Werner Orientation in Allentown PA 4/2011

Discussion in 'Werner' started by kb3bzy, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. brsims

    brsims Road Train Member

    Aug 8, 2009
    Meadville, PA
    Werner has absolutely no control over this site. If they were to try to censor one of the members here, Admin would more than likely go on the warpath.

    And that...would be scary.
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  3. kb3bzy

    kb3bzy Light Load Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Oreland PA
    July 1 2011

    Hello RCA 1082 and the Group:

    I don't know if Werner is going to terminate me for having a positive attitude and being a productive Student for their company. Anything is possible if they do not think in constructive terms about my mission or their mission which is summed up by "We are Werner" and "Werner cares" and the other part of It is I believe, from their point of view: "Werner is a driver centered company and "what can You bring to us that would help our drivers to do their jobs better"

    I don't think that they are inexperienced enough to say to me that there is always something for the Trainer to whine about, or for them to whine about and I have basically not been one to whine about the whole program. I value my perspective and whatever work I have been doing Safely right along for my own benefit and for the public in the D.C.'s and the stores and of course for the Safety of the motoring public and for Werner Global Logistics.

    I just Love to do the Dollar Stores dedicated account. It is a dream come true for me to drive up to stores like the ones that I worked in last Year and to load/unload the trailers like I used to watch other people do for my stores. Retail Trucking is really my cup of tea.

    I am not sure exactly what You mean to say when You ask me to define "what part do I think that my personality may have contributed to the issues that I have experienced". I was taught in my Truck Driving School that there are all kinds of people who do Truck Driving, Big people, Small People, People of color and People who are fat and People who are skinny and people who are intelligent and people who are slower and People who are Males and People who are females and then there are People who do certain types of Schedules and some People who do not like to fit in with the majority and want to joke around with everybody.

    All I can tell You is that I am by nature a humble person and I myself have been taught to "listen to every trainer" because I will learn something of value from each one of them. There is one other thing that I have been taught about Trainers and that is "if You have any problems with them, get a handle on them" and bring it to the attention of the company.

    I would like for You to know that I consider myself to be a Christian in my views, at least in my way of believing in the larger mission of the church to bring Peace and Hope and Love to the world around us. I do reflect everyday upon how to better reflect the gifts of the Holy spirit and the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I can't tell You exactly where they are in the Bible but what they do for me is to help me to be a nicer and a more tolerant person to everybody.

    My personality is, in my opinion is a cross between a self confident Truck Driver and a humble and quiet college student, at this point in my life. I am a passive but eager to learn note taking kind of a person, and I am always trying to "make a sale" for teaching the people around me about something that they can learn for their own benefit. I used to work in a men's clothing store for 14 Years and part of my job was to help the public to find what they were looking for, especially if they asked me.

    I consider myself to be a gentle, acquisitive type of a person. I would just Love to go back to Utah State University as a College Student one day and to simply learn about Natural studies. I am kind of a book worm and I would'nt mind having a new career somewhere as a part time teacher once I am finished with my Truck Driving.

    Start the Day with Safety and End It Accident Free. Respect Nature.
  4. RCA1802

    RCA1802 Light Load Member

    Jun 20, 2011
    You're right.

    I meant that Werner could use what he posted on this site against him. Companies fire people for what they post on forums like this all of the time.
  5. kb3bzy

    kb3bzy Light Load Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Oreland PA
    July 8 2011

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  6. rocknsand

    rocknsand Medium Load Member

    Dec 28, 2007
    Tonganoxie, KS
    Joe, wow, I just read thru the whole story. Kudos to you for sticking it out that long. I don't know why trainers have to be such butt heads, if they don't like training, don't train. And from what I read here Werner seems to have the worst. That means their system is broken.

    I guess I was lucky, I got in trucking without doing the Bottom Feeder/OTR route. Run a concrete truck for a couple of years then a end dump for the same company, and now a flat hauling concrete pipe. Its work but I can handle it. Pay is good and I like going to work every day. How good is that????

    I am a ol PA person, grew up in Line Lexington, then went to high school in Doyleston and wife is from Harleysville. Myself, I like driving those hilly, windy roads, gives you something to do, like paying attention.

    Good luck Joe and hang in there, hopefully better days ahead.

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  7. kb3bzy

    kb3bzy Light Load Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Oreland PA
    July 9 2011

    Hello RockndSand and the Group:

    Thank You Very much for the comeback! It is always Good to hear real people on here from my area of the United States. I was thinking a few Months ago that I would be willing to settle for a rock hauling Truck if It involved local work and if I could be at home more often for my Mother and my Sister.

    I would even be willing to do some work for Southmill, the mushroom hauler in Kennett Square or a class B Trash hauler. I just Love to do Truck driving.

    I like to hear from the satisfied and successfull Truck driving people from this part of Pennsylvania whenever I can. I think that Truck Driving is a lot of fun and It's not that hard or even a stressfull kind of work if You like to do It and You are carefull. I take care of myself and I know that I need to work hard anyway. I probably can't even stay healthy if I am not working hard.

    I think that You probably share this same feelings on this as I do.

    I don't know what You really think about It, but I don't think that this area of the US is any more of a challenge than any other place in the Country and there are worse places to work with a Truck. I have been in the great plains in the Winter Months after some snow and Ice storms and California route 40 when there were high wind advisorys and we had to make some quick decisions on whether to shut down. The Traffic is worse in Texas and Georgia, so the Philly area is not really that bad at all. I just can't see what the critics are talking about.

    I know that a lot of people have said that this part of the Country is a real risk to keeping Your record clean and keeping Your pay safe from fines and citations but I have'nt seen that problem at all. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and the Northeastern States are no problems at all for driving a MC, a Shuttle Van or a Big Truck if You grew up in these parts and You have grown up here and driven in them before. The FFE and Werner had me crossing route 78 to route 95 and route 81 to route 84 and route 87 a lot of times, what could be easier?

    I have always loved challenges with my old MC's and I also loved to go to historic places in the Eastern half of the United States like Maine to Florida on route 95, route 1 and 301 etc. and then of course within Pennsylvania, like the Schukill river, Delaware River and Lehigh river frontage roads. I would say that being as I liked It, riding a MC on the roads in and out of NYC and Boston and Philadelphia etc. It has prepared me to really enjoy It just as much with a Tractor Trailer. I would just Love to do It regularly with any kind of a Truck.

    I know that some people get scared s******* driving our hilly roads in our state, but I being a camper I have always loved the wilderness and the "park" and frontier roads a lot. I don't mind doing them any more on a Class A vehicle than a MC. I remember doing some driving around Slatington in a Semi and I thought that It was just about as easy as doing It in my E150 motorhome.

    Pennsylvania is a Good State for Truck Driving and I have had a lot of fun with It, especially in learning how to drive in It with Smith and Solomon. We learned how to do It by driving regularly on Rt. 23 and Rt. 202 out of crooked lane in Bridgeport and out route 422 from out of Norristown to Stowe PA on a ordinary basis, and we were expected to stop off in all of the WaWa stores along the way (from Malvern to Reading) and parallel park in them around the back, and then cross right out in front of the store entrances. My classes at Smith and Solomon ALWAYS had us driving on the Schukill expressway to route 1 and over INTO Northeast Philadelphia by Erie Ave. and all the way down to Columbus Ave. and through the whole length of the city up to St. Rd. in Bucks County. I have never Loved It better. I could'nt think of any issues to talk about with some of the Trainers.

    I don't think that Werner has really been much of a difficult company, and they have really been very respectfull to me and also patient with me while I have been on 3 medical leaves of absence twice for my diabetes check ups and once for a broken tooth. The student driver managers really have'nt given me any push back at all. The administration was very Professional. The Safety department had me in on 2 conference calls with Student Safety in Omaha and road tested me once, and that was easy and very nice and friendly.

    Overall Werner was Good to me, so far except for the quality of the Trainers that I have had at this point in my career with them. It would be hard for me to say anything seriously negative about them, except that they seem to not be screening their Trainers very well, but then again maybe they pay them to screw some people up, I don't know, maybe I am just a fun and games target or something for them I don't know right now. Maybe they know me from somebody.

    I am going to stay with them as long as possible. I will give them as much of my professional driving (even as Student labor) as they will let me do for them. I have found a niche in their company with their Dollar General account Trucks later than I should have I think and I will help them consistently in this function until they test me out and pass me in their system or shut it down completely for me.

    I have heard that the pay is very Good for the Dollar General Trucks and the home time is at least a quarter of the week so It's Cool with me and I will be willing to play with them on this level for as long as they let me do It.
  8. kb3bzy

    kb3bzy Light Load Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Oreland PA
    July 17 2011

    Hello Mr. V. and the Group:

    I finished all of my BP and Blood sugar checkups last week and I passed them all OK, with Low blood pressure (between 120/78 and 128/80) and my AIC test reading out at 6.3 and my fasting glucose level at 129. My Lipids and other tests came back at low normal. My Doctor says that I am doing "pretty Good".

    I would guess that this was all relative to drinking a lot of fenugreek seed powder mixed with a lot of Bitter Melon powder with my Iced tea. I also eat a lot of fenugreek seeds. I have also been drinking a lot of bitter gourd juice from the Indian market every day.

    I was doing some Landscaping around my Mother's Yard yesterday and I started pulling up an old rotted grape arbor when one of the stakes went flying (an old 2'X6') it came up out of the ground really quickly and jumped up above my head and then came down on my head and tore a 3" gash in my scalp right above my forehead. I had to go over to the local ER Trauma center where they needed a surgeon after 2 hours there to close an arterial bleed and then stitch together my scalp. They had to use some heavy duty 5.0 nylon thread and do 9 stitches. I guess that I got a concussion from it, but I hardly noticed it.

    I have a huge lump right on the top of my head right now and I am taking Kflex and Tylenol 6 times a day right now so I should be out of work for about 5 to 10 days. It will be Good for me to finally get back to the Dollar General account with Werner after all of this is finished.

    I lost a lot of blood so I just started feeling weaker after I left there. I can't say that It did'nt affect my driving for a few hours, but I am back to normal right now. I should be out of work for about 5 to 10 days. What a bummer, I think I know that I can use the time, experience and the paychecks.

    Werner is Good about Medical Leaves of Absence but they will only give You 30 days at a time, but what I have Is'nt even a problem at all after I get my stitches taken out. I just worry about what I will look like basically, when the Trainer starts to evaluate me on my aparent capabilitys.

    I can only say that I have benefited from even the worst experiences that the Trainers gave me in the Student driver program in just knowing what I have had to work on to begin with anyway. I am getting to be nice and relaxed in holding the steering wheel and looking up the road in order to keep the rig centered a lot better and my gear shifting was almost perfect in the last two Training sessions.

    All that I Hope for is that I won't get a Trainer for just a few days again and that I will be able to stay with the next one for a few weeks or as necessary.
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  9. Jolsen

    Jolsen Heavy Load Member

    Mar 6, 2010
    East of the big crick
    once you get onto a trainers truck again grab the QC and send in macro 62 to see your hours completed. Only driving time counts. Also you know you didn't have to do all those CBTs. Its good to do them all cause you can learn alot from them but not required. I have just read though your story. I really don't understand how they allow some people to train after bad report after bad report from students. I train but that is because I got tired of doing it for free at truck stops and shippers when I would run into students that had tested out but didn't have a clue about anything. their trainer were in it for the money and 2nd logbook alone. Don't get me wrong I like the extra cash. But for me its because I want to make a difference and actually train the students on how to do things properly and how to be as effective as possible out here on the road.

    Just stick with it I know you can do this.
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  10. kb3bzy

    kb3bzy Light Load Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Oreland PA
    July 21 2011

    Hello Jolsen and the Group:

    Thank You for Your advice and support. I think that I can agree with You that I can do this job, at least as soon as I am able to get someone to work with me on getting whatever hours in that the company needs for me to get accomplished.

    I don't need that many of them anymore and I am getting to be Good at everything that I was intermittent about learning in the past. I am fairly confident about doing my backing, centering and gearing just about everyplace and I am just hoping to get back in ASAP to the Dollar General Account.

    I got whacked pretty well by a grape arbor fence post last week, so I am looking like a Frankenstein right now, and I was down to about half of my strength but it's no problem. My Doctor said that It's healing fine right now and I'll get my stitches out Friday and I'll be completely Good to go by next week.
  11. whosedog

    whosedog Medium Load Member

    Mar 18, 2009
    fair lawn nj
    Do you get docked any of your training pay if a student you trained has an accident? I read that on another thread and was wondering if it is true.Poster claimed that trainers can be penalized if a student of theirs has an accident up to a year later.
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