Western Star Truck Issues And Fixes

Discussion in 'Western Star Forum' started by vikingswen, May 15, 2016.

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    Just heard a rumor that there is a recall to fix the cab leaks. Supposedly it's a fix as fail type deal. Meaning the recall won't be done unless the owner complains loud enough. More to follow...

    I also heard the rumor that by 2020 the interior will be virtually identical to a Cascadia. Which, kinda stinks, I really like the interior of these trucks, leaks and all.

    Our latest one finally appeared at our shop on Thursday, and I was looking it over. There's more Freightliner parts being added with every new one we get. The worst I've seen so far is the windshield washer fluid tank. On all of our other trucks, it's up near the radiator where it's very accessible. The new one? Tucked under the cab, with a 1/4 hose attached to a filler neck on the firewall. Which is under the air cleaner pipe. So you need a flexible long neck funnel to fill that now....
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    On the Cascadia, the washer fluid tank has a large opening on a long neck that sits forward 4 inches from the firewall. I can punch a thumb size hole in the washer fluid jug's foil seal and a smaller hole above to let air back in so it doesn't glug. From bulk with a transfer can with a spout, it's easier yet.

    The Stars we had were from 2005, maybe a few from 06. They've been gone quite awhile, the mechanics didn't like them and most of the older drivers kept FLD 120s instead, as long as they could.
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    Thats strange, my 2003 is up under the cab.....
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    Mar 31, 2016
    We have had all of these similar problems as well. Windshield leaks, can't fix it, side windows freeze over on the inside, terrible HVAC design, defrost doesn't work, had to repaint because of the pealing paint recall and they left it with orange peel texture, door hinges broke, headlights were going through a bulb a week until we complained enough and then they replaced them with the new design, fog lights go out frequently and get water in them, and the metal plate that covers the DEF fill falls open in strong winds.
    We got a heated windshield put in, expecting it to help the defrost and keep snow and ice from building up. It was expensive and it doesn't do anything. It barely even gets rid of fog right around the wires (yes, there are wires like in a rear window defrost, only just on one edge and the bottom). It's a useless design.

    Has anyone tried the heated wiper blades? Do they keep snow and ice from building up?
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    Jan 3, 2019
    My buddy got some from his boss in winter 2017/18 and he loved them
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    I never heard about a paint recall? My drip rails and roof all peeled off to the primer. And here I thought the windshield leaks were just because of my crappy dealer replacing the glass, LOL.

    Anyone else have a clutch pedal that rattles like crazy? I lubed everything, put more tension on the return spring underneath by the bellhousing. And that only made it worse.
    Then one day my dealer had to do some SCR system work and forgot to put the spring back on and it got quiet. But the pedal wouldn't come right up so my cruise and jake didn't work. I put spring back on, rattle is back. I took tension out and it is better, but still drives you nuts in the cab.
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    Hey Western Star, if you are reading these forums. I really wanted to love this truck, but it is the one that finally broke me. I've had trucks of other brands in the past that I had to work issues out of and still loved them.
    But this Star single handedly is the one truck that has not only made me hate trucking, but it has made me hate life!! This is my last truck, and I got 4 more years before I have to renew my license and I'm not even going to bother. All these new trucks are junk and the industry sucks, so time to move on and enjoy life again.
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    Well, once again got the CEL/Malfunction/Stop Engine lights last night. Luckily I was close enough to dealer to idle the couple miles there.
    Anyway it need two wire harnesses. Daimler has none in stock and when they tried matching part numbers found out this 2013 is what they called a "hybrid ####### child."
    Apparently it was built with a mix old style and new style emission system components.
    That explains it all. Just like the Western Star videos say...."We do it this way at Western Star. Does it cost more? Well yes it does."
    This truck was supposed to be replaced by now, but dealer screwed up the spec on the new one we ordered in so we didn't take it.
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    Sounds like you got a real lemon. Very unfortunate.

    Unlike you I've had 0 issues with both my stars. I'd order another in a heart beat.
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    You can order 10 on same day and still have 100 different issues between them..
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