Want to carry your 12 volt appliances indoors with you?

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    Max Burton recently introduced its 200watt 12 volt appliance converter to the trucking market. The Max Burton 200-Watt Converter allows you to take any 12-volt appliance or accessory and operate it from 120-volt power, up to 200 watts/15 amps. Includes a 12-volt socket to plug in the appliance and a 120-volt outlet to plug into any 120-volt power source. A power switch on the converter will shut power off to the appliance in addition to any power control included on the appliance.


    • Works with all 12-Volt appliances, including Max Burton
    • Easily switch between 12V and 120V with this converter
    • Makes traveling easier by by taking standard 12-volt appliance or accessory and moving it from a vehicle into an office, home, or hotel room that has 120-volt power receptacle
    • Input: AC 120V, 60 Hz, 3A
    • Output: 12-13.5V DC, 15A, 200watts
    • 1 year warranty

    Get yours today at www.GlobalTrucker.com :biggrin_255:
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