Will marijuana possession impact your CDL?

Discussion in 'Trucking Industry Regulations' started by Bdog, Dec 3, 2019.

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    Dec 8, 2017
    I think that is a very dangerous proposition.

    If it were me, I think I would find someone locally and buy it and I think I would make my own edibles.

    CBD oil Also may be a benefit. There is a product called a magical butter machine it will make you a tincture that she could just drink or a concentrate that you could put a few drops into whatever.

    Definitely ask the doctor if he knows where or how, but I think what I've said to you is the safest path.

    You do not want to be traveling over state lines illegally transporting marijuana.
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  2. Bdog

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    Nov 6, 2014
    Do they really make that big of a deal on a personal use amount? I am sure one would get in some kind of trouble but I just can’t imagine it being that severe. Like I said I don’t really know I don’t mess with the stuff but darn near every where you go you smell someone smoking it. I figured they were more after the big fish not some guy with a months supply for a sick person.
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    Mar 5, 2016
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    It does not matter.

    If you have devices to weigh, bag, sell, use, consume, grind, whatever thats jail.

    If you had green MJ flakes all over your shirt and you fail the DUI test etc, JAIL. The DUI test is just a formality triggered by probable cause of Green pot flakes on your shirt or even smelling it at your car during a traffic stop, comes the dog sniffs and boom. Done. You go to jail.

    If you had say... a pinch of pot in a tiny plastic wrap in any amount and the chemical test says thats pot you go to jail.

    There is no consideration for little fish big fish. If the Law say aww.. keep your little bit of pot, next thing you know EVERY one and their mother will have a little bit of pot. They all go to jail. Including the Lawman for failing to enforce laws.

    This war on drugs has gotten way past "Say no" on the Nancy Reagen school kid videos 40 years ago. (I just aged myself but oh well...) we have gotten to the point that maybe a state will cite you here or there for a dab of pot. However if you have a CDL in your pocket.... The law already knows you are also well aware no Pot. Period. (Unless you lived in colorado and are not anywhere near a Commercial Vehicle.... then they cannot touch you... only test you for DUI or DWI or OWI etc...)

    Thank you for clarifying. That changes things a little bit.

    Evidently no pot. None.

    Now... that is not to say for example No moonshine in Maryland. I have tasted and had enjoyed the stuff, but if you were to ask me how i got ahold of that? I don't know a #### thing. It could have been water in my recall. Might as well be in those days. I would have to travel to Tennessee to buy it legally and CAN bring it back home to a dry county because my house is my castle in alcohol terms. I just cannot sell it. Ive got a trip to memphis coming up in the spring for a number of items besides that. So next year is going to be a good year put it that way.

    People have run illegal things for ages. If it was illegal its been run somehow. Im pretty sure being near Mexico it would be easy to find a bit of pot somewhere in texas on a quiet night with people around. Pinch 10 dollars worth and get going off someone. But what do I know. Thats one thing I never did and will not do.

    There are times in life you make a choice. If you know for a fact that something is illegal and you risk jail at either the state or even federal level for transporting across statelines for certain... then you have another decision to make. Do you do it? And how? where, when, etc.

    You wont be advertising all that publicly. You would be hunted and captured for questioning and then let go. and in some local towns thats never the end of it if the Law is aware of you. In our area the Law has been part of our lives a few times and they know us on sight. But if they knew that we ever did this or that or something else illegal then there is no point living here. Be impossible to go anywhere for anything without a lawman standing on my boot.

    I think I said enough. Just accept that any amount is illegal, crossing state lines make it federal and understand your near Mexico makes it possible to sniff out someone who uses the stuff where you are. Now if the hospital staff saw your mother blazing the pot of pot in the hospital bed or some other place they are going to call the law.

    Just because you managed to get ahold of the stuff does not mean you are going to get away with it. You follow me?

    Don't do it.
  4. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    I wanted to break up posts a little bit so they don't get too big.

    I have been introduced to CBD Oil here in my pain clinic who sells the stuff for 100 dollars a small lotion bottle. No THC in it. (They test for that constantly and twice annual drug test for everything, particularly meth etc) so if there WAS THC in THAT then we all go to jail I guess.

    The hands have a palsy in them from over work in trucking and lumping. Once in a while I get that pretty bad. Its not a DOT item or a problem generally, it just means that certain hobbies that require extreme precision is out. The CBD oil has gotten onto the tops of the hand and eliminated the palsy in 5 minutes.

    Now Pot is not my flavor. But I would not believe my lying eyes when that hand settled down the way it did. So I have the stuff. There is no law anywhere in Arkansas saying I cannot. There is no THC in it. (Better not be.. that's the key.)

    The reason it's legal in that way is because the DEA has washed their hands of CBD oil and allowed the FDA to take over enforcement of that to be sure that people do not get THC into the CBD Oil.

    To understand CBD oil, you go back to Pot Plants. Lush green beautiful things. Female Plants only. You cannot have a male pot plant anywhere in that grow spreading THC into the Female Plants. Thats what ruins CBD oil. Ruins the plant etc. If you did not want THC in the CBD oil from female plants. If you had a field of female pot plants growing quietly for CBD oil and your neighbor over the hill had regular pot male plants, a gust of wind pollenates your female plants. You convert that to CBD oil, sell it as usual then a batch has THC in it you go to jail.

    Its crazy. But I don't see it getting any better. I cannot hardly take a pill for a owie without the State knowing about it. Its really crazy these days.

    Thus a dab of legal moonshine takes care of that owie. No oversight needed.
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    Apr 16, 2014
    high plains colorado
    Wait, wait, don't delete it yet, TTR, this is a very important subject, and one that will take a while to sort out as some states allow it and some don't. Personally, I wouldn't take a chance in a truck. You'd be better off hopping in the 4 wheeler ( or rent a car), buy some edibles, and bring them back. Trouble is, if it works for her, and the medical community is slow to respond, but they can't ignore the benefits anymore, you may be making lots of trips to Colorado. DON'T think of moving her here, this place is packed already, and is going to bust, you'll see. You just can't have rich people and poor people living together, and the poor will be phased out. It's all about money here in "Colorful Colorado",,yeah, like the color green.
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    Nov 17, 2019
    @Bdog if it is a small amount you should only be fined, and it will not impact your license.
    Source: recieved a possession ticket in Nebraska during a DOT inspection. Was bringing it to NY for my brother. $450 fine...

    Check out the laws in your state
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    Felony in Texas btw... Edibles and concentrates carry the same penalties as crack cocaine here.

    You don’t need the THC to spark hunger, legal CBD should do the trick. Whenever you buy in Colorado you have to show them your license, and they input the amount you purchase into the database. If you get pulled over on the way back they have a legal right to search your vehicle if you’re on that list, and they will tear your vehicle apart if you purchased a lot of edibles recently.

    How does Texas treat marijuana edible possession cases? | Ryan R. Hill, Attorney at Law
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    Nov 23, 2018
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    Just avoid driving like a dip stick and you should be fine.
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    Jan 11, 2011
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    Just go get it. Drive sensibly on the way back and you won't have any problems. Ask at the dispensary for recommendations on what is the best for appetite. I bring gummies from Calif and Nevada into Ariz all the time with no problems.
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    May 25, 2017
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    yeah, you gotta watch the transportation of drugs across state lines. too much to explain to the judge, and employers in your future. you mail ""sail" right on through back home, or as you know, "crap happens".....then what?

    you really cannot go and forth every time she needs it

    don't pharmacies down there have that drug the doctor can send the prescription to?

    in any event, i wish the best for your mom. when we get older, like your mom and me, we really have no or much of any appetite some days. but she is ill, and needs to get nourishment

    good luck.
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