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What Is A DAC Report?
The DAC employment report is a detailed summary of a trucker’s work history in the trucking industry. Most trucking companies today participate in sharing this information about truckers.

The DAC employment report contains items such as number of accidents, reasons for quitting or why they were fired, if they are eligible for re-hire, type of driving, commodities hauled, types of trailers pulled and MUCH more.

They can also verify social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, criminal reports, worker’s compensation reports, and much more.

How Do I Contact DAC To Get My Report?

DAC reports were available from USIS, but they are now handled by a private company called HireRight.  To receive your report, you must mail in a Consumer Report Request Form, or you can request your free DAC report from HireRight online:

It takes HireRight approximately 15 days to process your request and send you a free copy.

You can dispute false or incorrect information on your DAC report online: or hire an experienced professional to clean your DAC report for you:

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Don’t let a bad DAC Report hold you back.

Similarly, as your credit report follows you around representing you to lenders, the DAC report is of critical importance to drivers. It tells potential employers about you, and your work habits. Carriers you have worked for, or whose orientation you attended, report on you to DAC (HireRight ) which places the information on your report.

The DAC report  contains your complete professional driver job history including accidents/incidents, MVR record, drug/alcohol test history, plus criminal history.  Approximately 90% of all U.S. long haul commercial carriers use the DAC Report for pre-employment screening.

Inaccurate reporting and errors can easily end up on your report and they can negatively affect your ability to get work if not corrected. is a company dedicated to assisting drivers dispute inaccurate/negative information on their DAC’s. If you have issues, DAC Fix has an affordable “DAC Fix” service to dispute inaccurate information.  Their DAC Fix service is $189. They have an average success rate of 70% on their disputes. If you haven’t seen your report and would just like to obtain a copy, they can obtain it for you for $49.

Get started easily at or call 800 494-7517. is a member in good standing of Better Business Bureau. If it isn’t accurate, we’ll make them fix it!

Fix Your Dac Report

Truckers DAC Report Tips
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Carriers you have worked for, or whose orientation you attended report on you to DAC, which places the information on your report. Here are some key areas that you should watch out for!

  • Orientations: Let’s say you started orientation with a carrier but didn’t like what you were hearing and left. You guessed it, that carrier can report on you even though you never collected a single paycheck. Unless you’re certain that you want to work for a carrier, do not submit to a pre-employment drug screen or attend the orientation session.
  • Discharges: Try and leave companies on good terms with two week written notice. Most banks will notarize your letter for free. Just a handwritten notarized note of resignation can prevent discharged, load abandonment, and quit under dispatch, common negative items that can keep you from getting hired by other carriers.
  • Drug History File: Another area that causes big problems for drivers is drug test refusals and failures. Never quit after being asked to take a random test. Take the test, and then quit with written notice if at all possible. Any time you take a test, ask for a copy of the paper work showing you submitted to the test. Retain this in your records.
  • Accidents/Incidents: This is an important one. Don’t report minor incidents where there was no damage or where you paid for minor damage straight out of your pocket. Seasoned drivers know the value of keeping a couple of hundred in cash for just these occasions. This can prevent an unsatisfactory safety record from being placed into your DAC report, in addition to the incident itself. Two incidents on your report will cause insurance carrier alarms to go off and lesson your chances of getting hired and increase your chances of getting terminated.

Don’t let a bad DAC Report hold you back!

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  1. Judy Ballenger says

    The DAC report is something new to me and it angers me beyond belief. How can it be legal for employers to use this subjective type of reporting when there are discrimmination laws in place? From what I understand of them, these reports are entirely subjective and not objective in the least and should not be in existance. I’m not even a truck driver and it pisses me off!

  2. Mitchell Bard says

    I agree with Judy and I am a driver. They can put whatever it is they want to put on there without having to back it up unless we, as drivers, force them to, which usually costs money. I have been out of work since Feb 2009 because a company falsified my report. I am still in the works of getting it cleaned up, however I am now staying in a homeless shelter because no one else will hire me and I ran out of money.

    • maajicman says

      Have you written to ANY congressman(woman) about this problem ? It’s not a fix all, however just another avenue of help to seek justice in this and other matters.

  3. Angela says

    As a user of DAC reports, I have found very few times that the information received has been misreported. Employers are required to provide applicants with information as to how to dispute records and prospective employees can request to see any background information (as per FMCSRs).

    I am surprised and disappointed that this site would recommend not reporting minor incidents to an employer. Safety is of the utmost importance and somone who has multiple “minor” incidents is at a much higher risk of having a serious incident. How is an employer to make sound decisions regarding employment if an employee is being dishonest??

    • Mitchell Bard says

      FMCSR does NOT regulate DAC, nor does it mandate employers to report anything. DAC is an OPTION most employers use. And you’re not a driver so you have no idea what drivers go thru if they report minor incidents to their employers (e.i. brushing the curb, scraping a stop-sign, etc).

    • don says

      Angela, you say you work for a trucking company and they are required to provide information about how to dispute reports. I have been driving for trucking companies since 1990. I have never, ever had a company provide this info. It has been only in the last 4 or 5 years that companies would even let you see the DAC that was provided on you. It used to be a very big secret. Also, some companies will run a DAC on you but they themselves do not submit reports to DAC. There are several trucking companies that I have worked for (sometimes 2 or 3 years) that do not show up on my DAC, and yes they have been within the past 10 years.

    • Brian says

      The answer is simple: it is something called, “due process”.
      Let’s say a bunch of truck drivers got together and decided to create records of truck driving companies similar to DAC for job hunters. Each truck driver could report such things as “did not pay layover as agreed” and “asked to do illegal thing in intimidating way” “refused to provide suitable conditions/equipment and required driver to go beyond duty to get job done then did not compensate” “continually claims loads are X miles but when I drove X miles I was not at destination yet and they refuse and intimidate me from collecting additional wages required for me to finish”. How long do you think it would be before attorneys would get the practice stopped?
      Arbitrary records on individuals are unconstitutional on their face. This fact is re-enforced by the drivers’ mandatory disclosure of government provided numbers (CDL & SSN) as well as the frequent use of government subsidy programs (training benefits etc). Last I checked, our constitution requires ALL citizens to be provided with due process when either being accused of a crime or being penalized by another party for a civil matter.
      If you disagree, your company should cease to involve the government in its trucking businesses or perhaps move out of the US. Of course you can stay and continue to play the charade as you have the money and lawyers to keep it up but don’t take a moral high road; you’re not fooling anyone with any brains. Having a lot more money and less fragmentation than individual drivers does not make you right. Just look no further than America’s biggest trucking companies for evidence-one in particular has the most trucks but the worst accident record. They use DAC while individual owner operators who avoid it are much safer. Why isn’t it working? Explanation please.
      I am not anti capitalist but the term capitalist pigs fits large organizations not subject to election that attempt to do functions meant for government.

      • mark says

        I worked for the big blue BSers right out of school and since I was a new driver I knew nothing about DAC reports. Because I would no longer train drivers they let me go I had 3 very minor things happen my first 6 months on the job and they weren’t a problem for the next 18 months as soon as i stopped training all of a sudden I had a poor safety record and was terminated. After a whole year of unemployment I still can’t get a drivers job. Is there any legitimate way to clean up your DAC?

      • Keith Piercy says

        I submitted urine for a random drug test, and was told it was not enough. I informed them that it was. The nurse put a black mark on the cup way above the 45ml mark. I told her she had enough. I left, she reported to my employer, they let me drive for 4 months. When I decieded to leave after 3 years of service, They started reporting a refusal. I went back and submitted another test with in an hour. They submitted both samples, which came back negative. The testing facility shows no record of a refusal, however my ex employer can still report, and does, which has ruined my trucking career. I told them I would submit to a 3 year hair test to prove my innocence.Nothing on my DAC, MVR. Just past employer, who keeps on reporting. I was black mailed, and can’t do a dam thing about it! Tried the best attorneys around. They are the problem! That is why companies won’t hire a driver with a drug, or alcohol record . Why should any driver take the sac course, when they won’t be hired any way. The whole thing stems from the federal governments invading regulations, and the attorneys that wrote them! We need to write congress, and let them know we the people, should regulate the DOT, not them regulate us. When this hair folical testing starts, the trucking industry will really be in for some drastic changes, and not ones that are good!

    • Phil says

      Angela, thanks for your post. Your evaluation of safety or performance is right on. Count the number of mistakes you make on the job in a day in your office and immediately report it to your boss. You can not decide which mistakes you will report and which ones you won’t. Let me know how that works out for you. If your answer is..well, I don’t drive a tuck-that’s a different story, you are very well on your way to finding out the truth about yourself and your abilities in the real world…thx

    • No means no says

      How can a prospective employer make sound decisions if the dac report has false information on it?
      Dac reporting should be done away with or any company putting false information on a dac report should be sued for slander. Every company out there using the dac report should have to provide a copy of the drIvers dac report to the driver before hiring and after firing if they report the firing. In other words, if you put anything on a dac report you should have to tell the driver in writing and be prepared to provide proof of what you put on that dac report.

    • Tanteana says

      How are people supposed to earn a living if employers like you are looking at everyone as a liability! Employers have no right to infringe on a person’s right to pursue happiness. People are losing everything they have for reporting accidents that had no damage and no police report. You wouldn’t understand because you are only looking at these drivers as a number with no life behind it.

  4. says

    Angla lives in fantasy land. I had “Unsatisfactory Safety Record” placed on my DAC report and now trucking companies don’t want to hire me. Look, I bent a “bat wing” and I reported it to my employer. Did I deserve to have my livelyhood interupted and to be blackballed over that? I also made a few mistakes on my driver’s logs. They were not falsifications. Is that to be unforgiven? Angela, you obviously never made a mistake in your life and don’t understand that these companies are getting away with ruining driver’s careers by falsifying the DAC reports. It’s time to pull your head out of the sand Angela.

    • Daphne says

      Funny you said Swift, my husband is going through pure hell with this company! They said that he was terminated for unsafe driving! I really appreciate all the helpful information that people are giving in order to get your DAC report cleared up! If anyone know of any good Trucking companies that will hire people that are going through this please e-mail me!
      Be Blessed
      God is on your side!
      Daphne Spurlock

  5. Dave says

    I am new to the trucking industry. I dont have my CDL yet. Does anyone have any recommendations of GOOD companies to work for.. where their drivers dont have many problems with the DAC report.. where they take good care of their drivers and treat them with respect.. where they pay their drivers fairly and give their drivers fair home time and vacation time. Im just trying to do some homework and research up front, and could use some help from real drivers, out in the real world. I live in Michigan, and ultimately I would like to drive as a TEAM with my wife. I am trying to gather as much information as I can so we know what we are realistically getting into, before my wife quits her good job.
    Thanks. (

      • Sam says

        First thing. All the things that you asked about are out there but not all-in one company. That’s why drivers after thier 1st year, bounce around 2 or 3 jobs within a 5 year time frame. It’s give and take, depending on what you want out trucking. If you just want too drive a “Large Car” w/ chicken lights ect… right out of truck driving school, won’t happen! if it does, small chance. You won’t make enough to pay attention. There is no secret but, if you do this keep the left door closed(stay out of truck stops socializing telling truck driver stories). You will make sacrifices, you will be lied to(starting with the Co. rep telling you how great they are) Be prepared for anything, any time, maybe not getting home for a holiday when you were promised. Impossible appt. times to make, made by someone who never drove a truck in thier life, but knows every aspect of driving a truck? And one last thing that should cover all w/ some common sense thinking. Other truckers will read this post, they will say I don’t know what I’m talking about you can’t get 4 truckers to agree on anything let alone an opinion. Case and Point I wrote this because the trucker that told you to run. In my opinion he’s WRONG! See what I mean. So if you decide to join the club of misfits and social rejects, We’ll see you out here. Good luck!

  6. mike justin says

    They ought to call Dac BLACKBALL.COM. like yall said they can put anything on there they want and then not even tell ya they did.. but of coarse everything in trucking is all one sided, there is nobody out there that will side with driver.. I quit Rwh and they put on my DAc that i refused drug test. Been driving truck for 14 years , no wrecks, no tickets, no Dui’s, No convictions or nothing and I can’t get a job nowhere

  7. DAW says

    I worked for a company for over three years. In May of 08 I was in a blow over accident in Wyoming , on a forced dispatch, an empty trailer and I-80 shut down West bound because of the high winds. In this accident my elbow was shattered and my shoulder broken , thank god for seat belts. The officer on the scene said they usually find the driver under the truck . any how long story short, after being pretty much done everything they could to get me to quit I wouldn’t. I made a mistake in January , forgot to pretrip and had oil on my engine. I was let go, on my DAC report the company listed my blow over as an intersection collision on two seperate days same location, pretty amazing considering the truck was messed up and I was sitting in a drs office the 2nd day, I wasn’t ticketed , I have the police reports , the companies insurance reports and pictures. After reading everyones comments on here I’m finally contacting a lawyer, you figure since January this company has cost me over 30,000.00. I’m loosing everything and can’t get a driving job . While the prick who lied on my DAC report goes home at night living comfortably . My advice contact the attorney General in the city the company you worked for, that has reported false information on you, they have to correct any false information with in 30 days . Good liuck .

  8. GARY says



    • BRENT MULLEN says

      Gary you dont kow what you are talking about. i quite my job with K@B trucking. They were real mad cause i quite without my 2 week notice. i quite because they would run me illeagally all the time. I never got any sleep therefor it was dangerouse for me to drive.I didnt want to risk killing someone @ messing up my 20 years perfect driving record. K@B. The Dispatcher told me to go park my truck.. So i parked it at where i pick-up every time i went out. They knew that @ that was not against co. policy. 2 days later someone picked it up. Later on i saw that they reported to DAK as ” abanded vehicle. Then they said ” late pick-up ” Ihave no idea where that came from exp. when i only worked for them only 1 month. I disputed it but HireRight didnt have to have proof from K@ I swear on my life that i had never done any such thing. I told HireRIight to let me proove this is false accusation. It is human nature that if someone makes you mad your first thought is to get back at them expecially there punk dispatchers. I would bet any amount of money that K@B were trying to screw me. I 100% believe that there are hundred or thousands of companies that do this. If you dont believe me go work for K@M and make the dispatcher mad at you @ you see if you get a good Dak report. If i was high up in the state i would make some big changes to the good people to be reported honestly @ fair. I REALLY HATE HIRERIGHT I. also hate K@B. I also believe there are honest co. out there but i promise you if some punk dispacher doesnt like you i am hilling to bet he will try to screw you. Again not every one but i think alot do this. It expecially makes me mad when people get on here @ say the drivers lie @ HIRERIGHT is a good tool to list your complete driving co. HIRERIGHT DOESNT GIVE A DAMNE ABOUT US. ALL THEY WANT IS THERE MONEY. THANKS BRENT

  9. Tim says

    I believe that you should get a copy of your report at least once a year (free) and check it for any errors or information that is on the report that is over 3 years old that should have been taken off, I had to do that 2 years ago to get a accident off the record that was over 5 years old and it was not my fault in the first place.

  10. EMadkins says

    Dac is about money.!!!! It is a buisness like most others and when you need to fix information there is, of course a fee. There are at least three errors on my report. But when i
    told several employers i was interested in they choose to believe the dac report. They don’t even contact the companies to verify the information. I will not pay to fix a lie. So I bought my own truck and depend on me. Now I could say the companies don’t want to hire me even with 10 years OTR experience, but i am just wasting time. Good luck to all that have problems with this company and i hope you get a resolution. As for me, they won’t get a dime.

  11. chris says

    my husband is a driver who quit a company. as we were cleaning his truck out the office manager brought him out a piece of paper saying he was being pulled for a random. he told them he had quit and was no longer their employee. they put a refusal on his dac and as a result a man that has never had an accident and never failed a drug test cant drive anymore. how fair is that

    • joel says

      40.321 What is the general confidentiality rule for drug and alcohol test information?
      Except as otherwise provided in this subpart, as a service agent or employer participating in the DOT drug or alcohol testing process, you are prohibited from releasing individual test results or medical information about an employee to third parties without the employee’s specific written consent.
      (a) A “third party” is any person or organization to whom other subparts of this regulation do not explicitly authorize or require the transmission of information in the course of the drug or alcohol testing process.
      (b) “Specific written consent” means a statement signed by the employee that he or she agrees to the release of a particular piece of information to a particular, explicitly identified, person or organization at a particular time. “Blanket releases,” in which an employee agrees to a release of a category of information (e.g., all test results) or to release information to a category of parties (e.g., other employers who are members of a C/TPA, companies to which the employee may apply for employment), are prohibited under this

  12. Kasey says

    i am a driver that was laid off from a company. i have been looking for a new job for 2 months now and am having problems because my DAC report is saying that i was fired from several companies that i had quit since i was not getting any miles from them. one company even put on it that i violated company policy and still have no idea what that is supposed to mean. been over 3 years since anything could be labeled as my fault has happened in my career and now am being black listed by most because of erroneous reporting that i can’t afford to get fixed since i am unemployed. yeah, am not happy with this one sided report on my person

  13. Russ says

    I hired DACfix on September 1, 2009 to clear what a representative from DACfix called common and minor issues. I was told about a month ago by DACfix that I would be hearing from them on November 18th. I was anxious and placed a call to them just minutes ago and now I am being told it will be a couple of more days until they get the information back on my dispute. I am not angry with DACfix as so much I am angry with the bureaucracy. My previous employer knew exactly that they were damaging my career with erroneous information on my DAC report. I just pray that DACfix comes through with this since they didn’t come through with it on the day they promised about a month ago. I will keep all of you posted so to inform any of you that maybe considering using DACfix for clearing up false or misleading information on your DAC reports.

    • Rocky says

      Hi i was text you to see how is treating you on this matter, i am thinking about using myself and just need some advice, on should I pay them are not.

      • Russ says

        DACfix did a great job! They have a 70% rate of success and they got a 100% grade from me. They had some serious charges removed from my record. I just recently landed another driving job. I am not driving a tractor trailer because of personal choice however, I am driving a commercial vehicle again. I suggest you call DACfix and speak with them and maybe they will be able to give you a little bit of peace of mind by explaining your issues with them. I wish you the very best of luck Rocky and keep us informed as how things go for you.

  14. Tom says

    hey russ i too am having problems with my dac report i hired to clear things up for me i hope they can do what they say thay can i have not been in a truck in over 8 months but hopefully i will be soon let me know what they do for you because i have a wife and child that depend on me for there support so wish me luck and good luck to you all one of your fellow truck drivers

  15. Russ says

    I wish you luck Tom. I finally had my DAC report cleared. It was sent to me by email on November 20th by DACfix. The “Unsatisfactory Safety Record” for bending a bat wing has been cleared, the log violation for logging errors was removed and information for an alleged late delivery was also removed. The company that I worked for never disiciplined me for the late delivery however, they committed perjury during the state unemployment phone hearing. The state never took them to task on that and I lost my appeal for unemployment. I know it isn’t popular to speak out for unions in the trucking industry but, that is exactly what truckers need in this country. Being an “at-will” employee just makes you a slave to any industry. The lack of labor protection is criminal and outrageous. Trucking companies are free to fire one for logging violations and yet keep drivers that falsify logs as can be verified by Qualcomm. The companies are not required by law to check those records thusly, keeping those “more productive” cheating drivers. I have no tolerance for cheating however, I have no tolerance for a company that holds me responsible for logging errors and lets drivers get away with falsification by not checking their Qualcomm records. I have been in trucking for a little over two years and have now seen the underbelly of the snake here. It won’t change unless we unite together to fight these injustices.

    If you have been treated unjustly Tom or anybody else for that matter, I hope that DACfix or you are able to dispute erroneous information on the DAC report. I will keep you all posted as to whether I am able to land another job.

  16. Steve says

    well im not in trucking anymore, i only tried it about 3 times within a 3 year period, all 3 times i quit while on the truck training, the first 2 times were with U.S. Xpress and the 3rd time was with the great company (ya right lol) Swift, as far as i know U.S. Xpress didn’t put anything on my DAC Report but the day after i got off the truck for Swift i talked the the Student “boss” and she said Swift will have to put something about “abandonment under live load” or something like that, it would be whatever is put if i was a company driver with my own truck and just left the truck with a load somewhere when quitting, how cna they do that if the truck and laod wasn’t technically mine, it was my trainers truck and load he was just training me, he was even an O/O with a leased truck form Swift, all that happened was i decided i didn’t like trucking enough to stay with trucking and luckily we had a load going literally right by my town, we were going from the north east straight down I-95 down to FL, my town is directly off of I-95 so all he did was pull over in my town for the night to sleep and i got off the truck, he was fine with it, Swift was just mad because i didn’t do what they wanted me to which is go to a terminal first, its not like the trainer dropped me off in a random spot and i had to find my way home, my house was 10 minutes from where he pulled over and the spot he pulled over was right off I-95, so i still don’t see why Swift should be allowed to do that since it wasn’t my load or truck to abandon in the first place

    now with all that being said, even though im nto going to try trucking anymore i still might try getting a CDL driving job with straight trucks because i have over 1 1/2 years of driving experience on straight trucks, got it between the 2nd and 3rd time of trying trucking, so i just don’t want the DAC to effect me trying to get a job with straight trucks

    • Denis says

      Sorry friend but Yes thats still considered abandonment. Simply because You left the truck wrather than being released from it. From what I have read on here they will most assuredly putting it on Your DAC.

  17. Russ says

    I wonder how many thousands of drivers are out there sidelined because of false and erroneous DAC reports. It can affect drivers greatly and these companies are well aware of it. If that statement isn’t, true there would be no such thing as a DACfix company.

    I have now found that the companies that I applied with less than six months ago are now saying no to me now because of the report that they got from the company that fired me. The last company that I drove for has essentially and successfully blackballed me!

    Our politicians sit idly by and do absolutely nothing about this. It is unregulated. What we need here is to file a class action law suit. I can’t believe that there are attorneys out there that wouldn’t take that on.

    • Darryl says

      I am one of those that are sidelined. I worked for a company in Madison Heights VA and the equipment they gave me was broken down more often than not, giving me a whole income of about $150 per week. When I looked for another job via the internet, the company found out and let me go. I am still waiting for the DAC because no one told me about it before and I have been applying for trucking jobs since 12/08 when that company let me go. I believe that they let me go because everytime the piece of junk broke down the company would get equipment failure tickets. I figure that the last one cost them dearly as I broke down in an intersection on a hill… the rear end fell apart on me… and the PA DOT got involved and dragged me to a garage for impound as when they first called the plates on the tractor in, the plates did not even belong to the truck, so they run the VIN and there was no known registration in the US for that VIN. I almost went to jail for that one. The company got that straightened out quickly because my wife is ferocious when it comes to standing up for me and she dealt with the company on that one as I was dealing with the PA troopers. But there were tickets for an oil leak on the tractor, an air leak on the trailer and unsecured load… that one was the company’s as it was no touch. I did find out that they were saying I had a logbook violation… I made a mistake in training on my books, but fixed it. I am waiting for my DAC and then I will decide what to do about this. There has to be some recourse that I can take against them. The name of the company?….. Harris Trucking in Madison Heights VA!

  18. Russ says

    Just want to post a comment for drivers that suspect some erroneous information has been placed on their DAC reports. If you have not had the alleged information removed and you apply for a job, that company will keep that information on file and your chances of landing a job in the future with that company will be reduced.

    Steve, I know exactly what you are going through. You can request a free copy of your DAC and you can also dispute it. I had DACfix do it for me. By the way, I had a company which I recently applied for that also turned me down after I was terminated said that they wouldn’t hire me because I have not been driving since being terminated. Is that stupid or what? I can’t land a job because of the garbage that was placed on my DAC and now this one company tells me that I couldn’t drive for them because I haven’t driven since termination! Catch 22. All drivers beware, this is one dirty and sometimes lowdown industry.

  19. Denise Wassman & Tim Wicker says

    That is a lie they can and they will put what ever they want to. JB Hunt is a good one for that
    if you call them they say that you worked for them at least they did that to Tim 8 or9 times and all he did was inquire about what they had to offer.And where does a company get off holding a drug test for 5 days and then call and tell you that you and your partner has failed it for the exact same amout and you to are so different in size.This is bull shit we have tried to find out how to get it removed and noone will tell us anything. They reported on his DAC and not mine and that is wrong to start but we are dealing with it and still tring to get it removed.

  20. Russ says

    I don’t know what you are referring to when you say “that is a lie”. I agree that they can put anything on the DAC that they want. I think this is an industry wide practice. I also don’t understand why they can continue to ruin people’s lives this way. I have been put of driving for over 4 months and I don’t think that I have seen the end of this long nightmare.

    By the way, I have read nothing but horror stories as to what these companies do to drivers. There is a close friend of mine that was offered training by a large and prominent player in the trucking industry just to be let go in his final days saying that he was untrainable. He attended another school close to home, graduated and is driving nearly 3 years later. These trucking companies know that nobody is watching, it’s unregulated and they exploit the situation.

  21. Russ says

    Sorry for the error in my last post…I meant to say that I have been put out of driving for over 4 months. I should also say that this is thousands of dollars lost in earnings.

  22. Chris says

    A company should not be able to report on your DAC until you have been hired. I agree the whole system is screwed up and unregulated. Above it says to never submit to a pre-employment drug screen if you do not want to work for a company. I applied to a large company and they set me up for the drug screen and told me if I didn’t go they would report a refusal. At this point they did not even offer me employment. This was a screening done before orientation would occur. So I was basically forced into the testing for an inquiry that went a little too far if you ask me.

    • Russ says

      A seatbelt may show up on your BMV report however, your employer could probably put that on your DAC if they wanted to maybe as an “Unsatisfactory Safety Record”. I have heard of cops issuing seatbelt tickets when they couldn’t see the driver wearing the seatbelt because it was the same color of the shirt that the driver was wearing. The last company that I drove for issued orange sealtbelt wraps so that law enforcement and the company management could see if the drivers were wearing them. I wouldn’t doubt that all comercial vehicles will have brightly colored seatbelts installed when the truck is manufactured in the future.

      • TIM says

        If they were orange it had to be schneider. That company is as pathetic as a company can get. Dispatch has no right to call a driver on their cell phone when they are on their 10 hour break waking them up an swearing at a driver. I did write a letter to the motor carrier safety admistration in D.C. about that But im sure nothing will happen. I think this is interesting when I called Dac services and let them know about Schneider , how much I was paid for 7 days of work(doing what I was told) and then when I had enough of “staging ” the trucks for the other guys I just went home. Drove 25 miles to the Green Bay terminal. And they said I did not show up for work on my Dac Dac said I should cash my paycheck. It’s worth alot more not cashing it so other companies can see for themselves my paycheck. And you won’t believe the expressions I get when they see a $255.37 paycheck for 7 days of work. Thanks for sticking up for the driver DAC services. You people are just as pathetic as shnider.

        • Denis says

          Try under $100.00 for a week on a lease purchase plan… They literally drove Me to Banckrupcy. Now Im getting My own Truck, Trailer and Authority and Scr#@$ Them and Theyr DAC Report!

    • Ronald Smith says

      Yes bill, the officer that sighted you is required by law to report it, Though it is not considered a moving violation with points attached unless you are caught I believe for a third time then it is considered habitual and they start getting serious.

  23. TIM says

    The dac report should be taken with a grain of salt. The first thing when you call these people you hear if there is something you contest on the report. Which means employers are liars. Plain and simple. my last employer would not hire me back after having my back fused and i had a doctors note to return with no restrictions. I have 8 years driving exp. So I drove for the largest trucking co. for 6 months and have a paycheck that Im not cashing for $255.37 for 7 days worth of work, you have to be out 14 days min. They said I just did not show up for work. If I can make multipul deliveries into Chicago, Brooklyn, and p/u in Bronx N.Y. and Im ontime aside when my driving time is NOT CUT!! I think I can drive a truck. Trucking companies are just a joke. But then again with 97% turnover the drivers cant always be the problem.

  24. TIM says

    I just had my fingerprints taken for my hazmat. I had the H endorsement years ago but let it go because the carriers I drove for did not have insurance for hazmat. When I told the lady where I W A S working, she said “Oh Ive heard Many bad things about that company” So to DAC services, If you’re going to keep records of employees from employers why not try something new. Get credible information. Apparently you’ve overlooked the fact when employed by large and small trucking companies the “board or dispatchers” one is assinged to plays a major role how that person is treated. If you have idiots the driver is treated like garbage or does not get ample driving miles. I also noticed how you overlook the fact the driver is the 1 who does the work and does not go home at 5p.m. every night. DAC services get your act together!!!

  25. bobby parker says

    I had a accident in a truck on 3-22-2005,an overturn and I was not charged for it by the state.Eyewitness to the accident told the patrolman it was not my fault.when the report came back there was only 1 eyewitness statement stating truck could not stop.The accident happened on friday,the follwing tues. i was terminated.I tried to file unemployment and they said the company did a 12 day investacation.They LIED.I will admit that i had the accident.But how long can they hold it against me on my DAC report.I should have fought the fact that they wre lieing about the 12 day investation then but I did’nt.Now i can’nt even get a job driving a truck.What should I do.

    • TIM says

      Just keep applying. At times its easier said than done. Rest assured there will be someone thats looking for a driver. It may not be a big company, they may not have insurance , I find companies off set each other 1 way or another. I find it funny how some companies hire felons, but in this economy if you own a truck drivers go thru companies like water down a drain, if they say otherwise they’re not in reality. I’ve seen applications that truelly read no more than 6 jobs in the last 3 years. Well what the heck does that say about trucking companies.

  26. Jeff B says

    A recruiter for a trucking company that I was starting to work for showed me a copy of a report (which he hid from the Safety Dep.) had a accident that I was envolved in was my fault and cited,and injuries. I told him it was’nt true and the other driver was cited for failure to yield and there was no injuries. I should have taken care of it then,but thinking it would clear off my record and future job prospects would believe me and contact my past employer for the correct information, like a dummy I didn’t. I don’t know if the local police wrote an inaccurate report or if the insurance co. messed up and the insurance called me three times trying to varify the story and treated me like dirt. I had poor job performance at my last job because of heath issues and resigned and have been unemployed 18 months. I sent of for a DAC report from Hire Rite and all I got was a bunch of worthless papers showing only a past address and one job was listed . I have tweny years experience driving local and OTR and when I get back on my feet, there is going to be #### to pay and all those Big Trucking Companies can kiss my *** !

    • TIM says

      Hey Jeff for your work history it may cost up to $50.00 or even more, but go to your local social security office and they will pull your record. I did that for schnieder. It cost me like $35.00 for 10 years. I dont think all companies participate in dac. On mine it showed I applied to a trucking co. outside chicago. I left after almost sitting in there parking lot for a week, in 2003 both times they lost my drug test. I dont do drugs. It just showed I left while in orientation. I think Dac should actually start to mind their own buisness because if an employer screws up then you need to pay for it. Dac is a piece of trash co. looking to stick their face into other peoples buisness to make money. Thats why not all companies participate and if they do like the larger ones, I think they get some kind of payment. Schnieder, swift, j.b. hunt. Then on top of it a company I just applied for it shows that they got a copy of my dac report, I have not heard back from them I’ll call in a week , but when I went there the girl said if I was still at schnieder “i wouldn’t give them 2 weeks notice, So Im wondering here she says that but if a driver they hire does not like it there im sure they would like some type of notice. Trucking co. are just slime.

      • TIM says

        Jeff I want to make it clear Im talking about 2 things kinda at the same time. Social security office thats where they will pull your “employment work history” Thats gonna cost you a few bucks be prepared, And then I was talking about my Dac report from this useless thing.

      • leroy says

        hey jeff i had a drug test from a company that i was working for,and they fired me,so after a month i was hired by another company. I worked for the next company for about 3mo and they fired me also,saying i failed a drug test with previous employer.The problem is the company that i last worked for is the one put the failed drug test on my dac.The company that i had the drug test with is not even on my dac,these b******* put tha bs on my report and i passed their drug screen and was working for them.I havent worked since.i tried to dispute but dac told me they could report stuff eventhough it didnt happen with them.They said its 3yr b4 it comes off is u familar?

  27. tim says

    it amazes me that a company can make up there own employment dates i got bout 2 yrs. of driving exp. missing on my dac and i also cannot believe that a company like fedex ground doesn’t HAVE to report to the dac agency this is ******** and my driving career is on hold after runnin my ass off for these companies for the last 8 yrs and now they are screwing with my dac

    • TIM says

      To Tim just like the other guy, go to your local social security office, The reason when you got paid, they took out social security, so they do have that record. It’s going to cost a few bucks depending on how many years you go back. So just because its not on your DAC thats not always a bad thing ya know. You can get a record of your employment from S.S. better that than some idiot at a company putting inaccurate garbage on your record. 1 more thing when employers say they need to know exact dates they can stick that into their ear as well because the record from social security office only shows the month/year not the exact date.

  28. Anthony Conder says

    Well, I had my cousin atend orientation and hire on with CFI a couple years ago, just befor ebeing bought out by Con-Way. Another complete good company destroyed scenario. In any case, ,while she was in orientation, there wee two other driver’s with her who had quit Stevens Transport to comework for CFI. While in orientation, these two people wer einformed their DAC reflected each had accidents up into the teens listed on their reports. One was like 13 accidents and the other like 18 accidents. This is obviously a case of falsification. What company is going to keep a driver after three accidents in two or three years? The drivers were let go and faced with going through the clean-up process. So, yes, falsification does happen. although I am sure it isn’t on a large scale. You also have to understnad all accidents/incidents, preventable/non-preventable, at fault or not are included in the report if the company you work for chooses to use it. Certainly, Federal Law prohibits employeers from maintaining “black books” or other negative information without discussing this negative information with the employee. If you are brought in to discuss something with safety or management, make sure it is documented and you keep a copy of it for your records. In this manner, you can provide your documentation to show what you have been counseled on. If the employeer cannot provide signed documentation showing you were counseled on a particular incident, they will have a hard time keeping it on your report. I agree this is a very subjective system that certainly is easily falsified. Truckers can either press for elimination of the DAC or regulation to ensure it is more objective. That would need to be done thorugh your elected officials.

    • TIM says

      Say Anthony, thats well put but being realistic for those that are employed right now after coming home from being out 2-3 weeks do you think a guy/ woman/ lady is going to put pen to paper or e-mail someone about such nonsense? They have enough time to pay bills be with family if they have any then take off again. If one is canned for theft, serious accident, anything major thats all that should be down on a report. The more I think about it when somone applies for a job the employer should just ask what happened. Anything beyond I would and will begin to start to question the employer themselves. You’re trying to tell me that someone like schnieder is a credible honest employer. And then who are these people that contact DAC about any incident. ( Their Side of the story, or what they feel happened.) Its kind of interesting the employer is the only 1 able to put things down on a DAC report and not the driver being the 1 who is on the road, doing the actual work, going to the customers abiding by the laws from Motor Carrier Safety Administration and being in charge of hundreds of thousands of dollars in commodities on a daily basis. WOW! and the driver gets no say, I think that speaks for itself where Im going with this. All it is is some little punk who may 1 day piss the right people off and end up getting their teeth smashed into the back of their neck. After a while people do get fed up with being lied to and lied about.

  29. Justin says

    my Dac report is not pretty i had a wreak in 11/06 and then the company i was working for i quit cause they ordered me to run illegal and i told them where to stick the truck and they put it on my dac as unrehireable now present day i just had another wreak involving ice the highway patrol man did not ticket me and the companey i worked for they layed me off due to lack of equipment they dont report to dac at all will this newest wreak show up on there

  30. TIM says

    To everyone who reads this, I just followed up on an application. Because on my DAC it does not show all employers and I asked the lady about that, she even said “let me tell you something about DAC they pay employers” or some employers pay DAC So with that being said unless there is an accident, theft or something major, there is always 2 sides to something. And never let it be said that companies will do 1 thing for 1 applicant and something else for another. John Veriha trucking in Marrinette wi. They said based on my past work history I can’t get hired. Thats fine. I was at 1 co. 6 months. 2 other companies I was there 2 years and little over 2 years at another company before the guy sold his trucks. I have about 8 years driving experience of the 11 years of holding a CDL John Veriha is the guy who has on his application no more than 6 jobs in the last 3 years. BEWARE!!!

  31. C.J. Smith says

    At least where I live, a person can sue a former employer if he or she says anything bad in their references. Has anyone considered this? Why not get some money out whatever #?!@*??# is holding you back form getting a job and then get your DAC report fixed?

  32. Lori says

    I tried getting my dac report fixed from dacfix and I lost my $150. I called them and they called me back in which I talked to a representative and he said they would call me on a certain day and they didn’t call. I tried calling and all I got was voice mail and kept leaving messages with my number. They must have never checked the voicemail because they kept calling my boyfriend’s phone at work. I kept trying to call back in to talk to someone and left my cell number, but they never called my cell. I tried to get them to call me for a year (that’s how long they told me I had to settle the disputes after I paid the money). I drove for Schneider for a year and 7 months. I had only minor non-reportable accidents in which one was a call in that I still think I didn’t do! Anybody that has driven for Schneider knows that they have ZERO tolerance for U-turns. The first incident I only had 4 months experience team and then had to go solo. I was leaving from picking up a load and made a wrong turn and ended up in a VFW parking lot, I asked someone to spot me so I could turn around. The people in the VFW came out and I asked a gentleman to move his car so I could turn around and he did. They went back in and I left. Well right after I got a qualcomm message to call accident claims. The VFW said I tore up their parking lot which the parking blocks were already that way- no new damage because I went back and took pictures! Schneider put on my dac that I did a u-turn (which I would have been fired then ) and there was not enough room to do a u-turn.
    The second was a call in that when I stopped at a truck stop, another driver was asking me how long I’ve been driving and if I liked it and other questions. He finally said he got hit the night before. I went in the truckstop, got something to eat, and ate in the truck. I left and got a message to call accident claims. I was dropping my trl when I called and SNI told me a driver called in and said I pulled out and my right DOT bumper caught the left fender of the tractor beside me.How is that when I pulled straight out and turned right out of the space? I took pictures of the trailer and there was no marks or scratches. No lights were broke so how did I rip the bumper off and no signs at all? That other driver could have gotten my truck number, trl number and the information he asked (didn’t think he was going to turn that info against me but I guess I learned the hard way). So as u can see two things that I don’t agree with and seems like they are getting away with it. They put it down on my dac as hitting a parked vehicle.

    • TIM says

      Hey Lori, you should “google” Your DAC Report, exactly that. you will notice 4th paragraph starting your dac report to the truck driver is what credit is to the consumer. “REGARDLESS” if its true or not. And try calling consumer affairs in your area and let them know about the results you got, they should tell you in advance how long it will take . With that being said there should be no reason DAC services should exist. That tells you if you have problems with dispatch or a board, and something happens, it will be blown out of porportion. I have about 4 jobs in 5 years that are not on DAC. That tells you not everyone participates in that. On the 28th Im going to get a resume prepared. The guy in the phone book where I live guarantees an interview and has the results to show it. If something happened its always better to try to get into a company and talk to them directly about an incident. But there is so much garbage that goes on its pretty pathetic. Id like to know how many U-turns actually happen thru out the day. I think the amount of accidents low bridges in Chicago speaks for itself.

    • Russ says

      These companies are unregulated when it comes to placing information on the DAC report and our worthless politicians are letting them get away with it. This country of ours has a history of looking the other way when it comes to exploitation of labor. They are opportunists in this poor economy also. If the economy ever turns around in the worker’s favor then these trucking firms will be right back to begging drivers to work for them. Lori, I feel for you because a friend of mine was scammed by Schnieder….that is a personal opinion however, I stand firmly behind that accusation.

      I wish I were 20 years younger I would earn a law degree because my experiences in trucking the past 3 years have shown me how much the truckers lack protection from exploitation. This DAC system is flawed, corrupt and needs fixed now. All truckers must unite and put a stop to the abuses in this industry. If not, you will always “owe your soul to the company store”.

  33. says

    I have had my career in the Trucking industry “Ruined”! because of DAC. 10 yrs. coast to coast all 48 state’s all weather condition’s, No tickets-No accidents-No points! vintictive”cowardly”companies that I left for; serious pay shortages-bad equipment (not fit to be on the road) or being forced” to run so illegal that my life as well as the genral public was in danger. I’m the Professional Driver, I used my training and judgement and steped off” from a bad situation. Now” I can’t find a job I do well and have the MVR/DMV/DOT record to back up” my side because of thease DAC parasites” and the snake companies that use them! you do the right thing in life” and you get screwed by the one’s that don’t! Only in america!

  34. david says

    I disagree! the dac is a great way to keep people that have no buisness driving from getting behind the wheel! yes, ther are companies that take advantage of it and put derogatory remarks on ther about drivers, and it is a big pain in the ass to deal with when some one mixes youre file up with another drivers and you get turned down by several companies that you are more than qualified to work for! but thats why as a profesional driver it is youre responcebilaty to keep track of it and if you think ther is bogus info on it it is youre right to have it removed and if they dont then a civil suit is definatly in order! and if you are not a fan of the dac than im sure the new CSA system the are implementing in july 2010 will displease you as well, it is going to be a score based system and the that will depend on driver compliance with dot rules and reglations. any violations will cause your personal safety rating to go down, and insurance companies will be looking at this if it gets low enough you will be terminated and youre score stays with you so no one will hire you!

    • TIM says

      Say David, when you have people mixing up files with other drivers and thats actually putting their career in jepardy, DAC services should be erased from existance, the person who logged in the wrong information should be immeadiately fired and sued along with DAC services.When a company is that incompetent they should not be in buisness, no excuses. Thats completely irresponsible and inattentive to their work. In addition when you speak to DAC they seem to have an arrogant smart mouth attitude on their face as though it is nothing more than some college punk. I can probably be assured of that. As far as this new system Im clearly qualified for any driving job.

      • dsimms says

        DAC is not the problem, and no lawyer would ever support
        you suing a 3rd party, and dac is only a 3rd party victim
        in this entire mess.

        This is what I hear:

        I was fired or quit; company submited bogus info
        to dac, now I can not find a job.

        This is what I do not hear:

        I am suing this trucking company for filing
        false claims to dac which is preventing
        me from obtaining work as a truck driver.

        At this point from all these dac claims, I am
        not sure what is truth vs fiction…

        If all you truckers have false info submitted to
        dac from your current/previous truck company, then
        how come you are not standing up for your rights
        by hiring an attorney (oh but lawyers cost money)
        ok!? How much does being out of work cost?

        This actually brings me back around again…

        Whats Truth, compared to whats fiction by the driver.

        I agree, our govt needs to do something about dac..I am reading more,
        and more…I borrowed the company car, I returned late, I was
        fired, and reported to dac…truth or fiction? I scuffed my tire
        on a curb, I was terminated and reported to dac, truth or fiction?
        Got permission to take 2 days off, went to truck, and it was gone,
        was terminated, and reported to dac. truth or fiction?

        Even the simplest dac infraction can prevent you from
        getting a job.

        It is a free country…fight dac…

        Good Luck.

        PS. For those that do know they have false info on
        their dacs. I suggest you take action against the
        company, hire an attorney.

        In todays world, its their world against yours, nobody
        cares about the common truck driver, and dac is
        the holy grail to truck compaines…they do not care
        what your side of the story is, because if it is on
        dac, then so god it must be true…right?

    • Mary says

      David…at least the new system that been put into effect or is being put into effect will come from DOT and NOT FROM DAC! I think the new point system should be the only thing that trucking companies should be looking at. Most states you are only allowed to give the information as to wether they worked for you the dates and if they are eligible for rehire. I think all laws should apply to everyone not just those of use who are non-dot employers!

  35. TIM says

    I think there should be a system in place when a driver is discriminated for having back surgery. If you are released to return to work w/ no limitations you should be given a chance especially when the fact of the matter is companies hire people with accidents on their record and do not hire w/ no accidents, no dui’s, 1 speeding ticket under 10 in 4 years. I also think the criteria should be the same. I’ve never heard of anything so stupid when an employer comes across someone w/ 8 years driving exp. They did not drive for a 1 year and 8 months, then drove for 6 months and actually say you don’t have enough exp. I hope those people get cancer and go bankrupt.

  36. Russ says

    The trucking industry is corrupt. I made mistakes on my logs which eventually led to my termination. I didn’t falsify logs, the mistakes were simply errors in counting the correct number of hours (e.g., I indicated 9.75 hours break instead of 10 hours). On the other hand, the company had and probably still has drivers working for them that falsify their logs. The reason they get away with it is because the company does not verify the logs with the Qualcomm records. However, that company verifys logs with toll times and fueling times. Why in the world would this company turn a blind eye to the Qualcomm records? My aforementioned log violations/mistakes were reported to DAC and it aided in putting my driving career on hold. Nothing at all keeps companies from reporting inaccurate information on a driver’s DAC report and there does not appear to be any laws whatsoever protecting a driver from being slandered on the DAC report. If only there were a place to report these bad companies and put them on hold from doing business.

  37. Richard says

    i have read most of the postings here, and i have had the same thing happen to me. im showing a letter i sent to a lawyer about what happened to me with usa truck. this letter was to try and prevent usa truck from putting an abandoned truck on my dac report. which it did. but i just found out a couple days ago they put reason for leaving-other and work history-other. neither explains anything. but causes trucking companies to raise an eyebrow when checking you out.

    on 06/07/09 at around 10:30 in the morning, a bolt of lightning struck near my truck. this truck is numbered 1748. and was the truck I had been assigned to since the beggining of January of this year. This lightning strike as was later determined at the international dealership at 3701 Choteue Ave. St. Louis,MO. burned up five computer modules that control different systems in the truck. since it was sunday that this happened, I had to get a room at the Holiday Inn. i stayed at this hotel from 06/07/09 to 06/11/09 costing me a total of $388.04. And 4 Cab fares to and from the dealership. totaling $63.00. After it was determined that 2 parts could not be located, My fleet Manager on the 11th of june told Me that they wanted to send me on a bus from St. Louis, MO to chicago. To pick up a truck. designated as 1718. I protested to this, as i have knowledge from the USA TRUCK Breakdown Dept that drivers who leave the company for whatever reasons sometimes sabotage the equiptment. I told this to My fleet manager, but to no avail. i was sent anyways. i left for Chicago on a Greyhound bus on the 11th of June and arrived in chicago the same day. I finally got to the truck at about 8:30 PM on the 11th. I drove this truck apprx 20 to 25 miles and a warning indicator lit up on the dash, and a STOP ENGINE appeared on the digital odemeter readout display on the dash. I stopped at the truck stop I was going to and called the breakdown dept. i was told to take it to Chicago International at 4655 S. Central Ave Chicago,IL the next morning. which would be on the 12th of june of this year. But the next morning the computer that controls systems of the truck was shutting down the engine to keep the engine from being damaged. I called breakdown dept again and let them know i couldnt drive the truck to the dealership. they sent a tow truck and towed it to the dealership. My fleet manager got me a hotel and I left. i got a call from my fleet manager the same day, telling me the truck was ready. so I called the dealership and found out they didnt find anything wrong with it. I called My fleet manager back and told him what they said. i told him that I wasnt going to take the truck as I knew something was seriously wrong with the truck (if the computer shuts the engine down then theres something wrong that wont fix itself, and will do what it did the night before.) so i refused to take the truck. I left it there so that they couldnt charge me with an abandoned truck on my DAC Report. and since my fleet manager hung up on my on saturday after we squabbled back and forth about him wanting me to go get the truck. i decided to pay for a flight out of Chicago’s Midway Airport. I had buy a ticket that left on the 14th of June of this year. which cost me $395.20 and a baggage fee of $15.00. I left for Austin,TX and arrived here on the same day. I called them today and they are being totally unreasonable. all this guy keeps saying is that I left Chicago and his hands are tied. He said he would call me back, but hasnt so far. and the reputation that this company has, leads Me to believe that they will try to keep from reimbersing me for the hotel fees and the cab fee’s. and I also believe that they should have to pay for My flight back home. since they sent me up there and got me stuck with a truck that was not ready to be assigned to another driver i.e. ME.

    I also had to leave my refrigerator and microwave and some other personal items behind in truck # 1748. in St. Louis,MO
    I called that dealership earlier today and found out USA TRUCK towed it off, and I have no idea where they took it. so basically in a nutshell I have spent a total of $451.04 in St Louis,MO for the hotel and cab Fares. and a total of $488.67 for the one one night stay at the Carlton Inn, and the plane ticket to Austin and the $15.00 baggage fee. for a grand total of $939.71

  38. Russ says

    An observation that I have made in trucking is that if a driver is having problems with a truck then they are told to take to a dealership to have it repaired if they are not near a company terminal. The trucker typically complies and receives absolutely no compensation for this work. Why is it in the trucking industry there is free labor? Wouldn’t it be nice if drivers could list all the free labor that they donate on their DAC reports?

    • Richard says

      true. and in my case i spent 9 days with no compensation whatsover. and they forcced me to leave. i was tired of spending my own money and they are all getting paid while they are making me do all of this. its really a bummer to work real hard, this profession is the backbone of this country. no truck drivers equal no usa as far as im concerned. unless you want to wear burlap sacks and no shoes. and live on a farm. 😉 anyways. im waiting right now to see if im gonna get this job at heartland express. also id like to say i hope things work out for you Russ. this is really a thankless job. we should all have rose petals thrown out in front of where we walk. heh 😉

  39. says

    I sam have not been able to be hired to another co. because of d.a.c. report i worked for jb hunt 4 wks.went to oriention last day of it they said you will have to wait for a truck you must call in every
    day so i did wait thinking it would be worth it i was hired for s.w. 6 states only was sent to texas
    from ca. then to .sc. up iowa back to ca. to az.was given loads a day late to be on time with them
    d.a.c. has discharged on their reports only jb hunt has termed and 3 service failures the story goes on
    with my driver manager not responing to my o.b.c. messages i told her i wouldnt be at
    fault for service failures ect. she never would respond to my messages anyway.poor communication
    skills.i have never worked for a company that treated their drivers with such a lack of driver manager was difficult to reach and when i could gain contact she was unable to give accurate directions and chose to put the blame on the driver to cover up her own mistakes.i have been wronged by this blame and it is causing a hardship to my family by this innacurate report.I am a capable and safe driver that has been taken advantage of by j.b. hunt.while employed by this company i tried to express my concern of the lack of communication between me and my driver manager.if she was overworked and could not handle her load i should not have to pay for her mistakes.this company has a huge turnover which reflects their lack of care for drivers or their care to work out situations that cause this huge turnover.

  40. Mason says

    Clearing up REAL discrepancies on one’s DAC report is painfully simple.

    1) If denied employment based upon a DAC report, (politley) demand a copy of it from your perspective employer. They are required by law to provide you with a photocopy free of charge.


    2) Request one from DAC/HireRight directly (800-331-9175)

    3) If you disagree with ANYTHING on your DAC report, contact DAC and challenge the information in question. They will require that you submit your “challenge” in writting. Your former employer(s) will then be sent a notification, and they have a certain amount of days to produce supporting evidence that what they reported to DAC is indeed true. If they fail to meet the deadline, or if they are unable to produce adequate supporting information, DAC will remove the “derrogatory” info from your DAC report.

    It’s a very simple process, but it may take 2 – 4 weeks. DAC is very much interested in making sure that drivers’ DAC reports are indeed accurate. I work for a trucking company, and I can tell you that DAC/USIS/HireRight contacts us quite often to make sure that what we have reported to them is accurate.

    I cannot believe that this website would recommend that drivers hide minor accidents from their employers. That’s the easiest way for a driver to get fired. It’s also the easiest way for a trucking company to get sued under fradulent circumstances by dishonest claimants. Otherwise, the remainder of the advice that they provide is valid and useful. Especially the advice given with regards issuing/fulfilling a 2-week notice.

    If one is a driving applicant and you want to be hired by a persective employer, here is some good advice:

    -List ALL of your previous employers over the last 10 years, and be reasonably accurate with your employment dates. Do not hide previous employers. Do not pad your employment dates.

    -Accurately list your reasons for leaving for all of your previous employers (if your were fired, do not list “laid off”).

    -List ALL moving violations and accidents (even minor ones) over the past three (3) years on your application.

    -Arrive on-time to the interview.

    -Do not trash ANY of your previous employers during the interview.

    -If you are asked if you have been disqualified or have failed/refused previous substance abuse tests, answer truthfully.

    -Do not ever lie or tell half-truths about yourself or your work history to the telephone screener, or during the interview itself.

    -Do not ever swear or use profanity with the telephone screener or the interviewer.

    -Do not ever argue with the telephone screener or the interviewer.

    -Be sure to shower prior to your interview, and wear clean clothes.

    -If you have been convicted of a felony, inform the interviewer with all deliberate speed; and accurately recount ALL of your felony convictions to said interviewer.

    It is very easy for one to blame previous employers for one’s current hardships. Take ownership of those problems that you might have brought upon yourself. This is free advice, but I hope those reading it find this helpfull. I suspect some might scoff at my advice and call it “garbage”, but I would expect that folks of that ilk will most likely remain unemployed, anyway.

  41. Tracy says

    My company is not a trucking oriented company although we do have two trucks and drivers. I was just “enlightened” about DAC reports. I am very suprised at this concept. It basically is putting your confidential employment file our for public scrutiny. Our company does not provide anyone requesting information on a previous employer other than “date of hire and rate of pay”. We do this to limit our exposure to a discrimination claim. There are documented cases where companies have been sued because they provided a good Reference for one former employee but did not provide Any Reference for another employee. To think that a company can provide not only driving records but also disciplinary reocords ( Quit under dispatch, etc) is highly questionable from a legal standpoint. Also, when a company uses this format do they report on ALL drivers? Do they report any awards they may have received? Do they report how many miles of accident free driving they have performed for the company? Is it legal for a company to post information in this format on Some but not All drivers? I have not seen one of these reports and I will not subscribe to them, I am posting these comments as a family member of a long line of drivers. One of whom is just now going through the process of dealing with one of these reports that is apparently erroneous, misleading and malicious. I bet the Lawyers on TV just love this DAC!!

    • dsimms says

      Some compaines may report some good stuff if you are lucky, but on the most
      part DAC can be used good if it is used correctly, but can also be used as
      a vendictive tool also to keep the driver from finding another job. I think if drivers
      started recording and video taping everything, then when false dac report is
      given, then it may be easier to get off, at this point, I have seen no lawsuits
      from dac reporting…if there were, then trucking compaines would surely be
      careful on what they report…at this time dac can be used in a misleading and
      malicious way to hurt the driver, even if the driver did nothing wrong, and it
      would be up to the driver to prove it is a false report, and without any supporting
      documentaion, recordings, video taping, then who is really to say if it is
      a legit or false dac report? No atty would accept a case if the driver did not
      have mounds of evidence to back up his claims…

      I think it is just appualing. I am seeing posts where drivers are fired
      for almost nothing, then leave them with a bad dac as if they did
      something wrong.

      When you have power, and money, you can do whatever
      you want, and most do not seem to care about the bad
      practices of dac reporting.

      We need to see drivers standing up, and lawsuits, otherwise
      no trucking company would have any incentive to otherwise
      change their cruial ways of ripping drivers off.

  42. roadbum says

    i guess i got lucky to be able to read.because i found hire rite/dac on the web and went to their site,sent in the free app to get my free report,found a place on the site where i could file a rebuttal for free,filed one,and was told by hire rite that the burden of proof is on the company,not the,if you file a rebuttal,and the company you filed against does not provide proof within thirty days,it has to be removed from your record.goggle hirerite/dac and you can find this site,and the other driver is can order one free report each year,and every time you are turned down for a job.just like a credit report.and there is nothing keeping you from filing a rebuttal.hirerite. is required by law to provide you with a rebuttal ability.and they just have to do a little homework to find it.i have cleaned off a lot of garbage from my record.including a so-called refusal on a drug test,i filed a rebuttal and wanted proof that i refused a drug test,the company in question could not offer proof,the date they cited was checked with the lab they sent their samples to,and was found that there were no samples processed in on that date at all.which meant,either the entire company refused drug testing,or noone was tested at all on that dismissed,or removed from my record

    • WayneO says

      So keep filing rebuttals and have your bad marks cleaned from your record when the employer(s) fails to respond within the time stated.
      Great Idea! You can use the same process with Credit Agencies.

  43. Paul S says

    I am a former comercial driver and this year is the first I had heard of DAC, mainly because my stepson has been blacklisted from driving professionally. May Trucking in Salem Oregon had him drive to the terminal and he was released the following morning with no way home and no money and no explanation as to why he was released. My understanding from my stepson is that it happened to several drivers in as much as a few days preceding and following his termination. He tried applying to at least 10 or more major trucking companys without sucsess and it was someone nice enough in Werner that wanted to hire him but his boss said no way because of this DAC report. What had happened with May Trucking is that a lumper was needed and they issued the money to his com card and then at the last minute it was determined that it would not cost that amount because they could pull the freight off without breaking it down. The next bussiness day he was able to get ahold of May and have them take the money back. They did . Now on his Dac report they reported that he misappropriated company funds and in addition they had an incident with a parked car. He had no other accident on his driving record and was issued a 3 year safe driving award from May Trucking. Come on MAY! We are currently dissputing and have sent in a rebuttle.It will take a while to undo what this company pulled in one report.

  44. sonia says

    my husband got let go after some idiot ran a red light and hit him in his dot bumper. she was not hurt and even drove her car to a shopping center and no damage to my husbands dot bumper just a scratch her car was a litt damaged but it was her fault the company auditor whoever it is the company sends out when there is an accident even said it was not my husbands fault and the trooper said it was not his fault all this happend on feb 14,2009 on his way home for home time anyway jb hunt let him go & the idiot that hit him sued jb hunt and in turn jb hunt has blackballed him and it’s been a year now and no one will hire him to drive because of whatever jb hunt put on the dac report. i wish i could smack that idiot who ran that light and hit him. we have a toddler and other thing to take care of and pay for we lost our home and now live a house thats falling down around us. it’s become hard to make ends meet especialy when the only job my husband could get is a part time job in a dollar store getting payed very little but i guess it’s better than nothing huh. i’m going to try dacfix for him and see if they can fix this mess. he also had problems with transam trucking but as far as we know they didn’t put anything on the dac because when he has applied to other companies they only mention jb hunt. i wish all of you the best of luck and blessings. thanks for reading the rantings of one angry wifey.. have a blessed day.

  45. bill says

    DAC I have my own name for it. Started driving in 1996 well I applied for a job in 2004. Guy takes me out test drives me then asks me about this bridge I hit. I said what Bridge? He tells me I laughed and asked if he found the dot report, police report a ticket? nothing then asks about truck I abanded I laughed again. Said what? He tells me, I Laughed more, I told him the truck was returned to the same terminal I got it from. He hired me on the spot. DAC what a joke.

    For people who are “let go” thay can “let you go” for being to human to smart to cute to funny to good or any other thing thay want to. It is at will work allmost every where, meaning thay dont have to employ you at any time for any reason. I was “let go ” from my last job for wanting the raise thay promised of course that is not what he put on paper. He quoted a fight with another employee three months back. ( thay just finished the investagation). There is allways away. You need to search differantly look in other places. I havent drove in 6 years now. But iam find a job and start again. All you need is a cdl and the right guy in need.

    Dont go searcing for the elite companies, the ones who are so huge thay have a police for everything. Look for the guy with a few trucks where the owner knows the driver still. There out there. get 6 months and move to elite company if thats what ya want.

    • peter says

      like ya said bill you have to find the right guy, i found a farm to employ me, i think they might be exempt from a lot of d.o.t. regs. and i got away with a major f-up on my record. another area that migt be exempt is the oil fields, water and sand haulers, i,ve seen adds for the balkken fields out in n dakota, montana where they tell you that you need to put in sixty to eighty hours a week. they have to be exempt from a lot of d.o.t. stuff. sounds like good money but not sure if i could live in some kind of man camp. happy job hunting.

  46. Jeff says

    I’ve had my CDL since 1992. Two yrs ago I was told I failed a drug test for marijuana. I didn’t, so I asked for a retest(which they have to provide, even if it is at your expense). According to the Federal Motor Vehicle Laws they also have to send the sample to another testing company that is not affiliated with the first company. I received notice a week later that the results came back the same as before. While reading the report I noticed that it was the exact same report as the first, including the date and persons name who performed the test. Everything was the same except for an extra comment that it was a failure. When I asked to see the results they informed me that they only have to show me pass/fail. Not the actual results. When I informed them that it is a federal crime to withhold my personal medical records(which it is) they said I have to show up in person with 3 different forms of ID to prove it is me. The problem is that the testing facility is in Minnesota. I live in California. I have not been able to get a job since that day because it says I have a failed drug test on my record. I was told that in order to fix this I would have to go to rehab for at least the 2 week minimum which happens to cost $1000. Insulting. And not until they (all former or current drug addicts) clear me. Even so it is still on my record that I failed a drug test at one time. Nobody will hire me. In 18 yrs I have had 1 accident(1995) that I was ticketed for an unsafe lane change only, not for being in an accident. Not even former employers who gave me copies that I would be eligible for rehire at any time will talk to me. I’m treated like a drug addict by everyone in the industry. Since I dont have thousands of dollars to hire an attorney (was told it would cost around $5000) does anyone have any legit suggestions?

    • D Holmes says

      Hire Right is a nightmare you can ‘t wake up from.
      I attended orientation at a company for a regional position but was told they had me as OTR. After explaining I left an OTR position specifically for a regional, all they would say is “We don’t have any regional positions but will put you on the list”. Then after hearing more about the company; their policies, fees they hold drivers responsible for, current driver stories, decided not to stay. While waiting for my bus ticket home, I was informed I tested positive for drugs, which is impossible because I do not use drugs. I told them I wanted it retested and they told me only if I paid them $180 first. I couldn’t afford it so I figured I would deal with it later.
      I accepted employment with another company and just days before I was to start, received call from them telling me the first company just sent them a fax stating I tested positive for drugs. Now this company sent this information without my signed authorization. When I called them and confronted them about how they broke the law by releasing this (false/disputed) information about me without my signed authorization, they said they would have to call me back. When they called back, they said they have my signature on release and have matched it against my “Electronic” signature from my application. I requested they email me a copy of it but they refused, saying it was their property and if I wanted a copy, I need a court order.
      I followed the dispute procedures for Hire Right. They sent me a letter saying the only thing this company did was remove notation that I previously worked for them. The letter says, “If requested Hire Right will provide you with a description of the procedures used in the investigation along with the name, address and telephone number of anyone we contacted for information related to this dispute investigation”.
      I have now made 3 requests for this information and have still not received it. I also submitted a rebuttal statement to be added to my report. It’s been over 2 weeks since I emailed it to them but it has not been added yet. When I call, they simply say it’s in queue to be worked. I originally filed the dispute 5/06/14, they sent me letter dated 5/16/14 saying investigation closed, that’s a total of 10 days. So why is it taking so long for them to record my rebuttal?
      Just like other drivers, this false information was placed on my DAC report without proof and nothing was done by Hire Right about this company releasing unverified, unauthorized information about me. This has kept me from getting another driving job so I have retained a lawyer. This trucking company and Hire Right have got to be made accountable for destroying the lives of innocent, hard working truckers.
      In researching FMCSR, came across some very interesting articles.

      Federal Trade Commission: Protecting America’s Consumers
      Employment Background Screening Company to Pay $2.6 Million Penalty for Multiple Violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act
      August 8, 2012
      TAGS: Finance Finance Bureau of Consumer Protection Consumer Protection Privacy and Security Credit Reporting
      An employment background screening company that provides consumer reports to companies nationwide will pay $2.6 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act by failing to use reasonable procedures to assure the maximum possible accuracy of information it provided, failing to give consumers copies of their reports, and failing to reinvestigate consumer disputes, as required by law. I will be contacting the FTC next. There is much more there, look it up.

      Good luck to all others experiencing hardship due to false/erroneous information recorded about you and the joke of the dispute process of Hire Right.

  47. Carey S. Turner says

    I wish all of you who are having troubles with DAC, the best. We can only hope and pray that someday, this system will get some national attention. I worked for my starter company for 18 months. Since then, I have worked for 3 other companies. I do not like bouncing around. Only recently has my DAC been a problem.
    It turns out my DAC shows equipment abandonment and a traffic accident. The abandonment was when I was medically disqualified from driving the truck, and the traffic accident is a rock chip in the windshield. I dont know why this only recently became a problem, but I can now only be employed by companies who dont take DAC as absolute truth.

    All I can say,to others out there, is that there are companies who will hire you with explainable infractions on your DAC report. Just keep looking and be completely honest with them.

  48. BRENT MULLEN says

    I think the DAC report is totally unfair to drivers. I worked for a company called K&B Trucking for a few months. They dispatched me illegally all the time. Because I did not complain about it they really loved me and took advantage of me..
    I finally got so worn out I told them I quit. They begged me to stay and keep going, but I could not. After I quit they got really upset and told me to just park the truck. I later found out K&B reported a few bad things about me on the DAC report that were untrue. K&B got mad at me so that’s how they got back at me. K&B are the ones that should have been reported but because of DAC they made me look bad not themselves. After a year I got turned down for a job and found out the reason was K&B put untrue things on the DAC report. I disputed the claims but got nothing solved. Evidently DAC takes the companies side over the worker.
    I hope one day companies need to show proof before DAC can smear a drivers record and not just assume all companies are honest. Unfortunatly all companies are not honest.
    Thanks for reading, Brent

  49. Melissa says

    why should I have to pay to have my report corrected ? My DAC shows a felonie from about 7 years ago ! I have NEVER been arrested in my life !!!!!! Shoot ! This is so unfair !

  50. john anderson says

    I too have been a victim of trucking companies giving inaccurate information to Dac services. They have litterally ruined my trucking resume and I cannot get a job because of them. I believe that they should have to provide proof of their allegations to Dac services. Dac services should be responsible for investigating the allegations before posting them on the reports. They should not take the word of these trucking companies.

    John, Lewisburg W.V.

  51. jerry says

    My advice to the truckers that have had bad dac reports is to buy your own truck and trailer get insurance etc.and forget all the big companies.I have over 13 years exp. and my dac is incorrect.Trucking companies can smear what ever they want about you. Dac/usis should be put out of business my opinion.I will never drive for a big company again.I enjoy working 4 day’s a week picking my own freight and making alot more money.I don’t have to worry about some dispatcher telling me what to do,I’m my own boss and wouldn’t have it any other way.Remeber this is America.If anyone knows of a petition to sign to get dac out of business let me know.I understand alot of people can’t just run out and buy a Truck.Dac and the trucking companies using it should no longer be in business why use somehing that is totally inaccurate.

    • Bob Young says

      I read your comment, and I appreciate your insight. I made the mistake of not buying my own truck, when the big companies had me feeling very secure, and I had the money to go on my own. this is a different age, you have given me something to think about, thank you.


  52. Robert says

    I would like to know how many years has the DAC file been in use? Also is there a similar report
    system for drivers to generate information about trucking companies?

  53. Russ says

    Good luck. Companies will treat you like a hopeless drug addict. There are companies that will hire you if you go through the drug counseling however, they are few and far between.

    • Mark says

      Russ this is so true.Of course I was a super trucker at one time, but my age and wisdom got the better of me.Like most supertruckers I had the remedy to beat the mother of all tests. Though every trucking company gave me fair warning of one coming, I put the potion back in my pocket(that helped me beat them) and left it in Gods hands as what results would come back.It was the best worse way to get help.I went through the ASAP program in 05-06 and got my safety sensitive status back after a yaer of hell and $5000.00 dollars and my options are still limited,even after 5 years.

  54. Jerry Byrd says

    I also think that DAC should have to prove what they post in anyones report.
    About 2 years ago I had a argument with the safty directoe at CFI/ Conway truck load 2 weeks later i was called in for a random drug screen that they say i failed eventho i have never taken any drugs of any kind I was told i tested postive for speed and now i can not get a job of anykind

  55. gael says


  56. Donald says

    I am a victim of false dac, I got screwed for trying to do the right thing and being honest, I got into 3 small incidents which one of them wasnt my fault, and when I quit my other driving job to go to Marten, I got into 3 incidents, 2 of them not being my fault and they put negative things on my dac. Now I cant get another driving job nor can I collect unemployment. I lost the only job that I ever liked and there is no jobs in the town I live in, Is there any way to get my dac report clean?

  57. George says

    Call 1-800-381-0645 this is the direct number to DAC. They are very nice and helpful. After You give Your info You will have Your DAC Report in 5 Business Days.. Easy..

  58. Alton says

    I drove for USA. Yes they coached me on how to work the books to get more drive time in. All load were on-time. The truck broke-down a few times. I disconnected the battery and reconnected it. The truck would go again. Throughout the months of working for them they would not answer the phone or the squaw comm for hours. In my last week I was broke-down in front of a shipper/receiver door (1 of 2). the owner breathing down my neck to move the truck. USA not complying for 8 hours I set in front of that door. When the repairman got there it took him 30 minutes to repair a faulty wire and I was on my way. The next load a forklift punched a hole in the trailer. USA sent me to a repair shop, after repairs it was 4 pm they closed at 5pm. USA would not answer the phone so that I could pay the bill. I called for 2 hours and was told by the owner that I would be blocked in for the night. I talk him into letting me drop the trailer and go so I could go get a meal and shower. at 7 pm USA called to say the bill is payed. I was a week late for hometime. an ex-employer had been calling to come back to work for him. so being mad as hell at USA I made a stupid move and drove the truck home. unloaded it and called USA and told them I would bring I to a yard. the company I was working for went out of business. Now I have unauthorized use of vehicle on my DAC report and cannot find a job. company’s are very interested until they see my DAC report. I have never been in trouble before. never failed a drug screening. have a clean driving record. Yes I screwed-up, but they did to. my reason for driving the truck home was for my stuff (frig microwave ect). These companys will treat you like crap, but don’t make the same mistake I made rent a U-hall. that is what I should have done.

    If someone can help me with a job driving E-mail me. I have my own truck now, but no trailer the truck is DOT ready. valid CDL with N T endorsements.

  59. Alton says

    I found a job. I was honest about what I did but did not raging USA, thinking if I did rag USA they would figure that I would rag them as well when we part company. This time I will do a lot better on my part and probably tolerate more bull.

  60. Dano says

    I am a Safety Director – if you have an issue with a false report on your DAC Report simply call them. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act they must verify that the information is accurate. If they can not – they MUST REMOVE it from your record. If the company can verify the information though a “write- up” or other documentation then you still have the right to write a 200 word statement explaining the situation in your words that MUST be included when they report any information on you from that company. The process takes some time – BUT – with little effort on your part – just like a credit report – you can get it cleaned up. Hope this HELPS! I personally hate safety professionals that act less than fair and honest! Dan

  61. Ron wood says

    On Sept 14,2005 I picked up a load in Fostoria,Ohio. I stopped at a red light at HWY 224,and US 23. After the light turned green,and the intersection was clear I proceeded to make a left turn,as I was making my turn a guy driving car slammed into the right rear of my truck taking out the rear axle on my straight truck. The passenger was thrown from the car,and died. What was this guy doing that he couldn’t see a big truck in the intersection? Well come to find out that the Ohio State Highway Patrol covered up for the driver of the car,because the car was owned by the state of Ohio,and the driver was an Ohio state employee ! The judge at the Fostoria Municipal Court took the Police’s side,and I have a “Vehicular Manslaughter” charge on my record,and the state of Ohio is fighting my reinstatement since 2006. I file a disiplinary complaint against the officers,and the attorneys on how my case was handled. “Equal justice under the Law”? Not if you have cops that lie. There were witness that saw this guy run the light into my truck. Do you think the police,and Ohio attorneys were interested in an out of state trucker? I’ve lost my job,my truck,and my retirement money just trying to clear my name. I’ve driven for 38 yrs,and I just ordered my DAC Report just to see how inaccurate it will be. I doubt I’ll be able DAC will help clear up the bad information. Sound like someone should go after DAC.

  62. Ron says

    I sent away for my DAC report. The report was a so inaccurate it wasn’t even reliable for a future employeer to be able to trust it’s accuracy. I couldn’t believe it was so far off. DAC,or Hire Right should make sure the information that they get is accurate first,before sending it on.

  63. Jason says

    I filed a dispute with DAC services about two months ago and got a letter from them stating that the company in question did not respond in the alloted amount of time and the incident in question had been removed from my DAC report. Then next day I recieved another letter stating that the said company did respond in the alloted time manner and that the incident in question was placed back on my DAC report. My question is how can the do this. I will be contacting them in the morning to find out what really happened… I hope I get some sort of answer.

  64. larry says

    dac was sued for something like 2 million dollars i know becuase i was named in the law suit and won some money from it . thats why there called hirerite now.

  65. kelso says

    In my case i tried with my own truck and trailer, I still got shot down. In most cases a hit on your DAC report will not allow you to pick up a load for brokers. You still have to put in an application with brokers who will check your DAC cause they don’t know you.. My incident has abandoned vehicle, the company I worked for is in new jersey with satellites in Miami and Los Angeles. I left their property(truck) on their property(L.A. lot). DAC was suppose to correct that in a dispute with the company, they told me the technical term for leaving the truck on there property was called but i forgot. but, if the company denies or does not agree with you, then it stays.. this company still paid me and offered me to come back at a rough moment in their lack of drivers to cover loads.. if i abandoned your vehicle would you pay me and want to rehire me, seriously.. DAC should need more than a phone call from a company to tar and feather you..

  66. LONG TIME GONE says

    … Sounds like everybody could use some legal counsel pertaining to defamation of character by their ex employers & hire right …

  67. Paul says

    I wouldn’t trust DAC report just because they investigate through the phone and give wrong information out there . People should have second chance even if they done something wrong sometime is not their fault and they end up with bad hiring and bad salaries because of their bad luck, that is why i hire people without DAC report …looking at their professional and human side..

  68. under paid / overworked says will help if your honest with them but if your one of those drivers who Does whatever the carrier says no matter how ilegal they want you to run ? i wish you the best of luck.

    • Ronnie says is a sham the only thing they do is help a driver that has been screwed get relieved of $249. I know this for a fact cause it happened to me and now they wont even return my phone calls where I can tell them what I think of their scam.

  69. Tony says

    You know Dave, I have to tell you from an honest and a 33 year experience. Before you ask or allow your wife to quit ” a good job” please try this career for yourself. You might find, (and probably will) that this career is not for you, isn’t what you thought it was, doesn’t pay, more demanding than your looking for, more dangerous than you thought, etc. etc. etc.

  70. tracy says

    Okay, listen to this. I was with a company doing e-logs. Upon taking my hometime, i had to send my truck to Freightliner. After it took my company 2 1/2 weeks to pay for the repairs, i found that my qualcomm was malfunctioning. I alerted my logs dept, safety, and FM, to let them all know that while on my 10hr break, qualcomm switched on it’s own from off-duty to driving to on-duty. 1 week later i was routed in to get this fixed. After fixing the qualcomm, said company terminated my contract for violation of company policy (logs). Not only did they do this, but, they put on my DAC report as if I did something wrong when it was because of equipment failure (their equipment). Now i’m having a hard time getting a job because they want to use and abuse my good nature. Wake up Angela!!!! You’ve obviously have never been a driver, if you had been you’d see that this is the only way that we can protect oueselves.

  71. Patrick Henry says

    DAC or should I say Hire Right got their asses sued off last year. I only know this because I was included in the class action suit and got a nice paycheck out of it. I think you’ll see them start being a little more careful about what they place in that file now.

  72. Willie says

    For one thing I think Dac should be made to pay any legal or rep fees if the information contained in the report is error, companies like this Dac fix and many others are praying on the drivers using them will NOT solve the underlying issue that Dac/ Hireright is skirting many gray areas in allowable information release. No company has the right to know what other companies I’ve put an application to, further an orientation isn’t just for the company i have just as much right if not more right to decide to walk away from a company

    • Ronnie says

      Hireright gets paid buy this companies to put information that’s favorable to them on a DAC report. I went to the hireright web sight and looked into it.

  73. John Campbell says

    Technically, he was still an employee, until he had emptied his truck and left the property. He should have just went ahead and did the test. Another hour or so, and I believe he would have been paid for the time.
    Sometimes, it’s better to be inconvenienced for a couple of hours, than to fight a DAC entry.

  74. chri says

    Angela , you don’t have a clue. The only thing companies use a dac report is to black ball drivers . 99% of the comments left by companies are lies . There is no recourse for a driver once a company lies on a dac report . These so-called dac fix companies are a sham .

  75. jonathan martin says

    I was driving for werner, dropped off a load in florida i have 30 mins left on my clock and i cant park the truck at the consignee over night i call dispatch then the dude i was talking to told me to drive on personal time to the terminal which was hard to find. then my clock runs out while im driving. i get into an accident after finding a place to make a round about and in the process of heading back the direction a came from i leave a stop sign with no cars to be seen on my left side i begin pulling out heading to center turning lane and a 4wheeler pulling lawn equipment comes hauling ass and i was not able to brake fast enough to avoid tearing the trailer apart among damaging the front of the rig i was driving. so i get towed to the terminal, talk to safety get the alcohol and drug test which came back clean, i knew they would. then i had to take a road test which is usually around the block. after we get back to terminal i have to go back to safety and they give me a safety disharge for shifting over the rail road tracks which never happened and they never showed any proof that i did shifted over the rail road tracks.

    this was all in july of 2012 after 2 months of driving for them including the time with trainer.

    any advise for me?

  76. Donna says

    I use to think my truck driver of a hubby would be much better off driving for a big company, he drives for someone that only has 6 trucks. I figured he’d get better equipment, a better schedule, better benefits, etc. I’m gonna shut my mouth about him applying at a big company.
    I appreciate all the insight you all have given & will pray that each of you have your false records be made truthful, for those of you that have made mistakes, that you be given a 2nd chance to prove you have learned from those mistakes.
    I really love the idea of keeping reports on the companies!!
    There was only 1 that was perfect and as far as I know he never worked for DAC or any trucking company

  77. david says

    Its true these company put anything on your dac. Here I told the company I quit n I drop tje trailer where they told me to n clean the tractor out. And I even drove it back to there yard . And what do I get but was told if you leave then we will put load abandament on your dac. Realy when I did everything they ask to do. Now see we should be able to put crap on there dac . These company just like to mess with ppl lives. It anit right or fare. But I was smart every messages I sent ro them n they reply with I took pictures of. So when they do stick it on my dac I will sue them

  78. Matt L. says

    I just took over the process of hiring new drivers for my company, Jim Lawrence Transportation. Basically, I figure I have to take what I see on DAC with a grain of salt. A couple of companies reporting things like “quit without notice” doesn’t really bother me, but if I were to see several companies reporting a bunch of negative things about one driver, it would definitely raise a red flag. In the end though, I’m going to go with my gut (and their MVR). I know there are a TON of shady trucking companies out there just like there are a TON of shady truck drivers. It’s too bad there’s such a morale vacuum in this industry…and that’s not even taking into account the brokers!

  79. brakecheck says

    Never heard of DAC before 1994. Prior to that, I worked for people who knew me personally, knew I could drive and was honest
    In 1994, when I formed a team with my better half and a company told me I had problems on my DAC report. The DAC report was incorrect as to dates but I sent them the correct information. They corrected the report and all was well. However when we signed onto another company later, the DAC report showed my wife and I driving as co-drivers, having the same truck number but she was pulling Refrigerated and I was pulling Flatbed. The company rep laughed and said, “Your wife doesn’t have any flatbed experience but we are signing you on anyway based on your good record and previous recommendations” My wife had several years flatbed experience as my co-driver. It was funny and we never bothered to correct it.

  80. Heath says

    ok I’ve read all of these post and not once does anyone clarify is dac and hireright the samething? If not what is the difference?

    • says

      It’s right in the article:

      DAC reports were available from USIS, but they are now handled by a private company called HireRight. To receive your report, you must mail in a Consumer Report Request Form, or you can request your free DAC report from HireRight online:

      HireRight is a background check company, DAC is the product they offer to check the background of drivers.

  81. Mike says

    Can anyone tell me if you have 2 incidents on your dac report, how long does it take to
    drop off? I worked for a company 2 years proir and never had any accidents / incidents.
    would those two previous years count. I just started w ith a new company and had a
    couple of incidents. I’m getting conflicting info. Thanks

    • Bruce B says

      nothing drops off your DAC, it is the report submitted by your previous employer. If you had an accident in 2000 that was reported, it would be there.

  82. Bruce B says

    There is now another company providing driver employment history along the same lines as the DAC by HireRight. It is done by a company call DriverIQ. I just had my background investigated by a potential employer and noticed several things.
    1) driveriq goes ALL the way back. It lists a parking lot incident at a company terminal that happened in my 4th month of driving (dot non-recordable, hit fixed object, broke turn lens) in 1996. 2) It also shows a ticket from SEVEN years ago (my only ticket in 18 years)
    3) SCHNEIDER NATIONAL made an entry DIFFERENT from what they reported to HireRight, namely that I am not eligible for rehire. I have written Schneider but received no reply as of yet as to why, 3 years AFTER I left the company in good standing (no tickets, no accidents, no reported losses) and just months after I checked my DAC to see that I was still listed as Eligible at all my previous jobs, would they have changed it to not eligible.
    4) the DriverIQ report is incomplete – it does not show my last THREE jobs that I have held since leaving Schneider in 2010.
    Driver’s need to be aware of this and maybe TheTruckersReport can write up something about this new agency. It was a report ordered by Dart Transit, I have never heard of them before and I wrote Dart to let them know of the deficiencies in that report.

  83. Kelley says

    I ordered my DAC/BAC and was surprised I had black list, illegal coding on my BAC in the employers address line. Hireright refused to even acknowledge it was there. So I filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency. Make sure you look at the Employers description and address line. If it shows prevent/terminat you have a problem. The potential employer wont even bother to look at your MVR’s for no accidents, as an accident free driver I was floored my employer would do this.

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