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  1. Paul's Valley Oklahoma Walmart Food distribution Center across the highway from Love's. Indian trail Road. Interstate 35 exit 70 just a stone's throw away.
    I have not done the grocery load gig probably in about a year-and-a-half..I used to do the Walmart Food Center distribution in New Caney Texas very often and Robert Louisiana. they were not fast
    So I have a load of sugar that came out chalmette Louisiana mixed sugar some g&h some Domino and a bunch of other stuff but cruise down in there and greeted politelym showed up 45 minutes before my appointment..
    Was assigned door immediately drove on in did the usual Walmart thing;
    disconnect the airline's, drop the trailer, pull forward just clearing trailer chock the wheels.
    now this is a food distribution Walmart so I was expecting to pay a lumper I always have to so I go in and check in with the nice lady and she says are you in the door I said yep I'm in 96 she said cool we'll call you when we're done..
    I said what about a lumper is it taken care of through the company and she's like we don't do lumpers anymore she said basically it's all taken care of in house and we build and we do what we need to do so I thought I was so then they're going to unload at their own pace so I'll probably be here for 5 hours...
    next thing I know I'm walking back out there banging my trailer and within an hour she's called me come get your paperwork you're done..this wasn't a partial this was a 42000 pound load 15 pallets worth but the difference was maybe they break it down inside or maybe they finally do Smart & ship at the way they want..
    but needless to say expecting with a 7:30 appointment to be there till at least midnight with a load of mix sugar now I was out of there.
    is this the norm for Walmart food DC's now no more lumpers and just quickly and efficiently as possible no more dragging their feet and goofing around or is this just Pauls Valley Oklahoma knows what they're doing..
    either way hats off for a absolutely fantastic experience.
    is anybody else done a lot of Walmart DC's with her strictly the food warehouses has that been the way with most of them now to wear there because I'm a lot more efficient as anyone ever been up there to Pauls Valley Oklahoma between Ardmore and okay City and had a good experience there too recently??
    or was it a fluke or was I dreaming cuz I'm back here in Ardmore.. where I left the loves to go up there to deliver and came back down here because I'm reloading in Ardmore and I do have an empty trailer..
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    Apr 8, 2012
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  4. I really don't know..
    I don't think I've ever been an in and out with a full load with no lumper required or anything in an hour at a Walmart food DC.
    yeah I got the documentation of arrival departure and the timestamp to so I don't quite know...
  5. AaronP

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    Feb 5, 2019
    I guess what I've heard about being a "* of choice" wasn't horsecrap?
  6. DUNE-T

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    May 10, 2015
    Detroit, MI
    The last 10 brokered loads I did to Walmart DC's have been in and out pretty much at two hours flat and no lumper.
    They have greatly improved during last year
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