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    Mar 5, 2009
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    The reason YRC is failing is because the greed of the unions. and mismanagement. In ten years unions will be a thing of the past.
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    Jul 26, 2009
    i doubt that, although they need to be gone.
  3. runningman0661

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    Mar 5, 2009
    Clover, South Carolina
    Look the foreign car companies that are actually making money and have plants in the U.S. do it by having only non-union workers. In most cases they make a better product and still pay the workers a good living wage.
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    May 6, 2007
    I can sum this up very quickly. If the Union guys can stand the truth...for 30 seconds.

    Unions have taught the Big 3 automakers the importance of training a guy to do one job, and one job only.

    Nissan, a non union factory. Has cross trained their employees on as many as 5 models, and how to retool from one to the other when sales drop off.

    Nissan sales slump for the Versa. Theysimply switch over to the Titan or the Altima.

    While Ford, GM, and Chrysler have to lay off half their employees until sales pick back up. If they don't they close the plant.
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    Mar 26, 2009
    Excerpt from an email sent Dec 9 at 4:52 PM to all YRC employees from the Office of Bill Zollars:

    For Salaried Employees: Your current salary rate will be adjusted by an additional 18.4 percent per pay period for the periods beginning Dec. 16, 2009 and ending Jan. 15, 2010 and will be reflected in your Dec 31, 2009 and Jan. 15, 2010, paychecks. Your regular salary rate will rsume on Jan. 16, 2010 and will be reflected in your final January paycheck rather than March 15, 2010 as previously communicated.
    This is a transparent ploy to try to keep the folks at YRCW from bailing out using sick days, worker's comp, vacation. It's so obvious - the company does not have enough money in the till to pay the workers what they have already earned.
    Revenues have dropped so fast expenses already cut to the bone aren't enough - now bones are being cut off.
    This is a PERMANANENT pay cut, wages will NOT go back up at the end of January for those who are still employed in 6 weeks - you can safely make that bet right now.
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    Somebody pass him the fork.....................
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    Sep 19, 2009
    i work for a competeing major ltl trucking company and on behalf of me and my fellow employees we think this sucks for YRC...but on the other hand we thank you and the unions for running yourselves into the ground and out of business...looks like my 50hr week might turn into a 55-60hr week....cha-ching......
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    Jan 7, 2009
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    I see that Zollars can no longer afford spell check on his email. What a boob! I can just hear him on January 16th. 'I didn't say it was going to resume, I said it was going to rsume! That's a techinical accounting term for 'you're ##&*%# !!'

    YRC needs to go down soon, they're dragging the rest of us down with them. I feel sorry for the current employees there, but they should've jumped ship a long time ago.
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    Mar 26, 2009
    Atlanta 402 (ROAD) 163 active....182 laid off (52%) out of 355 road drivers...KK
    kennesaw kid
    total in chicago dock/spot as of 12/9/09 277 number going up
    Termial 124/195 formally/ as of 12/11/09 50 man board 17 on LOL status =16 P&D and 1 Road Driver that either runs 135,0r 218 on a layover Was 52 man board making the LOL status at 19 but one resigned,and one retired.Men on on call status do not work every day so active number is even smaller than the 34 listed more like 28 to 32 depends on bill count,vacations, book offs etc!!!!!

    Terminal 165/ 13 man board was 15 one person resigned and one retired. 11 are active and 2 on LOL and can still not work all every day on LOL status,or not !!!!
    Milwaukee (313) 1100 bills yesterday and 360 left on the dock need to call some guys back if this keeps up!
    okc/531 1500 bills a day 30 laid off 63 bid including p&d calling 4 hrs early 6 hrs late working 6-7th days 1 guy had 34 hrs overtime
    Saving $$$$ by not calling laidoff in.
    So what's next, H & W? Holidays,sick days?
    I smell some schlitz and tears coming from YRC and our fearless leaders telling us to pack more up the chute.
    What's next?
    rockford files
    i just want say i wish all you well as my terminal has closed as of this friday 12-11-09 i do not work for yrc anymore i am unempolyed.i have worked in freight business for 33 yrs only 6 with roadway. its was great till yellow took over i never seen the most dumb mangers in all my yrs.
    Listen, if you cant handle the way Chicago voted, so be it. The attacks have to stop on the members that voted the way THEY felt THEY should vote. It was NOT your vote it was Chicagos, do you have implications from the vote, sure you do but Chicago had implications from your vote and I dont hear them crying because you voted the way you did. The bashing has to stop. If you backed yourself into a corner with that big mortgage, Harley payment and F-250 payment (because the salesman told you the 250 is cooler than the 150) that is your problem. If you have kids and a wife and you need your next check to survive, you have failed everyone around you, that is not the way to live. I was money poor at one time too but by being a little stupid dockworker that did not overextend himself I have paid cash on my last 2 vehicles and have paid my mortgage down so far I can pay it off at anytime. If you took a vacation and bought TV's and junk on a credit card, you lose ITS NOT THE WAY TO LIVE.

    Stop bashing Chicago for their vote because you have been financially irresponsible, if you need this job that bad you have made many bad choices and them choices were yours to make, just like Chicagos vote.
    Funny, I didn't hear anyone crying except you. It was a stupid vote Chicago made and I'm tired of everyone saying how much balls it took. But as we speak as we have all thought was going to happen,your dock job is going BYE BYE! You are going to be dis banned at the heights to a bunch of smaller terminals in the area. Maybe a 1.5 hour ride to work wont bother you now. Guess what, you are still going to get the pay cut. This is funny to me. Let the crying start now and I will be the first to say too bad. You are so full of yourself thinking everyone is broke is the only reason we were concerned about the vote. It is our pension and job. So, now that you boys are patting yourselves on the back thinking all is well in BIG R land , reality is going to smack you boys upside the head.
    Is it true that they laid off more & the bottom guys working are 20 year men?? Are people still signing up to work, & are they calling them?
    10 more laid off on friday leaves 9 below me. I have 18 years in.
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