why arent we ALL commenting on detention pay policies

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by ad356, Jul 10, 2019.

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    See? Old age is starting to creep up on you.
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    ####, that's not supposed to happen for 20 years yet.
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    You forgot hazard pay for when a co driver let’s one rip
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    i suspect any of us drivers would be willing to agree, our solidarity would benefit us. however, the ole "divide & conquer" tactic is pretty effective against solidarity in principle....and of course, as mentioned, there some who may not have the same contentions.....sounds like division, via subjective apathy vs camaraderie.....from a perspective of worth.....i suspect we can all agree our time and lives are priceless....since we are intrinsically tied to our equipment sleep or awake, our time spent, life at risk, sweat equity, etc is worth compensation.....for example, if one is sleep, there is some security risk, there is not only potential hazards to a drivers life, etc.....there's an ethical expectation to provide or call for a degree of security.....the driver is obviously always on duty in varying degrees, in many ways we can all site.......i suspect we all can question the sanity of "free work"......itz like holding one's life force hostage for free.....what drivers willingly will rationalize this.....many of us unwillingly rationalize doing it for various reasons.....but we all know we're worth more
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    Avy check

    You want more money? Organize or quit for a better job. You don’t owe these companies anything.
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    Nov 9, 2017

    I am not sure what you are trying to say bro
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    As long as drivers are paid by the mile this BS will continue indefinitely.

    If any new law or regulation needs to be enacted, the shippers and receivers need to be forced to pay detention for all time a driver spends on their property after 1 hour and they should be fined and penalized by the government just like we are if we violate HOS. To say the company should be required to pay us more without addressing the root cause is putting a band-aid on a bullet wound and allowing the real culprits to continue escaping responsibility.

    The other change that is needed is there needs to be a different set HOS regulations for OTR drivers than for the rest of us. This one-size-fits-all approach doesn't really benefit any driver regardless of his/her role within the industry.
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    You do tanker, dry box??? How much experience do you have? In tankers I get paid after 2.5 hours. First 2 hours is free. When I was company it was 17.50 an hour. Plus if i sat for 24 hours with out a load at a tank wash they would give me $125 for pay.
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    Jul 19, 2019
    Do drivers really not get paid detention? We ask for an hour free if the driver is super early or late given the rate con and only if the shipper is upset that the time isn't met within an hour or so.

    If the driver is stuck waiting to be loaded or offloaded then we accept that wait time is implied and request wait charges. Time is money, particularly for a regulated truck that is burning hours waiting.

    Who actually tries to tell drivers that sitting at a shipper or consignee for extended periods isn't worth pay? That is so incredibly rude. Why should they be expected to burn their hours and time for nothing? Are they supposed to be so grateful to haul freight that they can't expect some compensation for waiting in a truck for hours just so they can have the privilege of loading and hauling crap thousands of miles?

    We assume minimum 50 or so an hour for wait time beyond that first hour. If the driver arrived at the time we requested then we don't request the free hour, our carriers just generally give it as SOP.

    It frustrates me that the individuals that are hauling every single product that we consume and all of the byproducts that make the finished product are treated like sled dogs that can subsist on some treats, food and the random "good boy" head pat.

    Thank you to ever trucker for making modern life a thing that we can experience.

    Shippers, brokers and anyone #####ing about the worth of a driver's time...
    Take a hard look at what these drivers go through and where your company would be without them. Brokers? You don't get to move freight without drivers. Shippers? You don't have product available to sell without drivers. Your paychecks depend on drivers willing to move your crap from a to b.
    And while moving your crap from a to b, they are living a fairly solitary life and many are away from family. And you feel ok with complaining about a small detention fee.

    People really don't understand where we would be without the drivers that put up with all of this bs.

    Pay your drivers well and for freaks sake pay them for their detention and wait time!
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