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    Apr 21, 2012
    To those of you considering W/S because of the 10 day oreintaton, come prepared to learn how to drive.Forget what they tought you in school. and u could be here more than 10 days, come ready to learn and to work.The safety/trainers are good people will not BS you about the company and the work u will tour the warehouse here in conover and see what u are hauling u will hear from a lot of people, learn to earn trucking school jownust gave u just enough to pass ur cdl road test.Been here since the 9th of July my roommates gone he had trucking experience from family members.I'll be out before the end of the week, blackMountain 5% down grade,Double Down, I"m ready! Any body considering coming because they don"t want the weeks in truck trainer thing come here for ur start but come with ur game face on. Tim,RL will put u thru the paces rrrreeeaalllll quick.:Road:
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    May 28, 2015
    Well... this is 5 years late , but , yeah some of us went to WS when the transition happened. Most did not. A lot of the old hands just hung it up.

    I don't think anyone lasted more than a year at WS from the Broyhill ranks , as that's not stickhaulin'. That's a company that bought the business of hauling sticks. It was an exercise in futility.

    We've all scattered to the wind now. Most are retired. A few of us are hauling sticks at Zenith. A few at Sunbelt. Some are pulling flatbed for a local lumber mill.

    We were a pretty tight group. There were only 50 of us , give or take , and we all cared about each other a lot. You can't find that any more. It sad.
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