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    The state will probably pay for cdl school through the WIOA program. Check with the unemployment office for more information. Tell someone there you're unemployed and want to attend CDL school.
    This WIOA program pays for cdl school for the unemployed or under-employed.
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    Thanks, you are always a great help!
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    Stay at FedEx and get into the pipeline to become a driver. IIRC they don't hire drivers off of the street. You have to work handling packages, even if you have a CDL and experience, before they MIGHT move you to driver.

    EVERY CDL school will find someone to give you a loan for CDL school. Many states have money in the WIA/WOIA program that will pay for your CDL school if driving a truck is a pay raise compared to your current job. It's administered through your state unemployment office. About half of trucking companies have Tuition Reimbursement after you get hired. You can use their TR program to help pay for the school loan you may have taken out. TR doesn't change your school loan payments, you still owe them in the amount and on the schedule you agreed to pay them. But TR will put some or all of that money back in your pocket on the TR schedule. I don't see any significant benefit or harm from paying for your own school versus company sponsored training in exchange for 1 year of work from that company. I recommend you first decide on what company to work for and then follow their plan for getting your CDL. Some companies hire newbies only from some CDL schools.

    It's more important to wind up working at a place you like well enough to stay for 1 year than it is how you get your CDL. NOBODY really cares what school you go to after you get your CDL. There is no real benefit to one school over another in that the training is too short and fast to do more than get you a license. Your real training comes on the job at your first company while you ride with a trainer. Even that only gets you most of what you need to know. Decide where to work before you decide about school. You will not have time during school to shop for a first company.
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