Will a past suspended license prevent me from getting my CDL?

Discussion in 'CRST' started by mileysdad, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Ubu

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    Aug 25, 2012
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    Of course you do. Why would you think a CDL would have less restrictions?

    After you get your drivers license reinstated you might want to inquire with some of the less picky trucking companies to see if they are willing to hire you before getting a CDL as depending on why your license was suspended it might take several years before anyone will conceder hiring you.

    What was it suspended for?
  2. nightgunner

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    Jul 23, 2013
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    You will have had to have your DL reinstated for 18 months before you can apply. Being that you lost it to a DUI, you will have to wait 5 years from the reinstatement to apply.
  3. Jocko44

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    Jul 16, 2017
    Ok I live in Alabama and have a valid driver's license I took my CDL road test and passed so when I went to get my license they said I was suspended in New York so my question is as long as I pay off the tickets in New York I should be good to go? The only thing is my permit is about to expire.
  4. Diversity

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    Feb 21, 2018
    My name is Henry. Im interested in driving trucks. I have one problem though. I lost my license for not paying a ticket. Question is when I pay for the ticket, and get my license reinstated can I go to a truck driving school
  5. Slay33

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    May 27, 2018
    Wassuo guys, so here’s my story.... my learners permit was suspended but I jus paid it off n got my license.. I’m askin you guys will my learners permit suspension pop up anyway when going for a cdl job?

    Would appreciate if you got back to me ASAP!!!
  6. HiphopTrucker

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    Aug 9, 2018
    I got a Suspended DL because of failing to pay the fine (Yeah my Dumb self forgot about it) I paid if off in less than 30 days and was reinstated in 24 hours. However Prime inc just rejected me and told me i have to wait 3 years. The ticket was for a rolling stop but i took care of it. Is there a company that will take me on?
  7. wmattox

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    Dec 11, 2018
    im asking for a friend, he is trying to find a career with driving trucks but his licenses are suspend and he has traffic tickets
    is there any hope or could someone point us in the right directions
  8. Badmon

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    Oct 6, 2014
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    1 thing at a time man. Before even considering getting into this field your "friend" ought to take care of his outstanding traffic tickets and get his license off suspension. I'm talkin before he even weighs any of his options. Because at this point he has absolutely none without at least the bare minimum essentials in hand, eg. a class c driver's license
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