Who's The Worst Of Them ALL to work for?

Discussion in 'Report A BAD Trucking Company Here' started by MACK E-6, Jan 28, 2006.

Who's the worst of them all?

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    Swift Transportation.

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    JB Hunt.

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    Covenant Transport.

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    (New) Prime Inc.

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    CR England.

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  1. Tip

    Tip Tipster

    Mar 18, 2006
    I know I MYSELF won't ever be holding a CRE steering wheel, but I can't say the same for you, Skull. I assume you don't already work for those guys. You do sound like you could be drifting towards them, so let me throw you a life vest..... I'll start with a quote from your post:

    "C.R.England seems to get some of the worst postings against them.I wonder if their so awful,WHY DO PEOPLE LINE UP TO WORK FOR THEM?
    Any Idea's?"

    Here's the scoop: Companies like England have discovered they can use driver turnover to their advantage. This means it's in their interest they treat drivers badly so those drivers will quit. Most of these guys are replaced by naive newbies who don't know what happens when one sticks his finger in a running fan. Some are rehires, sure, but nobody is perfect. Some of us have learned not to stick our fingers in running fans, but some of us haven't.

    Anyone not a naive newbie who gets into that CRE line each week is seriously lacking brain cells. This is because each one of those new hires going in can thank a former England driver who was kind enough to vacate his driver seat so that new hire could have a job. How else do those jobs become available? Please don't tell me "they're growing". You know I won't buy it. Those seats have become available because the drivers sitting in them last week quit for #### good reasons. And I know if I hop into that England line this week, it won't be long before I'll be vacating my seat to yet another driver who will be in a line a few weeks from now. This is why I will NEVER be in that line in the first place.

    I'm trying to shorten the line, Skull. If I can make that line short or even cut it, CRE will have no choice but treat its drivers like it should. It will have no incentive to treat them like dirt, as their pool of fools will have been drained.

    In short--those drivers are in those lines this week because an equal number quit last week. Why'd they quit? Guess.

    Don't be driftin' towards that England whirlpool. You know you want no part of that meat grinder. You know both your gut and I myself are right.
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  3. Sad_Panda

    Sad_Panda Road Train Member

    Dec 2, 2006
    It's the Fontana yard and people. For me, it's been complete hell, I have a friend out of SLC and while he hasn't gone through the same deals as I, it's been better for him.

    This is the Fontana yard: Yeah, I need the new guy pack, log books, comchecks, seals, etc etc. Yeah, I think they are over there....maybe in the boxes somewhere?

    I asked the same thing in the Georgia yard and got handed a bundle of logbooks, comchecks and other goodies all rubber banded together. Night and Day.

    Heck the people in Fontana wanted me to shag a trailer while I was my 10 hour break, for free to drag them into the shop so they could work on it. They have a yard dog and day cabs, but when asked they said they couldn't drive trucks. I'm sorry, you fix big trucks but can't drive them? Sure explains the road testing these trucks don't get!

    OTRM hasn't let me down yet, they have sent me to some little off the wall places, but haven't let me down yet.
  4. Cabcon

    Cabcon Bobtail Member

    Apr 30, 2007
    You're not talking about SNI in Fontana, are you?
  5. gdt

    gdt Bobtail Member

    Nov 30, 2006

    That's really funny....but sooo true...

    I love these forums... great stuff...

    Then again, maybe I shouldn't post as I am only a wantabee who took a short course to make sure I like driving before heading down to Idaho to Sage Truck School. Yea, I know the real experience is when I get on the road, but shoot me----I like to have as much experience and knowledge I can gather, before I try to jump from the high diving board and do a belly flop... Ain't pretty in a truck...

    As far as the theories on making money thru tax breaks on unused tractors..... they are depreciating assets, ... No benefit having large amounts of money not drawing income...better to take the cash and put it into a saving account at 2% than get nothing.... But, let me give the conspiracy theorists something to think about....If you do win the big one, a huge lottery... take all your winnings and buy lots and lots of tractors/trailors and park them somewhere and wait for the check from Uncle Sam... Let us know how that works for you.

    Any ways- Wish me luck as I should start school in June...

    I know that 98% of it is up to me and is a combination of sweat and brains...the rest is luck which I have no power over...
  6. Tip

    Tip Tipster

    Mar 18, 2006
    I think starting a small trucking company would be a good challenge, but realistically, I'd drop my money into Chessie, Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific, and Burlington railroads if I won the lottery. I'd just be doing what Warren Buffet is doing, as my guess is ol' Warren is privvy to info we don't have access to. I'd also guess Berkshire's future profits are going to come at the expense of the trucking industry. And you'd better believe if Warren dropped all that money that belongs to somebody else into the railroads, they are gonna start earning nice returns real soon. That means you're prospects are looking bleaker by the day, brother truckers.
  7. HammerDown5969

    HammerDown5969 Bobtail Member

    May 17, 2007
    Wherever I want!
    Let me say right off the bat that I don't drive a truck anymore. I could have grandfathered a CDL but chose not to. I am a technogeek. I live a truckers life vicariously through my best friend who decided to go to truckers school and graduated #1 in his class from one of the premiere driving schools in the U.S.. He had his choice of which lines to take, I saw the offers he was made via e-mail. He chose Wiley Sanders (sp). Having been out of the industry so long I had no idea that the old man must have stepped down because Wiley would never let what my buddy has told me his dispatcher does to him happen.

    Maybe it's not all of Wiley Sanders maybe it's just this particular dispatcher but here is an easy question: "How does the driver and the company make money?" For you drivers I don't need to post the answer but for anyone not familiar with the industry let me make it clear. Neither the driver or the company makes money if the wheels are not rolling!

    I cannot understand how anyone would keep a dispatcher who would let a truck stand idle for hours at a time let alone days at a time, even if that dispatcher is a local county commissioner.

    Keep in mind boys the driver ain't telling you this after he is pissed off and gone this is me who has sat and listened to my bud tell me that he is sitting waiting to find out what he is supposed to do when one thing or another has happened.

    I don't know who is running the show now but it ain't Wiley. He did not build what he has today by sending drivers with hazmat loads on non hazmat routes or having trucks sitting idle while the dispatcher does God knows what.

    How about a dispatcher who would convince a rookie that he is doing a big favor to the company by violating rules and regs regarding driving time. A month later the driver is trying to explain to the log and safety folks why he did what he did and the dispatcher claims he knows nothing about any of it.

    I can't say Wiley Sanders as a whole is bad but I can say there is at least one dispatcher who needs to go that is if Wiley Sanders is a good Trucking company.

    If they are really a bad company then I guess they run you through their 14 cents a mile training program for 10 weeks and get any more miles out of you they can before you become disheartened with the whole thing and give it up.

    Btw: My bud is looking for a good job with a good company. He has been told Crete, Everett and Big G Express are some he should look at. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. He has just under 6 months driving with about 60,000 miles OTR experience.
  8. whispers65233

    whispers65233 Medium Load Member

    Mar 3, 2006
    Boonville, MO
    Hammer............I don't know if he is in their lane of hire but tell him to look into Roehl Transport out of Marshfield, Wisconsin
  9. kd5drx

    kd5drx <strong>Master of Electronic Communications</stron

    Nov 28, 2006
    Some where USA
    There are allot of the old companys that have gone down hill in a hurry from what i have read on this forum lately. Like Wiley Sanders i remember when his was one of the premier Reefer companys out there. Alos JCT i remembe rmany loads i would run back to T town with a few of the old gang at JCT and they would be trying to get some rest for a team because they had loads backed up in the yard waiting on them. In those days it was all company trucks and they relayed in Tulsa. one team took it west and another one took it east. and they did that as fast and hard as they could go. Of course in those days Inman and and the old bunch were running out of Chickendale(Springdale Ar) for those that never heard it and saturday night was a indy 500 start getting out of there for every body headed to the coast with a load of chickens for a monday delivery on the left coast and turn back by thur or fri if they were lucky so they could start over again. So i guess the old hands are like me and feeling like it may not be worth it any more. I will see been out of it for 3 years now will be back in a couple of years and see whats left of the industry.
  10. badrabbet

    badrabbet Bobtail Member

    Apr 27, 2007
    :biggrin_25510:RJM Global gets my vote. Small comp. but they know how to put the screws to there drivers. Now to drive for them you have to buy a truck and then lease to them. So they get mine.:biggrin_25513:
  11. broncrider

    broncrider Road Train Member

    if hes open to runnin a skate board with a flat top kw t800 for .30 cents a mile (or more...depends on driving experiance) davis transport out of missoula might be worth a look....they just started a regional fleet in the midwest...otherwise its coast to coast...and expect to tarp just about every load
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