Where is the best site to list a truck?

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    The wife, her mother, our 3 dogs (and 2 cats), the MILs cat, and I are building a house in Florida that should be done sometime in Jan and not really sure I want to try to find loads in and out of there (still flipping a mental coin), so figured I would see what I can get for my truck. Frankly I dont figure people that are really looking to buy a truck are on this site - most of yall already have them or think those of us that have them are crazy.

    So just wondering, whats the best place to look at?

    (Because I know someone will ask, 2020 Western Star 5700XE - less than 250k miles (I put a min of 600 miles a week on it, so it isnt like it has just been sitting). DD15 (505), Eaton 10 speed, 82" bunk, fridge, heated leather driver seat, block heater, jake. None of that lane monitoring crap. Only 40k miles on the steers - drives are original and have a lot of tread left. Run mainly light loads in the flatlands. Over the last 50,000 miles averaged 7.6 mpg (including idle time - no APU) running mostly 70-75 mph. Im leased to Landstar, so the truck has been inspected every 4 months and well maintained. I hit a deer on the left fender - hit the outside of the wheel mostly - 3.5 years ago.)
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