When you DAC is jacked....

Discussion in 'Report A BAD Trucking Company Here' started by Time zone jumper, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. Time zone jumper

    Time zone jumper Bobtail Member

    Jun 19, 2020
    But you love what you do and you find a way in you take it. I did this with Select one inc out of Mccook illinois I’m not here to bash them but just to make other drivers aware of how they operate. If you wanna lease don’t go to them if you’re a company driver they will treat you half way decent if you run for them, that was my experience. Then their equipment broke down and they seemed like they didn’t want to repair it. I ended up sitting in a hotel in Maryland when the truck broke down. In my limited experiences above board or bigger fleets will pay for your hotel stay or reimburse you. These guys ignored me and I never knew who the owners were but at the same time I was grateful for the job because my DAC wasn’t great. However you figure a small fleet will take care of their drivers especially if you run 8 to 12 weeks at a time before you go home. That was not the case with these guys and I finally made it back to my home state of Florida and I fell ill and was down for a week so they fired me and sent someone to get the truck kept my last check for expenses and that was that. I was their 6 months and it wasn’t a great start when I got there but I knew I had to deal as best I could. I know everyone will have different experiences. I just wanna let other drivers know especially those who do t wanna do anything else don’t expend your energy on these guys because you’ll make good money but you’ll need it because they’ll treat you like an O/O or lease even though you are a company driver. Their account ting dept and most of their dispatchers are in Macedonia. I wonder how that works for Tax purposes?. Although it wasn’t a great experience something inside said be prepared and save your money and I did. If your record is good and you don’t have to worry don’t work for these guys go somewhere else where they actually value their drivers and recognize those who run hard for them and are always on time for P/U and delivery when it’s not botched by brokers, weather or whatever else may happen you’ll be much happier I got four months more for this DAC to clear and I know even then it may still be hurdles but that’s alright I won’t let anything stop me. Mainly me. I hope this helps my fellow drivers
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  3. buddyd157

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    May 25, 2017
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    this is what happens, when people have a less than stellar work history.

    DAC doesn't really mean as much as it did years ago, but yeah, some companies still order one up on you.

    you might have been dinged with a truck abandonment with this former employer.

    so order up a new DAC to check it out.

    best of luck to you
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  4. Derailed

    Derailed Road Train Member

    Dec 10, 2008
    Upstate NY
    Not that I ever paid attention but is DAC even still a thing?
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  5. JC1971

    JC1971 Road Train Member

    Jul 29, 2013
    If you were sick and have proof from a doctor you could get them in trouble for trying to make you drive while you were sick which would be considered coercion. At the very least you could use a doctor's note to file a dispute with DAC and get the abandonment removed.
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  6. bryan21384

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    Sep 18, 2009
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    So tell the story, what is in your record exactly? Maybe someone can point you in the right direction
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  7. mjd4277

    mjd4277 Road Train Member

    Oct 4, 2015
    Is this another 1099 Chicagoland outfit or a fleece purchase racket or just a crap company job?
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  8. Mr. TruckLoad

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    Feb 3, 2020
    ScottsDale, Arizona

    Fleece Outfits ?, I've seen PayChecks of $2000+ weekly from the Chicagoland outfits, The Russians, besides the Oilfield, Post Office and Wal-Mart are the only ones that allow a Driver a decent cut of the pie !, Obviously you have no idea of what you're talking about, don't believe the hype !
  9. Veteran driver

    Veteran driver Medium Load Member

    Aug 24, 2010
    Portland Oregon
    B5BBD1BA-5648-4BF9-AAB2-C6D162CC3F33.jpeg View attachment 335540
  10. Lonesome

    Lonesome Mr. Sarcasm

    Dec 15, 2007
    Northern Indiana
    Spoken like a true 1099 lease operator.....
    How's that working out for ya?
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  11. Dennixx

    Dennixx Road Train Member

    Feb 13, 2010
    twin cities
    Do you mean your post?

    Now take Federal withholding, State withholding, FICA, medical,dental, vision, std, ltd, other benefits not offered or paid by your Chicagoland outfits. Oh, and let's not forget the 401K match and the profit sharing along with the paid vacation time.
    That's up to the driver right?

    The only pro I can distinguish is not being scrutinized too closely as a driver.
    Did you mention the benefit for the driver of the employment escrow?
    And since these company's simply fold and open up operating under a different name w a new corporate head overseas the justice takes longer to reach Lithuania or Macedonia, and there is always someone hiring and another driver willing to give it a try..lol
    Not saying there are no reputable firms operating in the U.S. that are owned and operated by foreign interests but come on, thousands of us on this site will direct you to the 100 to 1 ratio of bad to good.
    We've all seen it for years but keep telling us about the pros vs the cons as it make good reading.
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