What happens if you fail your road test for Swift, Werner, or Schnieder?

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by noexmarines, Apr 4, 2012.

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    I wouldn't sweat the road test with Schneider. As long as you don't hit anything, you pass.
    Hell, I even stalled out in an intersection...twice!! and passed. ( had the splitter up..ugh )
    I would have failed big time if it was my CDL road test.
    I know Schneider wants you to pass. They have already hired you by that point.
    If by some small chance one does fail, then they re-test you a couple days later.
    It's not even a test really, it's more like a " see if this guy can drive without killing anyone" evaluation.
    The trip planning evaluation was actually harder than the road test.
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    you meantioned school, was that a refresher or 1st time driver? If you're a new driver, Swift won't be giving you a roadtest at orientaion, they'll set you up with a mentor. You'll take their roadtest after mentorship. Just wanted to clarify. Best of luck, either way:biggrin_25525:
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    To answer your question, I'm a new driver....
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    You WONT fail if you dont crash or speed. If you crash on your road test just get out and walk away.

    J/K RELAX !!! The guy riding with you for that test does this all day long. He isnt looking for how smooth you shift or if you are looking at your gauges (I dont think Swift even has gauges in their trucks) He just wants to know if you can pre-trip and get around the block without getting lost. EVERYONE passes.

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    I've given pre-lim type road test to new hires and always told them "safety first". What I look for is SAFE operation, I didn't care if they missed something on the pre-trip or if they grind gears. What I did care about is paying attention to where the trl is on turns, checking mirrors, obeying signs and getting out and looking when backing into a spot ( simple straight back). I was lax with most and would allow overly wide swings or at one intersection didn't mind bumping the curb(it was real tight). But SAFETY was the utmost.
    BTW don't forget seatbelts EVEN THE TESTER!:biggrin_25521:
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