Worst company you ever worked for?

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  1. BigpopperRunner

    BigpopperRunner Light Load Member

    Jan 10, 2019
    Company that I currently work for only had 2 dispatchers that were former drivers, they eventually quit because they kept getting into it with other dispatchers in the office lol. The dispatchers we work for are snakes and idiots, they think driving a truck is fast and easy, they don’t think about the traffic and etc. what annoys me the most about most dispatchers is when they say can you pick up this load or that load when you have 1 hr left on your clock. Had to call safety a few times to put the dispatchers on check.
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  3. Team818

    Team818 Medium Load Member

    May 5, 2019
    Hendrickson Trucking, based out of Sacramento.... Horrible. Everything was bad. There were only 2 drivers in Oreintation. I should have known, but I was in the Motel and was flown in. I tried to make it work. Just avoid this company. Trucks, Trailers, the dispatchers. Its really a shame. California is a complete Disaster now. 3rd World country. Even the Northern Part of callitard is being ruined. Too many illegals, taxes, property prices, its hopeless. All those criminals they are letting out to melt in with the illegals, shoplifting from ALL the stores, tent cities, raping, drug sales, spray paint, dirty filthy places after they move their tent city to another town or location. They leave it all there. Well, that mess they leave behind, is a window to those people's minds and hearts. Its pathetic. We need a homeless colony built in Nevada and fence in until we can get those people clean and doing farm work without the aid of modern machines. Then we can send ALL the illegals back.
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  4. skyviper73

    skyviper73 Heavy Load Member

    Feb 17, 2012
    Centennial, CO
    Worst? PJ Food service. "Papa John's". I ran out of the Denver commissary from June 2007 - May 2008. Below is a copy of what I have posted on my personal Blog about that experience. I dug around and found what I wrote 13 years ago about that horrible experience.
    The first week at PJ’s was orientation. They said all the right things about safety and doing things the right way. Reality was way different.

    Here is a sample of what really happened.

    0330 – Wake up and drive to work.

    0430 – Get to work and count the truck and do a pre-trip on the truck.

    0530 – My partner would start driving us to our first store.

    0600 – Our first store. Unload and deliver.

    0630 – My partner drives us to our next store.

    0645 – Deliver store.

    0715 – My partner drives us to the next store.

    0730 – Deliver store.

    0800 – My partner drives to Pueblo, CO. I get a 1 hour nap.

    0915 – Deliver 2 stores in Pueblo.

    1045 – My partner drives us to Raton, NM. This gives me another 1 hour nap.

    1200 – I start driving in Raton, NM and drive us to Albuquerque. My partner gets a 4 hour nap.

    1600 – We start delivering the 10 stores in Albuquerque. This takes about 9 hours.

    0100 – My partner, who got a 4 hour nap, now starts driving back towards Denver. I now, having been awake working for the past 21 hours, get to take a 4 hour nap.

    0500 – I start driving around Raton and get us back to Denver in about 4 hours.

    0900 – Back to the terminal and another team of drivers takes the truck to do a local route.

    Does anyone see anything wrong with this?

    Driving tired is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do. Pretty much the same as driving drunk.

    I brought my concerns first to the guy who trained me and he said that this is just how it’s done. He told me that the routes can’t be done legally and still get back at a decent time. He even told me that if he had to run legal, he would quit. He said the money just wasn’t worth it to stay out any longer.

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I hated trying to stay awake and drive with such little rest. It scared me silly. Many times I pulled the truck over and slept for a bit because I was just so tired. My partner really didn’t like that. It caused us to get back later than he wanted to. Oh well.

    I went to my manager with my concerns and he told me that what I said was happening,, wasn’t. He didn’t want to hear the truth.

    I then called Louisville, (PJ’s headquarters), and told them my concerns. Instead of resolving the problem in any way, they told the regional manager that I was raising questions about how things were working. Nice. He called me and told me that nothing unsafe was going on. Nice.

    I tried one more time to talk to my manager about it and this time he yelled at me saying nothing I said was happening was happening. I gave up. I suggested that he follow an out of town route and see for himself. He said it wasn’t his job to babysit drivers. Nice.

    About a week after that I was given a solo route. I think this was to shut me up about everything I was trying to bring up about how the team routes were running.

    I ran solo for about 6 months and then I was put back on a team route That lasted about 2 months before I couldn’t take it anymore!
    That was 13 years ago. I'm still driving, but much happier and a much wiser driver now. I don't mind eLogs. They keep me from being run ragged and expected to do crazy dangerous stuff.
  5. Chuck Humbuckers

    Chuck Humbuckers Bobtail Member

    Apr 3, 2020
    The worst company I ever drove for has to have been Pol Pot Transportation out of Cambodia. The owner was pompous and condescending. The hours were murderous.
  6. mjd4277

    mjd4277 Road Train Member

    Oct 4, 2015
    I see what you did there!LMAO
    Couldn’t be more worse than Chemical Ali Trucking out of Baghdad,Iraq! Nothing like hauling hazmat (nerve,mustard and sarin gas) and hiding it somewhere where they only find a MiG! LMMFAO
  7. any name you wish

    any name you wish Light Load Member

    May 13, 2021
    I would say Swift. It's a desperate company, now, plagued with lawsuits and depressed drivers. I once had to stop a driver from committing suicide. I watched another driver almost come to fisticuffs with a driver manager because he was being accused of taking 3, not 2 packages of bottled water in a terminal in PA. It had seemed like most of the time I met up with a driver, something was really wrong in their life, and I wondered if that was a person I'd want to share the road with. As for the company itself, its terminals are barely staffed. Memphis is a ghost terminal. I went there and honestly I thought it had been condemned until I found a little office with an actual human still in it. I don't think any other company has been sued so many times.
  8. BrandonT28

    BrandonT28 Light Load Member

    Aug 12, 2021
    Seems to be the rock bottom, life change company for sure from everything I’ve heard and seen. Seems like a lot of the Swift trainees are the type that just need some kind of career to better their lives and quickly realize they’re making slave wages, stuck under a contract, and suddenly gone from home.
  9. Chuck Humbuckers

    Chuck Humbuckers Bobtail Member

    Apr 3, 2020
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  10. rostig4404

    rostig4404 Bobtail Member

    Oct 28, 2015
    Addis, Louisiana
    J.B. Hunt, though I never actually drove. Went through their orientation. On last day they give me a sheet of paper that has my job information. The pay was wrong. I showed it to theme. They checked on their computer, said that was what the contract paid. They flew me home, 1st. class. I got off the plane, went to my car, drove home, fired up the computer and started looking for a job. Spent the next few years hauling hazardous waste.
  11. mjd4277

    mjd4277 Road Train Member

    Oct 4, 2015
    ATTENTION TRUCKING COMPANIES-big and small-if you want to keep happy and productive drivers follow these simple steps:
    2. FULLY DISCLOSE the what the job entails and what is expected of the driver. LISTEN to what the driver expects of the company!
    3. Pay the driver a wage that doesn’t insult a driver’s intelligence!
    5.Have equipment (tractors,trailers,etc.) that is properly maintained and in good working order.
    6. See rules #1 and 4!
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