Any ELDs with a "Buy it Now/Order Now" button?

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  1. georemo

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    Mar 28, 2020
    Small lil fleet and I'm starting to lose patience here, our current Ebullshit provider is ceasing operations by the end of this month in another one bites the dust scenario and we're left to scramble for a replacement by the 30th, I've been looking for a similar one that also has IFTA and can be managed online through a portal so Garmin and the likes are not an option, I don't want to talk to anybody or listen to any sales pitches and endless emails just to be able to receive a glorified 3$ ELM327 chip in a 2 cent plastic housing to plug into the trucks for hundreds of dollars more than it's worth, which should under all circumstances be available to order with a click of a button if the gov is insisting on shoving this crap down our throats instead of having to jump through hoops and having to listen to agonizing sales pitches, the same way the gov forced this crap on us they should force the provider to make it readily available and can be ordered in seconds instead of days of back and forth with sales teams,
    I went through the list of providers on FMCSA website and over 2 thirds of them went out of business and they're still listed in the registered list, more belly up ones on the revoked list, but the other less than third that is still in business almost all if not 100% of them do not just let you buy their crap online

    Let me know of what I can order online
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  3. blairandgretchen

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    Dec 9, 2011
    South west Missouri
    I'm leased on to Landstar, 1995 truck. I use 'Motive' which used to be 'Keep truckin' -

    $26/month for data charge. Hooks into 'J' port and a box on the dash. Don't remember the price for the box.

    Customer service for the few times I've had to call has been good, offshore, but little wait time and quick resolution.

    As for your anger - I'm right there with you. Every man and his dog got into the 'market' (regulation forced down our throats), and 70% of them have exited the market leaving thousands of frustrated users.

    Yes - should have been provided free of charge from the onset - paper logs were just that, $3 for a log book, and administrative fees for keeping records.

    I use an old iPhone for the display, which, annoyingly, has to be mounted and visible, so had to purchase a mount and ruin the interior of a nice older model truck, along with the black stain box on the dash for compliance. When that phone gives out, that'll be another $500 or so.

    Screw them and their regulations. Should be a tax CREDIT , not deduction for this BS that we have to pay for, that we never asked for or wanted. Paper logs were fine, devices just made drivers dumber than they already were. Thanks Werner.

    Rant over - good luck.
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  4. Accidental Trucker

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    Jun 4, 2015
    Look into Konexial. Great office features (IFTA, etc), and pretty easy in the cab.

    Not perfect, but nothing is. I particularly like their geo-fencing approach for exemptions (150 mile radius, etc). Plus oil field exemptions, state specific hours, you name it. Support has been better than I had hoped (admittedly, a low bar these days).
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