What are some small companies that dont check dac!!!!

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  1. duddie

    duddie Road Train Member

    Oct 4, 2008
    Parts Unknown
    What are the small otr companies that doesnt use dac(usis)
  2. chompi

    chompi Road Train Member

    Jun 21, 2008
    Deland, FL
    I believe everyone uses the dac report. I think there are two or three different dac reports, kind of like credit reports. They are primarily used for insurance purposes. My wife and I are currently hired on with a private carrier, and he said he doesn't care about the dac, but his insurance company requires it. I wouldn't worry about it, just start applying to companies and let them decide. Many companies overlook a lot of things on your dac. Good luck!
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  3. Roadmedic

    Roadmedic Road Train Member

    Apr 4, 2007
    I think companies over 200 trucks are the ones that use dac.

    I have worked for many smaller companies under 100-200 trucks and no dac is on file for those times.
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  4. ChromeDome

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    Jun 10, 2007
    Lakeland, FL
    Most company's with less than a couple hundred trucks will not use DAC. It is just a service they can subscribe too if they want.
    The best way to look, that I can think of is to use safestat. You can set your search for the area you want and get a list of company's. Many of these will not be interstate on first search, but keep refining your criteria till you get the names you want. There are thousands of small regional and OTR company's out there. They do not advertise much, just a one day add in the paper at times, if they really need a driver.
  5. Roadmedic

    Roadmedic Road Train Member

    Apr 4, 2007
    If the poster would post his state, more help could be offerred.
  6. trips74

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    Nov 7, 2007
    chicagoland, il
    even companies with under 100 trucks still report too dac, Ive worked for 3 or 4 companies of under 100 trucks and there all on my dac report. Most will use dac too get a job history of driving from you and too verify your record.
  7. K1ngjam3z

    K1ngjam3z Bobtail Member

    Mar 6, 2009
    findlay oh
    if you go by my dac report i have only driven about 2 years out of 7. it doesnt matter how big or small the company is. it is up to them. some large companys use it only for your employment and not criminal and some companys check what you had for breakfast threw dac.
  8. StruckANerve

    StruckANerve Light Load Member

    Aug 6, 2008
    Hit or miss with DAC, some use it like the bible, some would rather wipe their........with it. If something false is on your DAC, be honest and upfront with the company about whats on it. That way it's not a suprise when they see it. Unless its like Knight, or JB or something.
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  9. pumkindrvr

    pumkindrvr Bobtail Member

    Nov 21, 2007
    Wyoming, Pa.
    Since there are quite a few people having difficulty finding a job due to something negative on their DAC, whether legit or not, I thought it might be nice to have a list Of companies that don't use the service.

    Gurney Trucking, Aurora, Utah
    Western International, Bellville, TX
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  10. skinnytrucker

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    Jan 24, 2009
    U.P. of Michigan
    Pmkndrvr I don't have any co's. To add to the list but just wanted to tell you what a great post this is. I'm glad people like you utilize this message board for what it is intended for, to help other drivers out.
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