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    Jul 9, 2019
    Sup mudda truckas.

    Name's Marcus. Rounding out my last week of CDL course with Great Lakes. No test date yet but I do have an orientation date with Melton starting on the 28th. So I have to one shot dillinger the test. I'm confident I can do so.

    Was googling all things trucking and stumbled into a thread from here. 3 hours and who knows how many forums later came to the conclusion that you guys are awesome and I had to sign up. Figure I'll spend parts of the inevitable Melton downtime I've read so much about laughing at the impressive amount of sarcasm and pansy-themed disses being slung around in these posts.

    All of the inside knowledge and information here is pretty helpful, too. Thanks. Nice to meet everyone. Have some pre-trip to study.
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    Apr 26, 2013
    welcome buddy. good luck on ur test.. melton is a good starting company for flatbed, i just know they tarp a whole lot, but they have easier tarp system then most .. feel free to ask any questions u want everybody in here is here to help
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    Henderson, NV & Orient
    Where is your location? Which state and nearest city?
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