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    Feb 23, 2005
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    Granted, there are good drivers and there are bad drivers, and time doesn't always make that better.

    Despite that, the fact remains that there are not too many people that will agree that a newbie with six months experience is a good candidate to train others with none. Yeah, you can teach someone to drive forward, back up, and many more of the basics, but it takes YEARS to develop a knowhow to avoid all the things that are a constant threat out there.

    Driving is a sixth sense to me these days, and I am constantly amazed at just how well I can predict what a driver in front of me will do, or how I am aware of what is around me at all times, even when I am not looking or paying close attention. I almost KNOW that it is unsafe to pass someone because of what is around me, even before I actually look in the mirrors.
    I know, even in heavy traffic, when a vehicle that was in my proximity has suddenly disappeared from view, and I'm looking for where it went.

    I know just be looking, whether or not my truck and trailer can be backed into, or pulled out of a parking spot. I'm keenly aware of trailer swing, the area behind the rear tires of the trailer, that can do terrible damage if you do not allow for it and know that you have room to clear what is behind you.

    I know how to gauge my speed to the traffic flow, so that I am not constantly having to change lanes. I learned patience. I learned to be tolerant. I learned to be forgiving. Above all, I learned to be an example of SAFETY, and not part of the problem.

    Driving a truck to me, is as simple as driving a Volkswagen Beetle. This is not something that I acheived overnight, or in a few months. It took years of trial and yes...error to become as comfortable with driving a truck, and although I would be the first to say that driving a truck is not on par with being a brain surgeon, it's not as easy as it looks either.

    To be fair, there are MANY people out there with years and years behind the wheel, that don't have the skills to train others, much less be behind the wheel themselves.
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    Oct 26, 2005
    Omaha Nebraska
    Also know'n as the

    Read, what "Werner Enterprises" is really about!:

    I was employed with Werner Enterprises Trucking Company, which was November of 2004 until March 2005.

    In March of 2005 I voluntarily quit. I had a small dog which I carried with me in my truck. There was a refundable pet deposit which I paid with a money order, when a driver is no longer employed and returns a clean truck with no damage, which I did, you receive your deposit back.

    Since March of 2005 I tried to get my pet deposit back which Werner Enterprises refused to reimburse me. I have called them up and the supervisor of their safety department, said he did not have the time to mess with my bull-####!. These were his exact words.

    There are also other issues as follows: trips not being paid, requested payroll stubs not being sent, and so forth.

    For this reason I went to the labor department in Las Cruces/New Mexico, and they informed me I will have to go the federal department
    in El Paso/Texas.
    They told me I have to file a claim with the Nebraska labor department, and they wrote me and said issue was not in their Jursidiction.

    I do live in New Mexico, and this company had their headquarters in Nebraska.
    But I was hired and based out of their terminal in Phoenix Arizona.

    So, as of right now, they screwed me really good.

    Thank you, "Werner Enterprises" for giving me the "run-around".

    what advice can you may give me,
    I have proof and proper documentation
    as well as a copy of a moneyorder, I have paid them for the pet deposit.
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    As far as I know if you live in New Mexico then it is in there juridiction. But contact the federal department in El Paso and see what they say, you don't need to go there direct give them a call you may get the run around at first but give it a try.

    How much was the pet deposit? Do you have proof that you paid it?

    This goes to show that when a company gets big they can get dryrote and the people tend not to care about an individual.
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    Oct 9, 2005

    My wife read me your problem. To start off you are claiming that Werner is not paying your trips. As your were told in orientation, or even on your trainers truck, to be payed on time, your trip packets have to be filled out properly or they could be delayed as much as a year. Due to the shipper and cons. have to pay first to verify you deliverd the load. The second is your pet deposit. Only 1 out of 3 drivers receive there deposit back due to the cost of cleaning the animal dander out of the truck. If you did not have your truck professionaly cleaned out then Werner charges up to $1000 to clean it. The reason behind this is some people have an allergy to animal dander and Werner can not take a chance of a lawsuit becouse they got your truck. and regarding your refunds you need to talk to payroll not saftey. I have trained many drivers with Werner and to this day they all still drive for Werner. Yes companys do have some problems but they are usually the employee's mistake. If I can be of any help let me know and I will see if I can. Justin
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    Jul 5, 2005
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    $1000 to detail the interior of the truck? Yeah right!

    Shipper has to pay Werner before Werner pays the driver? All Werner should need is a signed copy of the bills to show the load was delivered.

    Why do you automaticaly assume this driver screwed up his paperwork.

    My brother worked for Werner for 2 years. They sucked. He had lots of payroll problems.
  6. Nickie

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    Oct 9, 2005
    My husband did not right off assume it was the drivers fault even though we know most of the time it is human error, and by the way you failed to comment on the whole fill out the trip envelopes right, if your brother was having payroll problems then he probably was not doing his paper work right and getting it turned in on time. There has been times that my husband in the past when he was a newbie messed up on the trip paper work and if you pay close attention to your check stubs it gives you the time to fix any error made be it yours or theirs, Maybe Werner sucked for your brother but there are thousands of drivers that will stand behind them, and if you do your job right the first time there wont be that many problems, I mean hell what do you expect any company to not have any problems what so ever? Every company will have issues sometimes Werners may seem bigger but they are also a BIG Company!!!! :!:
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    Jul 5, 2005
    Macomb, IL
    Swift and Prime drivers will stand behind those companies as well.
  8. Werner Enterprises Driver

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    Oct 26, 2005
    Omaha Nebraska
    I already went there, they are located in El Paso Downtown in the Federal court Building.
    They gave me the adress of the Nebraska Labor Board.
    I wrote them a letter couple weeks ago, and the replied, they can't do anything.

    $ 500
    and I have paid $ 100 down
    on January-18-2005, and gave the Moneyorder # 53662554528
    in person to the Terminal Manager in Henderson/Colorado
    there were even 2 Terminal-managers present at that time,
    because 1 was new and "in Training".
    The Terminal Manager gave me a Copy of that Moneyorder, and a
    temporary Pet-Permit (valid for a couple of days) to get home, to get the records of the Vaccination.
    On February-03-2005 Werner Enterprises faxed the "real" Pet-Permit
    to my vet, and I faxed them ( FAX: 402-894-3824 )
    all the shot-records as well. (from the VET-Office)
    On the Pet-Permit, which they have Faxed me on Febr.03.2005
    Werner Enterprises stated, that I have paid down $ 100
    In March of 2005 I could not handle all the stress, Dispatch and the company put on me, and I voluntary quit, and Turned in a clean Truck
    on March-07-2005 at the Phoenix-Terminal in Arizona.
    The shop foreman Initial "BP" stated:
    No vacuum available, but Truck inside clean "BP"
    so, there was no Pet damage, and I used the Blowgun in the Truck to clean it, and detailed the whole Truck.

    In April of 2005 I called Werner Enterprises and ask for the Pet deposit to be refunded.
    Werner suddently said, My truck 38381 had damage and was not clean, and therefore I'am not entitled to be refunded.
    I 'll send them t a copy of the Inspection Report, and than Werner enterprises demanded a Proof of payment.
    I'll send them a copy of my moneyorder, they said, they never received it, and I have to bring further proof, that I have paid it.
    I'll send them a copy of the pet-permit, but werner still refused to pay,
    Reason {Quote werner} they have never received the Moneyorder.
    Matterfact, the moneyorder is lost, never been cashed, because Werner enterprises has lost it.
    Since April of 2005 I have called werner enterprises many many times, and the safety director even was very unfriendly, and told me, he didn't have time to put up with my b u l l s h i t ....so his exact words.
    I have wrote a letter to the president as well, but there was no answer either!

    Thats exactly whats happend, when they getting too big and too powerful.
    Drivers are just numbers, and who cares about Numbers?
  9. Werner Enterprises Driver

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    Oct 26, 2005
    Omaha Nebraska
    I do have a CDL since 2000, and when I started with werner in the end of 2004, I had already experience, so Werner didn't trained me!
    I turned in my papaerwork after EVERY Trip the same day or the next by dropping it in the Yellow Trip pack box.
    I also made copies of EVERY trip, every receipt, and every BOL.
    and I still have those copies, and I wrote the Tripnumber, the trucknumber nad my employee number on EVERY piece of paper in legible handwriting.

    They are even payrollstubs, I have never received, and werner enterprises still refuse to send me duplicates.
    And figure, why? ...because I dont work for werner anymore, so the reason, they gave me.

    So, how can I check and verify everything, when werner dont even send me the paperwork, they supposed to send.
    I have cleaned and detailed my Truck, when I quit, and I have a receipt from the shop foreman, that the truck is inside clean
    I do understand that, and I have cleaned it very good.

    I spoke to both departments several times!
    Oh, stay with werner! ... They give trainers exellent Treatment, great Miles, and I know, that Trainers making a ton of money with werner!

    I was a solo driver with werner, and there were some weeks, I was making $ 100 to $ 150 a week as solo driver, and some days I only drove 100 to 150 Miles due to "shags" and the very common "Swaps"
    (you know, what I mean) when a Solo-driver has a 2000 Miles run, but just go to the next dropyard 100 or 200 Miles away, to drop it, and a trainer comes, and pick up the load and making all the miles!

    Lets put it that way: ...ask a Solodriver, who is driving for werner, and than see, how much of them are happy, and how much are unhappy.
    Dont ask a trainer, or talk to trainers, because they're all happy and they're all making great money!

    We're all making mistakes, and there is nothing wrong in making mistakes.
    If somebody (a single person or a company ....doesnt' matter)
    are making a mistake, I wouldn't be mad? why?
    It is the attitude, what matters.
    and I have never see such careless attitude to a Truck driver, such werner has showing me!
    And this goes while I was driving for them, and afterworth as well.

    But thanks for your offer to help anyway... I may need help, if I cannot work it out.
  10. Werner Enterprises Driver

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    Oct 26, 2005
    Omaha Nebraska
    Oh, I'am sure, if I hadn't cleaned the truck, they would keep my pet-deposit.

    For some reason, they even had a working vacuum available, and the told me, just to "drop off" the truck, and they would take care of it.

    I didn't go for that, and at least they were helpful, and provided me with a roll of papertowels, Cleaning-Foam and a Bucket.

    It took me a while to clean it without vacuum, but a blowgun can be very helpful, when there is no vacuum available, and the dashboard and the rest: ....the Foam and the Papertowels did wonder, and It wasn't even hard to deatil a truck and makes ##### & span again!
    I do like the new systems with "Trans-Flo" which werner didn't have yet!
    thats really fast, and you can always keep the copies!
    Due my training in 2000, I had a German Trainer , and he was tidy with paperwork ....Uh...God have mercy..... he documented everything, and he teached me to do the paperwork!
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