed at my extreme low ball offer, when i responded i would be paying with a certified check it didn't take long for them to decide my offer was good enough to get that one off the mile long list of bad loans.

    If a guy wants to get ahead in this world it takes a level of discipline that is borderline fanatical. Get angry at those expenses and debts. I'm talking crazy homicidal angry and kill them. The kind of crazy dedication that makes your friends, family and neighbors talk about you like you joined some cult. If they are laughing and mocking you then it just means you are doing something right. It will be your turn to laugh and mock ten years from now when they are still struggling week to week and you are at the point you can relax and only work 6 months a year.
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    Good for you.
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    Are those brand new trucks
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    Don't normally get involved with threads like these( lease ops) because of all the negativity involved, There are some of us that do ok or great with the lease op deals, the main thing you have to do research then drive as a company driver till you learn their system, then approach their lease program with open eyes and common sense, meaning you are the one paying the bill. I have paid off 4 trucks thru lease programs, actually 2 of them were back to back, with Martens O/O program and the 1st one if I had not been so stubborn and hardheaded should have been my last paid $48,000 in 18 month lease, 1st 9 months put $40,0000 in repairs back into it, should threw the towel in but my dad did not raise a quitter. Lesson I learned was to do better checking and to have a mechanic ready to inspect them before buying....All four of my trucks are driven by very good experienced drivers now and they have been leased to the same company who takes very good care of them.
    The thing allot of these guys DO NOT understand if the company is not willing to put your name on the owners line on the title and them down as lien holder they will never own it..
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    hell yeah man u gotta pay em off quick tho!!!
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    No benefits, no retirement, pay higher taxes, pay for your own fuel while a company skims your surcharge taxes, save for mechanical issues that will arise, work as a hooker, let the company pimp you, never own a truck, actually make less than a rookie, and basically get screwed at every angle possible. Everybody that I have talked to who has been in a fleece, has gone back to company, because they are tired of coming out of pocket for everything. DONT LEASE FROM ANY COMPANY OUT HERE OR LISTEN TO THE IDIOTS WHO CLAIM SUCCESS. Let the companies go broke from having to pay for their fleets, if drivers would let that happen, then a majority of these companies would shut the doors or die of bankruptcy. Example, look at USA Truck.
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    Nov 24, 2015
    Just because you and your circle of friends can't run or handle being in a lease, why discourage others from trying it for themselves. I do very well in my lease and will own my truck when the lease is up
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    thought the answer to that one was quite simple read the fine print and don't sign anything without a second opinion preferably from a contract lawyer.
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