Where do companies get your criminal background?

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    Just curious what reporting agency trucking companies use to obtain your criminal information from? Is there one agency that they all use, or does each company have there own way of checking things? Do they have the background check completed before they bring you to orientation? What happens if you failed to disclose something and they don't catch it until you are already in orientation or possibly through orientation and on the road? Would they automatically terminate you? Would there be something placed on your dac for failure to disclose? Is there a way for an individual to check their own record?
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    Very good and interesting question. I can tell you this there are about 200 background check services around, some are localized some cover parts of the country some cover all of them.

    I do not know for sure who companies actually use, but I can tell you that whoever they use has access to NCIC which is the national clearing house for criminal records and includes both felony and misdemeanor convictions (non-traffic).

    But at the very minimum beyond checking NCIC they are going to check your home states records.

    You can check yourself by using any one of the numerous online background check services (if you want to pay) or you can go down to the local courthouse and pull the information yourself through a records request search. All criminal records (except for juveniles) are freely available to the public unless sealed by a court.
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    If you keep something from the compamy most companies will terminate you there right on the spot. They don't care if you're 1000 miles from home, you're out of the truck because of the insurance company. That's if they find out. Then it most likely won't stop there. That company will put the worse record on your file they can. But that's for crimes that get documented. Don't go in there and list you high school problems.

    I don't see taking a risk for NOT telling them everything they ask. That protects you no matter how much bullcrap you'd have to do with reports and paperework to explain your situation. Then you start off legal.

    Look at the other side. You don't tell them and maybe you end up in ligation. Say someone jumped in front of your truck out in the desert and you didn't see them and they got killed. All the players are asking you questions and everyone is started to think that this person committed suicide.

    Then some hot shot lawyer finds you have a past medical problem that you lied about on your job app. This first problems start right there in the court room. They ask " Are you lying to us now like you did on your job app?" Maybr that person wasn't trying to kill themselves and the truck rolled them over. Sure it's far fetched but it can happen. The family of the person killed will sue and you'll be right up there along with the company. But the company of course will fire you.

    I don't know if you remember back in 2000 out in Las Vegas nv where a girl fell asleep and killed 6 minors that were in a work program cleaning up the roads. They found she smoked marijuana like three weeks before hand but charge her DUI and murder. I believe without the marijuana she would have gottem manslaughter and the state would have to explain why they had workers so close to the interstate. But there' hundreds of scenarios and when a driver has something illegal you can bet he's going to get screwed.
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