What do new car import companies at ports do when a hurricane is approaching?

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    Apr 28, 2014
    As discussed in the following Thread posted on the Experienced Trucker's Advise Forum, I am part of a research team at the University of Texas - Austin studying how to improve trucker and truck / cargo safety during severe weather.

    Providing warnings that a Texas Coastal port will be closing its gates due to severe weather

    Our research team met with Port of Houston Authority managers on Tuesday 10th, to discuss port preparations regarding various issues including truck operations at the three main terminals and along the ship channel which is home to over 150 large company operations that involve many types of trucks.

    Based on information that was provided we've learned that several new car import companies operate at the port including:

    1) Port Volkswagen
    2) Auto Warehousing Company (RoRo now located at a previous cruise ship dock)
    3) Cooper Ports America (?) they handle RoRo and we see new cars near their facilities on google maps but can't confirm new car imports a PHA

    I would very much appreciate your response to questions about auto transporters operating at the Port of Houston:

    Question 1) Do you or your company currently receive email messages from the Port of Houston roughly 72 hours in advance of a hurricane that is tracking toward Port of Houston?
    a) have you ever experienced injury, or damage to your truck or cargo due to a hurricane?
    b) If you answer yes to a) was it due to flooding, wind or other reasons?

    Question 2) There appear to be thousands of new cars sitting in parking lots located along Buffaloe Bayou - do you know how these companies work to protect this huge investment from hurricane damage?
    a) have you or your company ever been involved in moving new car inventory to a safer location when a hurricane is approaching?

    Question 3) When you are scheduled to pick up new cars with your auto transporter - are you required to check in through one of PHA's main gates or are you able to drive directly to the company location and pick up the new cars?
    a) If you can drive directly to the company location are you required to display a TWIC card along the way or at the facility?

    If you would be willing to take our survey about truck operations during severe weather, you can access the survey at the following link. Even if you operate in another state or country, you can still provide valuable information that might help reduce risks for truckers whether they operate at a port or not.


    Thank you very much,

    Mike Murphy
    Deputy Director - Center for Transportation Research
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