What is a good diet and exercise for truckers

Discussion in 'Driver Health' started by macngeo, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. ghettochild

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    Jan 13, 2012
    i heard eggs was the cause of high cholesterol
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  3. stabob

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    May 25, 2011
    Sebring Fl
    Thats not true at all. Its not the 80's anymore.
  4. JasonL

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    Sep 1, 2009
    El Paso, TX
    I agree and that's a good analogy... :)
  5. Dr_Fandango44

    Dr_Fandango44 Road Train Member

    Aug 27, 2012
    Austin, TX
    Well if you want to get me going on this Cholesterol issue then so be it. I think the Cholesterol scam has virtually brainwashed us all for best part of 10 yrs or more,
    but you have to hand it to the drug companies. They have done a fantastic job in convincing us that high cholesterol causes heart disease. After much research myself as I'm a born skeptic I've come to the conclusion it's the biggest scam that has been laid before us in decades. You have a drug called Lipitor that is a multi billion $$$ cash cow, and you can see why the druggies want to maintain the brainwashing because thay love that $$$ to keep on rolling in. I'm afraid if you analyze what the body processes are and what takes place, you are submitting yourself to even bigger health risks by taking these Cholesterol lowering drugs. The body NEEDS Cholesterol and it's primarily made/manufactured by the liver to carry out your normal body functions.
    So what your doctor is telling you to do is to interfere with the normal body processes the liver carries out and you must take Lipitor, or one other of these statins, in order to avoid a heart attack. IMHO, it's a load of nonsense, and I really don't care about where my cholesterol level is. It doesn't matter
    What matters is that you must study nutrition and eat as healthy as you can. Truckers are notoriously over weight, by and large they don't eat right, so it's time to go and and do your research as I have done for to past 20 odd yrs. I'm 60, 175lbs, blood pressure at 115/75 cholesterol?? No idea, but one doc told me it was at 180...who cares!! This is after I eat a generous diet of eggs, bacon, cheeses, juicy steaks, a full repertoire of fresh fruits, I don't exercise as much as I could but a good brisk walk wouldn't harm. I've been at or around this weight for the past 28 yrs, so I must be doing something right. I also don't smoke, rarely drink unless home and home cooking revolves around fresh foods cooked with fresh veges, but no potatoes. I don't drink sodas of any kind, only Perrier Water I buy in bulk at Costco. Get RID of that sugar in your diet guys. We have an epidemic of DIABETES in this country and most of it is of the type 2 variety which means self induced. Diabetes will kill you, eventually if you don't do something about it. Oh, by the way...I'm NOT on any prescription drug of ANY kind, at any time in my life. Never have been, never will be if I can help it. You want to argue with me about Cholesterol, then go ahead. But make sure you got your facts straight.
    But good luck and yes, eggs are great for you. Lovely with crispy bacon, and sausages.......Yummy!! Got to have my freshly brewed cup of coffee too. It's GREAT to be healthy. My doctor is still scratching his head. He's given up trying to convince me to take any kind of drug. He knows I'm too smart to be sucked into his speel and propaganda.......
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