Which trucking companies have best CSA rating?

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    A carrier’s CSA score affects them as well as you. Every CSA point goes against the company, there are some that don’t go against the driver. Yes the driver is a big part of the CSA score. There are a lot of things a driver can do to keep his and the companies score down. Trailer lights out can rack up a bunch of points. If that pigtail pulls out a DOT man can charge you with each light that is out. A turn signal is 6 points, times three at first. That is 18 points for one light, imagine if all the trailer lights are out.

    I found a great deal on CSA points by typing “csa points” in a search engine. A couple of the sites had all the CSA points listed.

    If a company’s CSA score gets to high then you, the driver, can be pulled over more often in a scale or roadside for an inspection. It stinks this mostly falls on our backs but it is a fact of life for a trucker now. If we do what we can it will help our industry and ourselves out. Do a good pre trip and you can solve many of the problems before you leave and don’t leave the next driver a bad trailer.
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    I apologize, I was looking at Federal Express, not Federal Express Ground.
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    that is why it is important to drive with a company that has low CSA scores. One affects the other.
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    No, they would not. It would show you as having zero inspections and history. When that is the case you are likely to be pulled in for inspection more often until you have some baseline scores. I spent a whole day at the scale office as part of my CDL class and the officer explained how the process works. Basically, your score indicates the likelihood of prepass pulling you in to scales. Until you have something established they are gonna pull you in until they develop a history which will determine how much you are inspected in the future. Once you have a history, Prepass randomly selects trucks to bring in to scales. After you enter the scale it is up to the officer whether or not you roll through, weigh, and/or have and inspection.

    Most drivers don’t realize that there are sensors in the approach lane once you are entering the scale and they determine by pressure how close to overweight you may be. Once you pass those you can either be directed to weigh-in or roll through on the by-pass lane.... all determined by officer.
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    Here is an updated ever-popular 'the good, bad, and the ugly' in order of best to worst. The updated CSA scores for December 2012 in the vehicle maintenance and condition category. The lower the better. This does not include the private fleets or LTL, this is truckload only. The good bad and the ugly pertains to vehicle maintenance and quality of equipment, it doesn't reflect all the categories of their CSA scores.


    11.6% Heartland Express (improved from 12.2% last month!)


    11.6% Heartland Express
    19.4% Armellini
    21.5% Marten (but 76.3 in unsafe driving and 79.1 in fitness!)
    31.4% Maverick
    32.7% Roehl
    34.1% Con-way (but 59 in unsafe driving!)
    34.7% Poly Trucking
    35.0% Central Refrigerated (but 74.8 in unsafe driving!)
    35.8% Covenant
    38.1% Celadon (but 81.7 in fitness)
    38.6% Calex Express
    39.2% Crete Carrier
    40.9% Prime
    42.4% CR England (but 87.4 in unsafe driving!!!)
    41.6% Smith Transport (but 63.7 in unsafe driving and 87.5 in HOS compliance! YIKES!)
    44.9% Stevens
    45.7% Boyd Bros (fatigued driving at 70.5 yikes)

    THE BAD:

    46.8% JB Hunt
    46.6% Transport America (and 69.9 in fitness!)
    48.5% Averitt Express
    52.1% Landair
    52.9% Knight
    53.3% US Xpress (and 66.1 in unsafe driving!)
    52.4% Furniture Row
    51.4% Werner (and 57.4 in unsafe driving)
    53.1% Decker
    56.5% Swift (and 53.5 in unsafe driving, and 60.4 in fitness)
    59.2% Quality Carriers


    60.5% Schneider National
    63.6% Pam Transport
    62.4% National Freight (and 73.1 in fitness)
    65.7% FFE
    64.3% USA Truck (and 61.1 in HOS, 54.3 in unsafe driving, 57.5 in fitness - wow)
    66.4% KLLM (unsafe driving 74 and HOS compliance 55.1!)
    81.2% Dart (and 60.1 in fitness)
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    why do you think there is such a difference between the good and the bad and the ugly
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    Ward Trucking - Excellent CSA Scores
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    Heartland score got better. Improved to 10.9% in January. The best of any van truckload carrier. Very impressed with what they are doing.
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    its sounds like heartland is a good company all the way around im sure there r some problems in there some where.
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