Werner Enterprises, Inc. - Omaha, Ne.

Discussion in 'Report A BAD Trucking Company Here' started by lj, Jun 17, 2005.

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    Don't take a chance.
    Ask 'em about the optional Guaranteed Fun Time Insurance Policy. :evil3:
    Why no one has suggested that baffles me,
    :dontknow:..... unless it's the cost of the premium, ........ it's kinda expensive. But, if it's fun y'all are seekin', let the good times roll.

    Only problem is, y'all will miss bein' able to sit around with others who are tellin' their best of the worst Big truck truckin' nightmares to a captivated audience hangin' on every word uttered. :biggrin_25513:

    Do y'all know how to tell a trucker story from a fairytale?
    A fairytale starts out, Once upon a time, ------------ yada, yada, yada.
    A trucker story starts out, Y'all ain't gonna believe this *sheep dip, ------------- and so on and so forth.
    As far as entertainment value goes, .... they're both about equal.


    Welcome to the forums Ray.

    I wish you the best of success where ever you go, and
    hope that you'll continue to post here as you progress. :biggrin_25519:
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    In talking to my trainer and a couple former Werner employees I have been told most Werner dispatchers are one step above pond scum But what some people have to realize is in this industry the "##### rolls down hill effect" is the basis to the trucking industry and how it works... your dispatcher and the driver are the bottom of the totem poll so naturally you get the dirty end of it. A dispatcher can make or break you true but what they need to understand is there paycheck relies on the driver doing his job, also most of them are young college kids, Driving a truck is easy from a desk. What i was told was just do what needs to be done and sift through the BS and you and your dispatcher will be fine.
  3. AfterShock

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Inland Empire, California
    That don't sound good.

    S hip
    H igh
    I n

    Sounds like their brakes are out of adjustment.
    If any of that "#####" gets into the pond, what effect would it have on the scum?:smt102
    When was that "poll" taken? :smt102
    As dirty as bein' at the bottom can be, those at the top
    have to contend with pigeons, and other birds, dumpin'
    their loads directly upon their shoulders and head. It's
    a dirty job, but SOMEbody has to do it. :yes2557:
    Can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em. As Big truck truck drivers, I reckon we're hopelessly helpless and helplessly hopeless. :biggrin_2552:
    That must be what they call the 'youth movement'. I wonder if that's comparable to a bowel movement?:pottytrain4:
    I've noticed that.
    And it's just as easy to dispatch from the cab of a Big truck.
    What they oughta do is trade jobs for a week to see what happens.
    Does anyone know if those desks that dispatchers drive are governed, and are they allowed to idle for comfort? Personally, I have never driven a triple-digit desk and would like to experience the thrill.
    Whomever told you that is unusually wise. Y'all can take that advice to the bank where it'll earn interest. Y'all can be like the mighty oak or like the weepin' willow in a wind storm. Bend or break. The reality is, after the storm blows over, that mighty oak makes darned good fire wood, ............ when dried of course. I'm thinkin' that mighty oak would also make good totem poles.

    Anyone know if they start carvin' a totem pole from the top, or the other end? What if they started at the bottom, and ran out of room for those at the top? Where in the peckin' order do the totem pole carvers fit in? Above or below the pond water level?
    My mind is boggled. :smt101 :biggrin_25523:
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    Aug 30, 2008
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    Good luck,try to stick it out as much you can.If I was you I would reconsider.
  5. Philnation

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    Jan 20, 2011
    Tucson, Arizona
    Well, I got the speech from a Werner recruiter at CDL school today and I already have pre-hires with them and Swift. I think i'll keep shooting for more pre-hires :biggrin_25517:
  6. WhiteSquaw

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    Jun 18, 2011
    Denver, CO
    Wish I had about now. Werner put me on a 13hr bus trip full of screaming kids only to land at the motel with filthy rooms and burned out light bulbs. Our "continental Breakfast" was a stale SaaLee bran muffin and a sandwich for lunch during a 12 hour class. Then that $150 food card that was promised during our recruiter's visit (pay advance) turned out to have a 1 week wait to use. So, I'm eagerly awaiting to see what excitement comes today on day 2. My roommate has been waiting 4 days for a trainer to show up.
    I'm already planning that week PTO

    An dont get me started how they fly Canada and Mexico 's flags at the same height as our stars and stripes (which is on one end)
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  7. tewks

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    Jun 21, 2011
    try getting on he wal mart accout out of auburn In sweeet run.Also if your in omaha go talk to your dispatcher that actually helped me increase miles.
  8. baseballcoach

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    Mar 23, 2011

    Same here, I was not impressed at all, I know the first job is going to have more downs then ups but geez after 3 years with Werner I might make 43k :biggrin_25518: But be a trainer after 6 months and you make 65k. I have no business training anyone untill I get at least 3 years exp. But some in my class thought this would be a good company, I just didn't see it, :biggrin_25513:
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  9. Armywife

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    Jun 22, 2011
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    Well, it is my opinion that only 'you' can decide if a company is bad for you or not. The large companies, such as Werner, have so many drivers that they tend to treat them as numbers, some drivers prefer that and some drivers prefer to complain about a company instead of doing their job. If you spend hours looking at all the negative comments about a company you are about to hire on with, you will go into the job with a negative idea and probably have a negative experience. What is terrible for one drive, and personality, is not the same as with another. While I totally agree that new drivers should be warned about potentially bad companies, I don't think personal opinions should be held to to high of a standard. Let me explain...

    Company A makes drivers wait, has crappy equipment, pays lousy, etc. These are opinions.

    Company B has such a bad safety record that it is forced by a court of law to show a video of accidents its drivers caused...this is a fact. (I was forced to watch the video and to see the bloody arm of a child under a company truck wasn't a fun experience.)

    In my opinion a safety record is much more damning of a problem then a company forgetting my name or making me sit an extra day. Very few companies can keeps its drivers moving at all times.

    Just my input...
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  10. WhiteSquaw

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    Jun 18, 2011
    Denver, CO
    I really wish it was just sitting an extra day. Yesterday, after waiting 6 days for that mythical trainer to appear, they call my room and tell me they want to send me to the St Louis bus terminal to wait for a trainer that runs a dedicated on the East coast. Far cry from the Western 11 I signed up for. little hard to get home to CO from Florida. I politely said no. I dont believe my employer should expect a woman to travel alone to somewhere they've never been, let alone one of the more dangerous bus terminals in the country. I asked for a bus ticket home (to wait closer to terminal there) and somehow they said they had a trainer out West. My "patience" with that extra day or so, has officially run out
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