Western Flyer Express

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    Dec 30, 2012
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    Unless it's changed since I've been there, they don't even hire people. They pay TLC to hire people to drive for them and do payroll.

    Here is my post on another thread about western flyer:

    Randy and Rodney are good ol' churchy boys (with the Childhelp stickers on every trailer) until you tell them you quit. Rodney told me in the parking lot when I was cleaning out my truck "You're on my property, there is no reason that I can't go get my gun and come back and shoot you." I told him that if he can go get it before I walk 10 feet over to my pickup and get mine out, to go for it. Screw Western Flyer. I ran over 18,000 miles a month for them and they wouldn't reimburse me for tolls that didn't match my logbook. I have no reason to work for someone that disrespects me.
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