What "tests/evaluation" are they talking about?

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    Apr 16, 2019
    So I'm seeing many trucking companies informing potential new drivers of having to go out with a team when new then being evaluated before driving solo. So, I'm curious, what do these evaluations look like? I'm already anxiety driven with my upcoming CDL exam, am I going to have test again once hired?
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    Oct 18, 2019
  3. nredfor88

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    Sep 26, 2019
    Testing out to go solo will typically be a driving test, some backing, and then company policies and procedures. If you get a decent mentor and read the policy book, you will pass. If not, they will probably work with you. It will likely be much less stressful than the state CDL exam.
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    Feb 13, 2010
    twin cities
    Gold Coast logistics in Chicago (1099) offers a 5 grand bonus after 6 months w no claims and exemplary behavior.

    5000$ Bonus after 6 months of driving without violations, and exemplary behavior!!!
    200$/month Referral Bonus starting the second month of employment for each driver referred to us.

    Kinda like an evaluation.

    CDL A DRIVERS!!! BONUS 5000$ FOR SIGN UP NOW!!! - transportation -...
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    Tests and evaluations essentially fall into these three problems.

    Can you follow orders, including those which conflicts with HOS etc.

    Can you drive the truck forwards and backwards without hitting anything.

    Finally but not last, you get to be evaluated for your ability to sleep in a moving team truck.


    Seriously if you have a CDL and boss hands you to me for a drive and see what you are made of wont take but a hour. Including backing etc into real places. If you are any good, you get the job. Any problems you don't

    No need for weeks on end or months on end. That teaches nothing.

    when you do get your truck later after that drive with me, you are still not supposed to run over nothing or break anything.
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    Sep 1, 2017
    My first company provided no training. After a couple weeks. Did put me with a guy who had been a trainer for Knight. All he did was scream S! at me all day long. Whatever he screamed. I did the opposite. One day. If there was a day 2. I would have shot him.
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    Mar 21, 2020
    Many years ago when I went from operating during harvesting l "no experience" to driving OTR I was sent out with 2 trainers over a 6 weeks course. The first trainer ran LTL and I spent 3 weeks with him working on my backing (you don't do much of that in fields or at the elevators). After that I was given to another trainer where the first week he had me trip planning like I was solo, and he sat in the jump seat. The next 2 weeks we ran team, he made good money and while I made less he set me up with a few things he considered essentials as well as took care of my meals.

    It was probably a longer testing and evaluation period than was needed, but it gave me some time to learn more about OTR life from a driving standpoint while still having some help if I put myself into a bad situation. Not everyone needs that time, and not everyone will get good trainers; but for those who need it and are fortunate it can be a major step on the road to success.
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