Working in West Texas oil field.

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  1. Bow3333

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    Jan 26, 2019
    I am a oilfield transport driver hauling chemical to well sites for over 2 years now.
    I am interested in going owner operator and would like some info from drivers in the area about finding loans and how profitable the market is at this time.
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  2. starmac

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    Apr 11, 2019
    Fairbanks Ak
    You may get better responses in the oil field trucking forum.
  3. LDLWells

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    Jan 14, 2019

    The risk isn't worth the reward. It was back in the day but there's too much that could go wrong. Now you can make a great living as a company driver the never have to worry about wrenching on your equipment
  4. MaxzRig

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    Feb 20, 2010
    I am an O/O hauling crude for a small company currently (less than 10 trks). The pay is great when working (up to $10k a week, ave. $4,500 wk gross before fuel). But been sitting for various reasons off & on. A month at the first of the year, now sitting for about a week recently. Also keep in mind what everyone who's been O/O is telling you bout expenses. THEY ARE REAL! THEY DO ADD UP!! THEY WILL CONTINUALLY HIT YOUR BOTTOM LINE!!! I know from experience... I was blessed to keep my finances in order. When I bought a $60k Volvo 15 mos ago. I had about $30k in credit cards available... went thru almost every penny of it to get up & running well. It took about 4 solid months to get my wet kit, cause I went CHEAP/USED & trusted a scammer. Cost me alot up front. Now after running for about a year (as I said off & on), the truck is well! The wet kit is good, but has ocassional leak. I lease my trailer (thank God), but not sure if I would make more or less if I owned it. Tires on the truck are enough to send my head spinning, lol.
    Keep in mind, as an O/O you are free to call your shots, but at what expense... try to talk to as many o/o as possible & weigh your decision upon your diligent research. My bottom line is I'm about 65-75% pro YES to O/O. The painful bills & down time is up to ones patience to succeed in the long run. I'm 63 and running thin on patience, lol :)
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