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  1. asphaltreptile311

    asphaltreptile311 Medium Load Member

    Jun 16, 2016
    I hear some operators saying they typically clear 2-3k after expenses would you say this is a good ole fashion leg pulling, or about accurate?
  2. 86scotty

    86scotty Road Train Member

    Aug 27, 2017
    $2-3k a year? Yep, that's about what I make. Finally raking in the big bucks.
  3. stayinback

    stayinback Road Train Member

    Jan 24, 2014
    Yes,That is pretty accurate.
    Independents do a bit more-
    I only work a 4 day week now that Im Older- Still take home $2300-$2400 after all expenses.
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  4. starmac

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    Apr 11, 2019
    Fairbanks Ak
    Different types of work and different parts of the country, but it is totally possible, and I would not even crank my truck for 2 or 3000 a week, if I had to work all week for that.
    I picked up a loaded trailer yesterday morning, dropped and picked up an empty yesterday evening, dropped the empty and was home by 3 this evening. My cut will be somewhere between 4000 and 4500, I used in the neighborhood of 650 bucks worth of fuel. I have other expenses, more than some I am sure, do more maintenience than most, but do the math.
    I doubt I take it, but they will be on the horn in the morning wanting me to do it all over again. I think I will make them wait another day, I am getting to old to work that hard. lol 15 hours behind the wheel yesterday, and 8 today, truck has to be washed and serviced before I head back out, which happens every trip this time of year here. AND there is no such a thing as a blue beacon here, or a quick lube here.

    Now here is the catch, I can gross 40 grand a month, it usually is not year round, nor is there any security, it can stop at any minute. I am one that would rather give up the security and make the same in half the time, but lots of people has to have the security of knowing what next week brings. a guy can always go fishing. lol
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  5. Rideandrepair

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    Aug 8, 2015
    I would ask them what “ all expenses” includes. You also have to factor in time off. 48 weeks worked devided by 52. On average, I’d say 30-50% of gross, very rough estimate. A lot have no idea what they really make. Killing it today, against a wall tomorrow.
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  6. Dino soar

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    Dec 8, 2017
    Can I ask you is that before tax?
  7. stayinback

    stayinback Road Train Member

    Jan 24, 2014
    Yes it is take off another 27% for taxes
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  8. johnnyman1099

    johnnyman1099 Medium Load Member

    Mar 13, 2017
    You can clear $2-3k weekly after fuel and insurance expense but before taxes. On the surface, this looks great. But after truck and trailer payment, and Maintenance, you might make less than $1000 a week if you average out the year. Also home time will lower your average. The main factor is in truck and trailer repairs and down time. Down Time cost much more than repairs in the long run. This has been my experiences over the past 14 years as an owner operator having once had my own DOT authority and leasing on to different carriers.
  9. 77fib77

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    Jul 7, 2010
    North Jersey
    I'm thinking you can work so little and get food stamps. Maybe next year, maybe.

    Yeah after fuel and insurance you can clear 2 to 3. If I stay out the whole month it's like 10 to 13 k. But payments and repairs add up. I paid out over 6.5k in a month in repairs and made 9k.

    Long term;' You need to save enough money to pay for a new engine and live for 3 months while you sort it all out.
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