AT&T users. Check your plan now!

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    I know nothing about tablets.

    My last visit to ATT came out to a 50 dollar flip phone and 30 a month two year to service same. I already have had their internet service for decades. The phone issue is not competitive in monthly pricing because I am part of the Reagan era lifeline program which serves the smart phone for free. I don't do voice only texts. The saved money is used towards the medical billing.

    In the past we have had cell phones in trucking and it was good. As long you stayed out of range of a Canadian tower which would generate a 1000 dollar bill which lands into our post box. (Roaming and international and so on.)

    I keep the phone for when I need it otherwise it's the net. But it's not for trucking. I have done internet on the road via dailup in the late 90's and truckstops do not like to see their table phones rewired to route the line to the laptop.
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    Skip to the end for an alternative. Or read it all ;)

    If you bring your own device/phone. You’re essentially contract free. Their new billing cycles basically insure you pay a month in advance.

    I’m not sure what you consider expensive. I exploded on them just before Christmas due to an exceptionally high bill. $200+

    It’s since been resolved.

    I can only provide you with what I know. Pay as you go, text and phone runs $30 a month if you go paperless and autopay. Data is severely restricted with that plan. And will be costly to use.

    They offer 2 “Unlimited and More” plans. The first one won’t allow you to tether your tablet.

    The Premium, allows tethering, but only allows 15gb while tethered. Otherwise unlimited to the primary line/device, It runs me about $87 a month on a single phone. You get a hell of a lot of bang for your buck with this plan. Streaming video, a choice of a premium TV channel to stream for free, and others that aren’t premium channels. I chose this plan because I cross into Canada regularly. And calling from Canada was costing me a small fortune. Now, it’s free.

    Keep in mind. It’s the device that locks you into the contract. Not the service. I am not under contract since I own my phone. And they will try everything they can to lock you into one lol

    Auto-pay, and paperless billing allows me to keep this rate. Otherwise it would be about $100.

    Alternative service: Go to Walmart and purchase Straight Talk. You can pick your package. They offer a smart phone at a very reduced cost. OR, you can bring your own phone. Many of our drivers use this to stream videos. You essentially have a second working phone, (if you chose) that you use for tethering your tablet or laptop to. There’s no contract, they don’t throttle you, and you choose what amount you want to pay. They share services through ATT, Verizon, and 2 others. Essentially insuring the device/phone works anywhere, almost.
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    Thanks for the information it’s very helpful.
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    $1 a minute? Geez, I have an imarsat satellite phone, and that's how much it costs for me to make calls from it, to any country in the world.
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