Won't be able to drive anymore. What to do?

Discussion in 'Driver Health' started by hanz, Nov 24, 2013.

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    i retained an attorney to file disability. they havent charged me anything. if i win then max they can charge is 6000.00, if i lose i will only have to pay postage , envelopes, copies etc (about 100.00)
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    they told me there is a 90% chance i will be denied the 1st time. (lawyer)

    soc sec told me tho, that a lot of claims get denied because ppl dont mention specifics...they just mention back pain etc. so the more details and the more documentation you provide, the better. i was told i am looking at about 2 yrs to even get to the point of a hearing...
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    Oct 10, 2006
    About the only thing that will cause a claim to be approved quickly and the first time looked at is a severe heart attack with permanent major disabling damage, terminal disabling cancer, a permanently disabling stroke, a very severe accident with mental and physical function limits, and a few other diseases if they have progressed a long way before filing. Most other things will be denied the first, and usually the second time no matter how much paperwork you submit.

    You have to have specialist that believe you are permanently disabled, will fill out RFC forums for SSDI stating that fact, and you need to start keeping a journal of your symptoms by day and time and what you are doing to control your situation. You will be sent to their doctors that will usually say you are not disabled, and if they do, the determiners will not give that doctor much weight in their decision.

    Every doctors submission is judged by what "weight" the determiners give the doc and his report. If the doctor feels you are not disabled, they will have a high weight ratio, those that say you are will be given "little" weight, even if it's one of their doctors.

    If you want your eyes opened, send off to SSD and request a CD of every record they have on your claim. You will be shocked as to what the doctors will say on their report as compared to what they tell you.

    My doctor went to a SSDI confrence where he spoke with a determiner about how they made decisions. The person said they took the obivious fatal cases and passed them, and it was hit and miss on the others, for they had orders to fail 75% of all cases every week no matter what the diagnosis.
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