What can a previous employer tell a new company

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by Mototom, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. Mototom

    Mototom Road Train Member

    May 7, 2019
    So I’m leaving a mega. I have applied for a few companies and one is going to contact my current employer.
    They have already ran my DAC and MVR but they must contact my current employer.
    Since everything is good to go, COULD my company “blackball” me out of spite?

    I’m gonna put in my two week notice and do things by the book, but it would suck to have my current employer lie to keep me from being hired and then fire me out of spite.
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  3. meechyaboy

    meechyaboy Heavy Load Member

    Oct 4, 2018
    Well they can’t lie they can only give factual information, if they lie it’d open them up to be sued by you then every other driver that feels they lied on them.

    Sounds like you already have the job lined up. If you’ve done a drug test and your record came back already. At this point Your next company will be asking you when can you start. Your current company may or may not honor the two weeks. I would make sure to communicate through Qualcomm or whatever you guys use that you are resigning and putting in 2 weeks then take a picture of the message (you can do a verbal in person also but make sure you have proof) and also when you clean out the truck take pictures for documentation just Incase they try something.
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  4. Kyle G.

    Kyle G. Road Train Member

    Jan 23, 2016
    Eastern Iowa
    Just give your two weeks notice and you should be fine, drivers quit every day at these companies so it’s not like they are going to think you are trying to screw them over by quitting or something. I know there are horror stories out there about companies refusing to get drivers home after they try to quit, and I’m not saying that has never happened, but I think it’s gotta be pretty rare and mostly b.s.

    As was mentioned in the previous post, the current company may not bother with the two weeks, don’t panic if that happens. there is likely a pile of new drivers sitting around the terminal waiting for a truck, so sometimes it just makes more sense to get you back to the terminal asap so they can get your truck cleaned out, serviced, etc. and toss the next driver in it. That doesn’t mean they are firing you or anything, they are just doing what makes logistical sense if you know what I mean.
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  5. Moose1958

    Moose1958 Road Train Member

    Dec 17, 2010
    Ainigriv Notpmah
    You're going to find most of the time during the pre-hire process a carrier is going to ask you to sign a release to get all the information they seek. This can be a 3rd party company like Hireright, or it may simply be a direct request for information. Most of the time outside of DMV information they are seeking to verify time worked and in some cases your drug-testing history to satisfy Part 391!

    To simply be worried about being "blackballed" give these carrier HR and safety dept critters credit for some sense. Most can see through that crap. However, if you don't sign that release a prospective new carrier will "round" file your application.
  6. FoolsErrand

    FoolsErrand Road Train Member

    Sep 15, 2017
    They can tell them whatever they want, just like anyone else. Its called gossip.
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  7. lovesthedrive

    lovesthedrive Is here to help

    Nov 11, 2008
    Sorrento Maine
    Megas cant actually talk to other companies. The headache is the new company can only try to talk to your DM good/bad. Yet the DM is probably aware by law they cant talk smack about you as that is considered disrespectful. So more than likely the DM will say polite things.

    Case in point. I worked at a tire shop. The boss had a visit from a neighboring shop and they asked for a review of one Jeff Burns. Clarkey responded that the crew of Complete Tire will only stand behind Jeff's work. The other shop whom then declared.. So what your saying is you dont dare stand in front of Jeff's work as it may run you over. Clarkey smiled and remarked how beautiful the day was.
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  8. rachi

    rachi Road Train Member

    Feb 25, 2010
    Dont give a mega two week notice. They wouldn't do it for you.
  9. ACO476

    ACO476 Light Load Member

    Jan 16, 2016
    Generally, the only questions asked are dates of employment and if you are re-hireable, and maybe if you are in a safety sensitive position (i.e. cdl driver). Still, that does tip off your current company that you're looking for employment elsewhere, which may cause some unwanted stress. I wouldn't worry too much if I were you.
  10. Moose1958

    Moose1958 Road Train Member

    Dec 17, 2010
    Ainigriv Notpmah
    I'm sorry, but that comment is contradicted by 391.23. ANY carrier is required by regulation to get certain things from an old carrier. OR they can get it from a 3rd party like Hireright.
  11. snowlauncher

    snowlauncher Heavy Load Member

    Mar 28, 2014
    Southeastern ID
    I agree for the most part. If your current company isn't dependable with home time, or getting you home every couple of weeks. I wouldn't give any notice, just park the truck and turn in the keys on your next home time.
    This is also a good idea... CYA, if you get my drift...
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