What's the real deal with the DirectTV in the trucks?

Discussion in 'Western Express' started by VA CDL Holder, Mar 11, 2016.

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    Jan 25, 2017
    I believe being out on the otr road is part vacation ........ If it's just a job to you I kinda feel sorry for you. Maybe that's why I never seem to let anything out here bother me. I've done real work in my life so trucking seems like part time work to me. I did have one of those satalight boxes for TV , one of the older models and I found it really did not work very well so when I sold that truck the 32' tv and satalight stuff all went with it. Only time I miss TV is during football season.
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    Wow-ok mommy.You dont sound too happy there-Happyfeet.Just because a driver has a tv doesnt mean he/she can be compromised,or that a tv can be dangerous.Ive got a flatscreen/dvd tv in each truck(USAtvnow for internet n a dvd for parking out in the sticks)sometimes there on-sometimes there not.Myself n my driver are not chasing miles/working 8 days a week to get sweet money.If a guy has to do that-get a different job so you can enjoy the job.Reading your post-to me- was coming on like this guys jealous of truckers w/tv's.I mean,you got it figured out how many hours/cuts into work cycle,calculated the bottom line-etc.Whoa dude-chill out.
    Then i read you have a tv---also.And a firestick,wifi,netflix,streaming,amazon video,steaming podcasts----cords probably running all over the place?Sounds like alot of time to set this stuff up can possibly be wasted as all i gotta do is pop in a dvd.
    A man has to know his limitations.Some guys are on the phone for hours(oh-i miss you honey-ill be home soon)playing x box,etc.Then there driving down the road w/them things in their ears,just singing away-instead of listening to the truck(wheel bearing squeaking).
    Heck-parking between 2 reefers in the truckstop is more dangerous to my sleep then a tv!None of my entertainment/food(t-bones n beer) cuts into my bottom line-a blown tire cuts in to my bottom line.
    You sound stressed,driver, if you can,relax-dont chase miles-get your niche n enjoy trucking,smell the air in all the diff states-get a grill,charcoal,eat well,enjoy a cold one,dont work so hard.
    BUT-- you win-i cant play w/pandora's box like you can-i have no buttons on my steering wheel!
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    Jan 2, 2018
    It is free for the drivers that work for Western Express, but not the owner/operators. I have on in my truck that is barely ever used do to it being knocked out by a shifted load. Once that happens, it is very hard to fix it since you have to go to the main terminal in Nashville to have it done. And once you are there it is hit or miss with the guy that is supposed to be there to fix it. I was there with my fiancee for 5 days waiting for it to be done along with other issues with the truck. But the satellite never got fixed. My suggestion is buy either a laptop computer or a mini dvd player with the 7 inch screen (found at most truck stops) and watch dvds.
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    Nov 25, 2015
    Is it true they have autos and new trucks? I am debating between them and Schneider. Both want me to sign contracts I just heard Western Express has less of that on board safety distractions like SNI has.
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    Jun 13, 2008
    There’s a giant difference between those 2 companies, you should start a thread in the new drivers section asking which of those companies to go to.
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