Free 2016 CDL Practice Tests

Just like the DMV/RMV, our test database contains hundreds of questions, which are randomly selected each time you take a practice quiz to ensure an unlimited supply of fresh tests.

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Why take CDL practice tests?

Many people learn best in a hands on capacity, so embarking upon license test training is one of the best ways that you can prepare for the CDL testing.  If you think about it, most skills are learned by actually doing them, not by reading a book or talking about them.  Repetition is a key part of learning, so if you are repeating the test over and over again this will greatly enhance your ability to learn the material that you need to know.

Find reliable CDL test answers

In order to learn how to take a CDL license test, you need to find reliable test answers.  This means finding a good source of free practice tests.  The best place to access these tests is from the test writers themselves.  However, keep in mind that the writers may not always have CDL practice tests available.

Avoid using a source that has old CDL tests.  Rules and laws are always changing, and old CDL practice tests will not give you the information that you need to pass the current exams.  You want a free CDL test that is as close to the real thing as possible.  If you cannot find an original source of the CDL test, look for a company that uses the actual CDL test to create their own CDL practice test.  Ask them how frequently they update their tests and when the last update was done.

How to take the test

Before you take your CDL license test, you will want to review your CDL information.  Most testing centers will offer a booklet of information for you to study. You should read this through a couple of times to learn the information.

Most of the CDL permit practice tests you will find are online.  This makes it easy to take the test, and get the results back right away.  Once you have received the results, review the test questions again, paying close attention to the ones that you got wrong.  Some CDL practice tests will tell you what the right answer was, but if not, look up in your information booklet to find the right test.

Depending on how well you did on your first few practices, you may want to redo the test a couple of times after reviewing the information.  This will help you to remember what the correct answer is.  Keep reviewing the questions that you got wrong to help yourself learn what the correct answers are.

Keep in mind that many practice tests are free, but you will likely have to pay for the real CDL test.  Because of this, you should get comfortable with taking the test before going in for the real thing.  That way, you will not waste your time and money taking a test that you are not ready for.

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Truckers Report Jobs

Trucking Jobs in 30 seconds

Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport.


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  1. Ted Pinkard says

    I took my PA CDL knowledge and airbrake tests today and passed on the first try. I used the free CDL tests that you offer and can say that they were a big contributor to passing. I will use them for other endorsements in the future. Would recommend them to anyone. Thanks

    • says

      I also did several practice tests on this website and took my general knowledge test yesterday and got a 94% the first try. thank you so much for these awesome practice tests!!!!

    • Danny says

      This works no bs this is an honest review out of NM passed it on the first try (air brakes) thanks! What would be even better is if they had a small video series on how to pass the test with an instructor who else agrees?

  2. Larry A. Lopez, jr says

    hi i was recently layed off and cant find a job, most jobs available are truck driving, so i found this site and the test are great, i hope to take my test soon and start working to support my family. thank you and for your site for help, especially those of us that dont have money to throw around .

  3. Jeremy says

    I studied using all 6 practice tests all weekend. I went into my school today after just enrolling this past Friday and said I was ready to test for my permit. My teacher looked at me funny and sent to our DMV. I had to retake my class C and M1 with the rest of the test. I took 7 test and passed them all the first try. I think even the DMV guy was impressed. Thanks to this website, it made testing easy for me. Thank you.

  4. Tommie says

    I have been out of trucking like 20+ years now. (almost 3 million SAFE miles). Still carry my CDL. Took ALL the tests working off of just Memory/Experience. Was hard to believe that I could still pass ALL but one of the tests this many years later, without even picking up a book. WOW!!!

    You sure know how to help out those that are getting into the “life”… ~~~ Kudos to The Truckers Report!!! ~~~
    Thank YOU also for making these test 100% FREE, as I have seen all the ones that are money hungry…

    To YOU All that are entering the business: KEEP LEARNING & Taking the Practice Tests!!! Practice makes Perfect…. Good Luck!!!!

  5. Mark says

    I had to take general, air brake and combo for getting my permit to drive for cr england. in combination with the material i had, these tests were invaluable to me and i passed them all first try. use em!

  6. wes says

    my name is wes. i work for a movig company and my boss wanted me to get my cdl. i found this site and did every test a million times. (actually i only took them over a period of 2 days) anyway, i went to dmv this morning and took general ,brakes, & combination, and passed first try. this is the best tool o the internet. thank you

  7. Joe W. says

    I used the practice tests, and I passed my general knowledge, air brake, and combination tests all on the first try. I’m really thankful for the chance to study and practice test before walking into DMV.

  8. La-La305 says

    I studied using the CDL Practice Test the Combination portion until I was able to pass it at least 10 times straight with 100% score each time which took about a day and a half. Then I felt confident about taking the test at the DMV, I went the very next day and PASSED only missing one question which wasn’t on none of the practice test. It was very helpful and I am thankful for the CDL Pratice Test and now I am working on my Combination. Whish me LUCK!

  9. Max says

    Works great!!! a few answers will trick you and thats good. waas having trouble passing the GK but this time I passed my GK the first time. (LOL) Awsome job guys thanks a whole buch! I have E-Mailed it to my other two brothers (they liked it) and my wife is taking the CDL as well and she passed it! time and money saver!

  10. Brian says

    Passed my airbrakes test with ease using this practice test. Had to take General Knowledge twice. The questions on here are not close to the same as the Florida CDL test. It did have a few questions on there from this site. Make sure that you read through the book to KNOW for a fact that you will pass. This is only a practice test and not the real test. Overall this site is very helpful.

  11. Future Career says

    This is a great way to learn and test your knowledge. My husband and I took the practices tests (air brakes, general knowledge, and hazmat) as many times as it took to get 100% and everytime you take any of the practice test there was different questions all mixed up! will be testing in Missouri will follow up with results!!

  12. Pierre says

    i recently took my general knowledge test this website was real helpful i took your test and what ever answer i got wrong i went back to the commercial drives manual and studied …thanks for making it it free and east to study…i passed easily..thanks

  13. cindy says

    I have been taking the GK, Airbrakes, & Combination practice tests for a week now and go in tomorrow morning for the real test.I live in Texas am feeling very confident in myself !I will post results.I love have with every time you take the test it gives you different questions!

  14. Larry F says

    I passed the IL General Knowladge, Air Brakes and, Combo endorsements THE FIRST TIME with the help of this:D
    Im working on my Haz Mat, 2/3, and Tanks now…
    Thanks to this I have a new career ahead of me:D
    Thank you very much 😀

  15. sam says

    Great web site!!!!!!!
    Took my CDL A and AIR BRAKES tests today and pass with flying colors.
    I recommend this web site to all.

    Thank you very much.


      • says

        The questions aren’t exactly the same, but the knowledge you are being tested on is the same and you will recognize the questions at the DMV. If you can reliably score 85% on the timed tests on here then you will have no problem passing the real thing.

  16. Tom says

    I failed all three test general, airbrake and combination. Then I discovered this website and practiced the test. Past all three the second time. I would recommend this site to anyone wishing to pass.

  17. says

    Please don’t be like Steve. Your life and the lives of others on the road depend on you knowing the contents of your CDL handbook, not just passing the test. If you haven’t studied how to react in emergency situations, your mistakes will kill people.

    • Nick says

      Hi Samuel all Steve is trying to say its easier to learn thru website than book and I agree ,I used this and another website to learn questions it’s same as real test ,they don’t give you right answers took me 3 weeks of study great website I learned a lot

    • Michael says

      Well, I do not think these tests have any thing to do with safety. They only create a situation where the applicant demonstrate they are aware the issues exist. I have yet to drive for pay, but my first road test , I drove cautiously and was failed because I drove to slow. No one was passing me, I wasn’t passing anyone, I just did not drive the posted limit, the fact no one else was did matter. The 2nd one: I had just had a real bad day, was irritated by the time my turn came plus they had flunked the two folks before me. I thought to myself, hopeless cause so might as well have some fun, and I drove it like a sports car. Scared the crap out of myself nearly rear ending a car at a red light. I passed , even was told how great I could handled the truck.

      So I disagree, if you study and work out the answers, or if you just memorize them, you have become aware those issues exist. It’s up to the driver and their first trainer to learn the actual safe operation of a truck. Any one relying on the licensing procedure for safety…is going to very sorry one day!!!.

      • Michael says

        cant figure how to edit this
        “the fact no one else was did matter”
        should be
        ‘the fact no one else was did not matter”


  18. Vasilis says

    This is a Great test if you are going for your CDL. This site helped me more than the book, I passed all General Knowledge, Air Brakes and Combination Vehicles exams on the first try! It is the best practice test on the web!

  19. JJ says

    I had over 90% of the exact question on all of my tests.Great training and test prep material. Passed all of my endorsements.

  20. Hicks says

    Passed cdl permit first try yesterday. Took tank endorsement for future “just in case.” Getting on with Knight Refrigerated to get some training and experience under my belt. Hope all goes well.

  21. John says

    FYI: One does not need to have a CDL to transport hazmat materials. BUT they must have a hazmat endorsment if there is a RQ of any material on board any vehicle or vessal . Other than that I found all the study material very help full. I went through the hazmat, air breaks, doubles practice test for about 3 hours to prepar foe recertification and teaching purposes. Highly recommand this to anyone preparing to test in any state!

  22. Scott says

    I just passed my permit test and I took the general knowledge, airbrakes, combinations and doubles and triples. I used this website. Very nice and knowledgeable. Thanks.

  23. Stephen Edwards says

    I recently studied the DMV hand book and struggled with passing the general knowledge test, so I decided to get some on line help for my endorsements. I took your practice test for the air brakes as well as the tanker and was able to pass both with flying colors. I highly recommend your site to any one wishing to become a cdl driver.

  24. R Bidorini Jr says

    I have been taking the Hazmat practice tests for the last few days and found it very helpful. I took my test today and PASSED on the FIRST attempt. The time that I spent on this website in my mind is a HUGE reason that I was able to pass on the first attempt. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SITE to anyone that is getting ready to take ANY of the CDL tests. If this site can’t get you ready, NOBODY CAN!

  25. Juggernaut says

    Yall know this is probly the best practice test Iv seen. Make sure to read up on what you need for your hazmat app and fingerprints. bring correct payment type aswell. In ohio you only have to get a percentage right on the test then it kicks you off and says you passed. Good luck and thanks! be safe

  26. Tesa Isome says

    I’ve helped my husband pass his CDL test by studying from this site!! I am ready to take the test myself…..This practice test has been very helpful!! Thanks

  27. Nathan says

    Your website was incredibly helpful in allowing me to pass my tests. Thank you very much for such a well put together website.

  28. Rick says

    Went and put HazMat back on license. Tried to read and study CDL manual. Was like watching paint dry in a room with someone running their finger nails down a chalkboard. Took your practice test, then reviewed areas I missed. Did this a few times until I passed your test with 100% every time. Then went too test at DL office. Passed without any struggles, on first try.

    Thank You very much for putting this together.

  29. willie says

    well took the hazmat practice test and all i can say is back to the books lol got a 63% and not studied anything yet.

  30. Eric Strausborger says

    Thanks for making this site free, it really helped. I just passed my General, Air-brake, and combination at the DMV all with 90%s or better. I still needed to read the manual, but it just helped to build comfidents and show me what I need to try and pay closer attention to. Thank you!

  31. Chris says

    I used the general knowlege practice test to help prepare my self for the real thing. I was fortunate enough to pass it on my second try and I do not think it would have been possible without the practice test. Now im studying fo the air brake test and plan on using the pratice test fot that and the conbination exam as well. I also plan on using the practice test to help me get ready for other endorcements.Because it works!

  32. Tara says

    I’ve been doing these practice tests at work at night while waiting for drivers to return and have to say they are incredibly helpful! I don’t have any set time to take a CDL test, but I am glad these are here to learn with. I actually surprised myself by passing the general knowledge test without even reading anything prior. Thanks for having these available and free!

  33. Jimmy says

    I have been trucking for almost 30 yrs, I found this site to help get ready to renew my haz-mat endorsement. It really helped out.I figure you can never know to much about your job, so I went ahead and took all the practice test,I passed them all,but I realized how much I had forgot, or didnt know. Good luck to all you folks just getting started in a industry (lifestyle) I still love after all these miles and years.

  34. ALEX says

    Great material passed my class A CDL with without failing it once. Very helpful website. thanks to all. and good luck to everybody.

  35. marymarymary503 says

    Have been using your tests and I want to thank you for making them available. I have been driving with a Class A with Hazmat and Tanker endorsements for 8 years. Now I have a job opportunity that requires a Passenger Endorsement. So I’m thinking I will try for the School Bus Endorsement at the same time. I did not realize that DVM practically makes you go thru the whole CDL process all over again. I thought it would be just a written test like Hazmat or Tanker. Wow was I wrong. It seems that the General Knowledge, along with Air Brakes, Passenger, School Bus AND Pre Trip Vehicle Inspection, On-road Driving, Basic Vehicle Skills Test and Transporting Cargo are all required – AGAIN! Just thought someone else might need to know.

    As some one mentioned earlier it would be great if you could add other tests, i.e. school bus???

    Thanks again.

  36. Kima says

    Took general knowledge test and passed on the first try thanks to TruckersReport, great to use to study alot of the question were on the test. I’m really excited on taking the other 2 tests tomorrow.

  37. RICK FAULKNER says


  38. scott hooper says

    Very, very helpful. Reading the chapters helps, at least once. But taking these tests here are as accurate as the test at the BMV.

    Thank you!!!!

  39. Brian says

    I needed to study to renew my HAZMAT endorsement and went a different route for studying as I will explain…

    I first downloaded the CDL manual from my state (NY) and read the HAZMAT section in it entirety.
    Then, I found your test and took it, first time through did not do very well.
    After that I took the test several more times and after I completed the test each time, I reviewed each question, either correct or not, then highlighted in the manual the details and re-read the section to make sure I had a full understanding. After taking the test several times I can pretty much get a 100% on each test.

    Since I gained confidence in the HAZMAT section I decided to take the same route with the other 5 sections and all is good. Can never have too much knowledge, especially when Mr. DOT decides to have a chat with you.

    Just for a back story, I went to a driving school more than 10 years ago and although I did well on the classroom portion, to include the general knowledge and endorsements section, I feel like I gained a lot more knowledge with this approach.



  40. Ariel says

    This Page its really helpfull, i started ready and studdying the General Knowledge test, Combination and Air Brakes just two days ago, on saturday 02/23/2013 and todays date monday 02/25/2012 i was able to go to the driver license office here in florida and pass all three tests at the first shot…!!!!!. Great study material, the questions on the real exam i can tell were almost the same questions i studied from this site. thanks to everyone who has made this website…God Bless You All….

  41. James W says

    This test is awesome so happy i found it on the web. Studied all 3 of my test over the weekend, and past with flying colors. I recomend it to anyone!

  42. Carli B says

    I took the CA general knowledge airbrakes and combination today and i could’nt do it without truckers report thanx guys great site very helpful I pass it all in one shot……

  43. Robert says

    I was so nervous about taking the test because I didn’t think I would pass. I didn’t even know truckers report had cdl tests much less free ones updated for 2013. I will say that most of the questions on the actual test are common sense although at least half were similar or the exact same as on this test. I can safely say that without the help of these tests I would not have got a 95 on my first try. Thank you so much.

  44. says

    I took the HAZMAT practice test and found your questions to be realistic to what is on the actual exam. I passed on the first try but will continue studying. Thanks!

    Ken Lang

  45. Patrick C says

    Great tests!! I am taking my tests tomorrow for my class a cdl. I need to pass the gen knowledge, air brakes, combination, tanker, and doubles and triples. to start work on monday. I look forward to posting my grades for these tests. Thanks for the study tests.

  46. says

    This practice test help me alot, i would say 80% is on the actual test, other 20% is other but common sense. HIGH RECOMMENDED, studied off this site for a week, pass combination and brakes on first try, but on general knowledge took me 3 trys. but its my fault because some questions were tricky.Great way to study right here for permit. No need for book. just off here!

  47. ED says

    I flunked doubles and triples x2 flunked hazmaxt x1. Took tests on your website over the weekend. Passed both test today 100% and 95%. Thanks for the great site it was a great help. Will use again when I need to pass hazmat next time around.

  48. lance says

    luv this website!!!!!!!! I practice everyday for two weeks went to the dmv and pass everything( tanks,air,general knowledge comb. haz. and double) of couse I read the book twice. I’m going to pass this my friend who is trying to get his cdl. again thank you so much it really help out.

  49. says

    I want to send personal thanks aswell, for such a wonderful site to drill and walk me through my studies!
    I’m currently attending truck driving school aswell, and this here site helps put a boost towards my success,
    and makes me proud not to have to go to anyone during the time of my comfort zone ,and study me , my
    paperwork, and my computer…. Smiles to each and all utilize this demonstraightion and let the world know
    all that was apart of your success!

  50. Mark Brewster says

    I’m studying to become a school bus driver and they require 4 tests : general, school bus, passenger and air brakes, you only offer two of these courses or does your general course cover everything except air-brakes

  51. 88M10 says

    I was having a tough time maxing out my promotion points. Thanks to this site i was able to get 40 points in my civ ed and max it out.

  52. Anthony Sawyer says

    The study material that this website offered really help me pass both tankers and also the hazmat you guys did a great job and i would recommend this to anyone who wants to get there endorsement.

  53. Ronald Holmes says

    I took your practice tests for Hazmat,and Tanker ,I took my tests at DMV today and aced both tests.This site is the best,thanks.

  54. Sheila Duncan says

    I studied the air brake practice test and pass the first. The practice test was exactly what was on the test in GA. I’m going back today to test for Combination. I have repeated the combination practice test and have scored 100% each time. I would recommend this website to anyone wanting to get CDL license. Thank you for providing a great learning resource.

  55. Bryon says

    These practice tests were great. I ended up taking them over and over again until I got 100% multiple times. Then I went and took my Class A permit test and got 100% on all 3 tests. Thank you

  56. Antonio Tirado says

    This web site was all i used before taking my gen. knowledge, air brakes, and tanker tests. Passed all three after studying using this website. Just got my cdl class B license yesterday. Thank you for putting up this web site.

  57. j. tuggle says

    I only studied for my test on here after taking the pratice test i went and took the tx dot test and passed both with ease.Thanks for this web site and the through test .

  58. says

    i took my il written cdl test today and passed the general combo and airbrakes sections all on the first try this website and practice test helped out a lot questions are very similar would tell anyone to check this site out for help with test

  59. says

    Extremely helpful,just got back from the DMV and passed my class b and air brakes test as well as general knowledge . First try .. I would recommend this web site to everyone that is looking to getting CDL .

  60. Samantha says

    Studied off of these practice tests and passed the actual written tests easy-peasy! I’d recommend this site to anyone having a hard time studying and passing their test.

  61. Lou says

    Thanks so much for your awesome practice tests! I took my CDL A Air + Combo tests and passed all 3 on the first try! You guys RULE!

  62. Steve says

    I used these tests to study for all my endorsements and because of these, I passed all tests. Thanks so much for putting these out! Other websites want money for these or the ones that are free are not nearly as complete as these are. Great job! Thanks!

  63. T. Jenk says

    This site is the business! Passed my permit test all because of this website and reading over the CDL manual.. THANK YOU 1000000 x

  64. Jack Allen says

    I have been studying for my CDL permit for the pass month. I came across this website and gave it a try. This is the best website out there!!! I took my test last Tuesday and pass all of them the first try.

  65. Mark says

    AMAZING! The only word that can describe the tests on this site.
    I took 5 tests this morning. (Gen Knowledge, Combination Vehicle, Air Brakes, Tank, Doubles/Triples)
    Thanks to the practice tests I passed them all on the first attempt. I was told by the DMV worker that it was not a good idea to take all five tests in one shot, well it worked out for me WooooHoooooooooo!!!!! Might go for HazMat in the future, and if I do I will definately use the tests available here .

    Thank you again for making the DMV tests not so scary and difficult.

  66. Brian says

    Website was extremely helpful. First timer for the entire process. Passed the air brakes and tanker on the first test easily. Had to do the general knowledge twice. I will recommend this site to anyone prepping for CDL…
    Thank You!

  67. Zach says

    This website is truely legit! I read the dmv book first then started taking these practice test. Very helpful for the real tests. I did my general knowledge, air brakes, and tanker all together and passed on the first try. I recommend this site to anyone going for their CDL.

    Thank you so much!!!

  68. Christy says

    I suffer from test anxiety issues. These practice tests have been a huge help. I have passed all of my tests on the first try.
    I live in Florida and I printed out the Florida Handbook and studied that, then took practice tests time and again until I felt comfortable.
    Test anxiety is no joke. It holds people back and these have been helping me push through.

  69. Kevin Austin says


  70. Mike Burnett says

    I’ve had a HAZMAT endorsement for as long as I can remember, I’ve always hated renewal time. Information booklet you get from the DMV is veg, a lot of the test questions at the end of each section are on the actual test. But there are a lot questions within your online tests that are also on DMV test. This site is the true study guide if you want to pass the HAZMAT test, more in depth info. 30 years of dealing with this type of material, endorsements and certifications I recommend and promote using this site. EXCELLENT JOB !!!!!!!!!!

  71. E. Brown says

    This has got to be the best way to prepare for the CDL Test. After reading the actual CDL Booklet, this will prepare you for the Final test at the DMV. There is a clock to your right and you can go back and check your Answers. This is a blessing. Thank you Truckers Report.

  72. Chris Mc says

    I’m just starting today on the Hazmat Practice Test and I can see already how helpful this website can be. Just want to say thanks ahead of time before I go try to get my endorsement added to my CDL.

  73. richard fortune says

    This website is the best, i passed my general knoledge in two tries, passenger, air brake in one try thanks to you guys … i will use it in the future and also recommend it to other people as well…..

  74. Emil says

    Thanks to this website I got my hazmat very fast and easy, now I can kiss swift transportation good bye, thanks!

  75. R. A. says

    I took the general knowledge and air brake, as well as, passenger and school bus endorsement tests all at once and passed on the first try! Although the latter endorsements are not available on your site, I could not have done it without the wonderful resources you have provided; free to everyone. Your general knowledge and air brake practice exams greatly prepared me for the real tests, here in FL. I cannot thank you enough!

    God Bless You!

  76. Paige says

    Thank You, This site is Great! I was so nervous about taking the cdl hearing it was very hard had me extra nervous but after going over the book and doing these practice test 10 times each I Passed all the test none wrong…..Kudos To: The Truckers Report!!

  77. Zach says

    Yesturday, I took all 6 written tests and passed them all on the first try, all thanks to these practice tests. With that said, I do recommend studying some of your local state laws because I missed the maximum amount on General Knowledge and Hazmat, but the others I passed with ease missing either zero or one.

  78. adolfo lopez says

    thanksssssssssssss for the help im going last friday to motor vehicle sit to get my test of hazmat and GEEEETTTTT ITTTTTT YESSSSSSSS in the first try. the supervisor of the ofice congrats me bcs is rare that somebody sit and passed… jejejeje im so very happy realy thanks for everrrrrr now i go get passenger…. nice weeks guys see you on the road

  79. Steve H. says

    Ive been studying for my CDL for about 2 weeks and taking practice tests on another web site that was the same test every time. I came across this web site and found the tests challenging and different every time.I took my CDL test and air brake test today and aced them on the first try. I feel that if I didnt come across the truckers report web site I wouldn’t have pass the cdl exam on my first try . Thank you very much. I have my class b permit with air brake and job waiting for me in September driving a tri axle dump truck…my dream job lol with great pay again thankyou very much !!!! Steve from Drexel Hill Pa

  80. emett says

    read the book failed test read the book again failed test got on web aced the the the test this web page was very helpfulk

  81. Dustin L says

    I have studied my manual religiously and taken these practice test religiously, I have passed all my CDL permit test the first time so far! Got Combination to take in two days and I’m very confident I’ll pass. Thank You Truckers Report!!

  82. Peter says

    I passed my Virginia general knowledge and combo with only two tries and I aced my air brakes test the very first time. This is most valuable practice test offered free online!

  83. Maurice says

    Took both Haz Mat and Doubles and Triples today for WA., and passes both. This web sight made it happen. I passed on the first round too. The test and this web sight were much the same, I would say at lease 85% the same, and that’s passing. I got four wrong on Haz Mat and three wrong on D/T test. I really didn’t read the commercial DMV book, as it was over whelming and confusing. Next is my Tanker. Best advise is to take the practice tests as many times as possible, like 30 times, the full version. Write down your wrong answers and study them over and over. You will pass. Good luck.

  84. Rocky says

    Studied the book and it all looked like a foreign language. Started taking the tests on here for Air Brakes and I blew through the questions on the actual test.

  85. says

    I just found this practice test site and sooooo glad I did!!!! I took a couple of the test and found out just how much I knew. LOL (not enough). But I have confidence that with this site and a little more studying…I will pass the test needed to start my career!!! Will keep you all posted. THANKS

  86. Jeannette says

    Taking a few minutes out to say thanks to this web sight I pass my airbreak test today with 100% it took just one day of study to learn and pass test. thanks a million

  87. Robert says

    I took my OHIO Haz-Mat test on Thursday and my Tankers test on Friday and passed on the first try. The free tests that you offer are great
    they were a big contributor to passing. Thank you for helping me to get my endorsements. I Would recommend them to anyone. Thank you so very MUCH and GOD BLESS YOU for this web-site….. KEEP ON TRUCKING !

  88. Mark Winters says

    I’ve been using these practice tests to help prepare me for my permit test in a few days. They’ve really helped show me where I needed to study more. I love that they’re random as well. My recruiter gave me a website that uses the same tests each time which didn’t help much.

    Thank you very much for making this available. As countless others have already commented, it has helped us all immensely.

  89. Maurice says

    Recently I decided to return to my Trucking School that I had not been to since 2007. I had to have shoulder surgery’s which prevented me to practice. Needless to say my Permit had expired and it could not be just renewed. With years of time away I had to review all the tests General Knowledge, Air Brakes ,Combos so I read the book but it was not good enough I found this site and took all the test till I remembered all the answers numerous times I would not stop till I had at least a 9o percentile. On the day I took my test I used it once more and I got my new permit in less than 25 min for all three tests. Great Job !!!

  90. Robert Franklin says

    I can’t thank you enough for this tool. I read the material in the book so I would understand the questions. Then I would take a test. Go back and study what I missed, then take another test. I was pleasantly surprised when the test would change each time I would take it. This is the best study tool available today. Read,take a test,read some more then take another test until your ready. I passed my hazmat and tankers at the same time,the first time. My family and I thank you.

  91. Clint says

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great practice tests used these to study along with reading the guide to get my class a for work
    with these tests I felt 100% confident on the exams I needed and passed with flying colours

  92. says

    im glad there is some good people that helps us out, I been at dmv at list seven times. and not passing the tests and as soon as I find this website I went to dmv the next day and for my surprise I paassss myyy tests thanks to all of you that makes this a helpful website!!!!

  93. walter hawman jr says

    before i found this site, i hadnt planned on taking the test until the end of the month (november 25th) but after reading the Texas Class A CDL Booklet until my eyes hurt and taking these practice tests until i passed the three that are required and available on this site and made 100s on all of them 4 times in a row, im looking into taking all of the tests this coming monday (november 18th) instead. Thank you for this website!!!!

  94. Terry says

    Thanks so much for your website ! Took my hazmat test and only missed one question couldn’t be more happy. Keep up the good work ! Anyone going for their CDL or endorsements I highly recommend this site for practice testing…. If I can do it…So can you !

  95. Damian says

    I just took all 6 test without having to open up the actual CA DMV commercial handbook one time – Got 100’s and 90’s on all and here’s what i did: I switched back and forth between the above test on here and the ones on Christ CDL (google it) – Just to make sure i would pass….. I honestly don’t think i needed to as the ones above are pretty damn good….. anyway this is a great site, if you need to pass any of those tests- you came to the right place.

  96. Dia says

    just wanted to the time and say thank you those tests you provided are veryyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyy helpful
    I went in took the test in passed with 1 mistake on knowleg test 1 on combntion and 2 on air break
    thank you guys

  97. bhooper says

    these tests really help prepare you for your cdl tests and the endorsements, i just took the hazmat and doubles/triples and i past. the practice tests are very effective!!!!!!!

  98. Jaysen McDermith says

    love the practice tests, will post the results when I take the real thing. this site needs to have practice tests fr passenger and bus as well, not that I plan on getting these endorsements but I do see the need…

  99. Jean David says

    Great source guy, very helpful. I passed at the first try the General knowledge and the Air Brakes. Thank you very much!!!!!!

  100. says

    Compared to other sites this is the best one that as close as you can get taking the real bmv test. Yes question won’t be exactly the same or wording but they give you a general idea what answer they are looking for. I tried other sites and they simply don’t give me what i want to know, they only give a short questions on in cab airbrake and this and that not the action test as if you were driving a rig.

  101. John Pascarella says

    Have been testing myself all evening. This is the best site I have ever found for help on studying for your Hazmat test. Great job and THANK YOU!!!!! You guys are a true trucker friend!!!

  102. Alex Clapp says

    I hadn’t had my Hazmat Endorsement for Several Years but; after a few tries I passed the Test & Feel More confident when going in to take the Real Test & Feel I won’t be wasting my time.

  103. Marko says

    The practice test offered by your site can not be found anywhere else upon the internet. The questions are on point and related to the information presented within the local DMV manual too. Thank you for being there for all those drivers who are trying to get various endorsements upon their drivers license.

  104. says

    I wanna thank who ever did this website,..First of all because I’ve been studying here for couple weeks and when I notice that I was able to get all the correct answears close to 100 percent ,I felt confident… and this week march 27 , I went to DMV and I pass all 3 tests to get my CDL permit…I pass General knowledge,combination and air brakes at the same day.,,I really wanna thank you guys for this wonderfull site and all the preparation to get what was needed to help me pass the test and get my Permit…Thank you guys from the botton of my heart…May God bless you all…

  105. Ahmad says

    there are some new answer like brakes do not get spongy any more to know your brakes are hot but you will apply more pressure I read and take tests to be ready in future.

    I thank you very much.
    long live you…

  106. LUIS MIGUEL says

    Free 2014 CDL Practice Tests
    I want to thank God and this course completely free, for giving me the opportunity to study the Tank Vehicles Practice Tests

    HazMat Endorsement CDL Practice Test
    HazMat Practice Tests and pass it. Thank you

  107. DB says

    Studied this over night when in today an pass wit 46/50 this websites really helps if u put the time an work in to it!

  108. Kristen Sodano says

    I used a different site to study and I failed I used this site and passed I will be recommending this site to everyone I know when they need to take their tests. Thank you for amazing test questions!!

  109. Michael says

    Just passed my IL CDL class A written, this website really helped out big time. The questions were 90% word for word on the actual test. Take these over and over and you will no problem passing the tests. Good Luck!

  110. JAR says

    Thank you. I studied for the Florida CDL in Nov 2014. I passed the first time for the General, Air Brakes, Combination, Tank, Doubles/Triples ALL of them in one seating. Looking forward to the Hazmat.

    The ladies at the DMV kept asking if I was sure I wanted to take them all the same day, and recommended taking one maybe two per day since you pay for re-test. When done testing they were surprised I passed them all the very first time. And said they had not seen that before.

    I know I couldn’t have done it without your website. Thank you very much. You guys are helping many truckers out there.

  111. Bruce Andrew says

    I have ben taking your test for hazard materials and find it very helpful one question on your test asks the basic description of a hazardous product includes the proper shipping name hazard class and I.D.number it asks which one appers first your correct answer is the I.D. number in the california driver hand book it says the name is first which one is correct? thank you very much

    • says

      If you check the publishing date on that hand book it’s probably at least two years old. The law was changed recently, the ID number now comes first. The new acronym to remember is ISHP.

      • pete says

        I downloaded the Arizona hazmat manual March 15, 2015 and it states the previous, just saying. Name first.
        I have found on many on these online practice tests a couple answers are in conflict with my state manual.
        If I get one wrong I consult my manual. That is what the test is on…

  112. pete says

    After some research he is correct the law has changed to the ID first.
    But how can they give us material for the test that is out dated?

  113. pete says

    I will have to look, however the date on the PDF, the link you have is Thursday, April 03, 2014 11:03:47 AM.
    I’ll check some more, thanks for your time.
    I am just not sure what will be on the test anymore….

  114. pete says

    They gave me a book from 2012!
    No wonder so many people fail this test!
    Thank you for getting some important info to me, I shall be making some phone calls in the morning, make some government workers unhappy!

  115. Bigg Will says

    I’ve had my CDL for a number of years and I’m going for my hazmat, took the practice tests and did well and I’m ready for the real thing. I’m going for first time GO!

  116. Ed says

    This is all you need to do is practice these tests until you can get 100 percent correct and you will pass in the first try. I took all six test in california and only missed three answers in all six test. What a great tool this site is

  117. Kemal says

    I used this practice test for about 36 hours.
    This is as accurate as it gets.
    Passed first Big 3 Class A Missouri.
    Thanks TruckersReport.

  118. Jose Martinez says

    I am from Puerto Rico. Took the test in Missouri. I pased. This web site help me a lot. Thanks for having CDL practice. The questions are almost the same. But you have to study the book.

  119. Kimball says

    These questions are perfect for anyone who is trying to pass any of the cdl tests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Ahmad says

    I have been taking tests and passed to hazmat part of the test except the doubles and the triples without failing, SO who will wish me a good luck to be able to get my CDL.

    I just do not like it when you can not go back to review your answers or the questions, only one chance just like life has it for right now, hopefully! ! !.

  121. John Kalish says

    Was required by my new employer to get the “Doubles and Triples” endorsement. Used your free CDL practice tests until I got 100% on each of the practice runs. Went to the DMV this morning and completed the test in just over 5 minutes…passing! The clerk was amazed that I had finished so quickly and actually thought I was having a problem with the testing when I returned to her so quickly. Great site! Thank you!! HAZMAT next!

  122. Paul says

    Thanks for this site! I recently took the CT Hazmat test and every single question on the practice tests here was on the real test. Took me about two minutes to finish.

  123. james lawson says

    Just pasted the Hazmat endorsement. I used this site instead of the out of date study guide the dmv gave me. [2005/10 years out of date] and passed with a perfect score. I highly recommend spending a few hours on here prior to taking your test.

  124. Ahmad says

    I do not know who can help a person like who have been played games cense 2012 by Truck Schools, Doctors, or specially the DMV, I am tired of game play, what would you do if you were I, just because you wanted to make living or start you career. I am still waiting till end of September 31/2015.

  125. mark casey says

    I read the SC manuel for the CDL class A on Monday of this week and found this testing to be AWSOME. i took the test and passed on the first go around and got my permit today 9/11/2015. Seriously, if you cant pass the test after using this practice tool then you have no business behind the wheel of any vehicle. It makes it that easy. Thanks a lot for this great tool you made it a lot easier to prepare and be successful.

  126. steveq says

    took my W.Va CDL test last week, i was just studing the book and failed. So you have to wait seven days to take it again. I found Truckers Report online and i started taking the practice test on General Knowledge, Air Brakes & Combination over & over again all week. I went back yesterday and after using Truckers Report aced all three test.

  127. SLQ says

    Been studing the book for about two months, went and took my W.Va CDL test and didnt get past the General Knowledge test and failed. i had to wait seven days to take the test over i found Truckers Report online. I started taking General Knowledge, Air Brakes & Combination practice test over & over all week. Yesterday i went back to the DMV and aced all three test with the help of Truckers Report. All the questions seemed to be the same. THANKS

  128. Edward says

    these test where very helpful.. i pass all my test by practicing on these practice test on this site. thx you for all this info.alot of these questions are on the test it self.

  129. Ahmad says

    I study the book real good looks like I score 85-95 or somewhere around that I took the test on this website to see if I can pass tomorrow if they let me to take the test or not. i will let you guys know if they let me take the test and if I passed.

  130. Ahmad says

    I passed 18 law question, CDL required testes questions and all other endorsements except hazmat, and I do not want to have passenger endorsement for now. Monday I should be done with the hazmat. Poeople give me thumbsup and super thumbsup for this website.

  131. AL says

    l pass my hazmat today with the help of this website this site help in so many ways by preparing me for all the endorsement test……. thank you

  132. John Scott says

    The pa cdl and air brakes test are accurate. Most of the questions on this site are on the actual penn dot test word for word. I just walked in the house from passing my cdl and air brake test and posted this. I just wanted to say thank you

  133. Richard Rutledge says

    I would recommend this site to any and all new or old truckers that want to get real info and great helpful links plus much much more. This site is the real deal. Much respect to the trucker report.

  134. Edward says

    I took my HAZMAT and Doubles and Triples test yesterday and passed them both. I used this site and kept doing the tests over and over until I felt comfortable before going to the DMV. I think this site is great and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to pass any of the tests. Most of the questions on this site were on both of my tests and few that weren’t were easy to figure out. I want to say thank you to this site because it absolutely helped me pass my tests and I feel very happy right now! ( I also have my tanker endorsement that I studied for from this site as well ).

  135. says

    I just passed my HAZMAT first try. I use this practice test over and over and over again; until I was getting 97 or 100 every time. Pass the HAZMAT first try. Also, I read the chapter in the study. Read it carefully and remember key things like who responsible for what driver, shipper or carrier etc… and why their responsible. Those question was on there. They did have a few that trip me up. Best things to do is read and reread and understand why it’s that answer; does it make sense? No placard symbols was on there; not saying it won’t be on yours. Also, they didn’t ask me the 9 different type of hazard class. ie…whats number 3 cover etc… Hope this help. Mike

  136. Tim says

    These practice tests are the best I have found. Easy access to explanations of missed questions. After a few hours practicing, I missed 1 out of 30 Hazmat questions.

  137. Lakeisha Norris says

    These practice helped me out so much after reading the CDL manual. ..I took the general Knowledge Quiz’s a bunch of times and I past my test today.. So I’m confident that will pass the rest of my test with the help of this site. .. Thank you

  138. Dane says

    I used all of these practice tests within the last 5 months to get my endorsements. The questions are exactly like those you will be asked. I do recommend though that you at least skim through the study guide your state publishes because there can be some minor differences. Illinois for example has some outdated info in their tests, especially for HAZMAT.

  139. Paulo Hoyer says

    I very pleased for know this site. I passed at first test with higher score. Tanks for help me. Now i need practice driving the 18 weels to take my permanente class A. God bless you people. And tank you again

  140. Jameison Ogden says

    I really like the way that these test are set up and let take the test then grade you on them.Also it gives me a feel on what will be on the original test.

  141. Charles Parks says

    Took my DVM test today..
    Aced the Air Brake and Combination, missed two on the GK.. (My fault, trick questions, I didn’t read properly)
    Thank you so much!!
    Completed all three in less than 30 minutes.
    Could not have breezed through it without these wonderful examples and studies.

  142. Jon says

    This website helped me GREATLY! I only needed it to study and pass my HAZMAT, it took it and passed on my 1st try. Thanks so much Truckers Report! Definitely would recommend this to anyone!!

  143. Eric says

    This site ROCKS! I have not even opened the book and took the 10 and 30 question test several times to learn the info off of incorrect answers and took my test this morning.. missing 2 out of 30 questions! Thank you!

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