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    I just quit GTI/ Heartland a few weeks ago and I'm glad I did. The 1st week of july was when the merger was completed and right after this happened everything started going downhill real quick. Miles started going down for a couple months prior to the completion and Heartlands policies were just idiotic. Gordons drivers are quitting faster than they can replace them and even GTI's dispatchers are leaving. The Gordon family is actually very upset with Heartless Express because they are changing everything and that was never part of the deal. Shortly after the merger completion Heartland started moving dispatchers around and when they took mine from me that was the last straw and luckily the load I was under was going near the Lathrop terminal, so I delivered the load and then dropped the truck off, cleaned it out, and got out while I still could. Heartless Express pissed me off so much that I actually found a non-driving job near my house.

    So for anyone thinking about driving for Heartless, take this warning and stay away, and even if you drive one of the blue Gordon trucks you are still driving for Heartland. They treat you like you are a piece of poo. You will sit for days at a time and then get a short haul load, only to have to sit again.
    With Gordon I was running 2700-3000 miles per week and never had to take a 34hr restart out on the road and once Heartland took over I was lucky to get 2200 miles week but typically would average less than 2000 miles per week and was taking 34hr restarts at least once a week.
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    Ha !!!!
    I was gone two months after gordon announced the sale to heartland...

    Personally, I think they did me a favor...
    With a better company now and no longer driving the northwest
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    Sounds very close to when XPO bought us out at Conway Truckload last October....what a joke...everything is about reduction/deduction..their bleeding drivers here to, especially early on...I'm planning on leaving also, been here many years..but...I'm looking into a more smaller company to drive for like 150 to 300 trucks..Hey good luck on your employment adventures. I've already got a short list and checked who I'm considering to drive for. I was parking next to a Gordon driver with the aqua colored truck...he came up to talk to me...Said Exactly what you just said...hey negatives stick and they travel they in the long run will pay the price for cheap reductive help
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    First off a DAC report will never ruin someone's career. I'm so sick of hearing about DAC reports. The better companies never use it. DAC is a tool for mega carriers to manipulate and control the ignorant masses.

    Secondly, your story is fishy. I have a feeling there was some operator error involved here.

    I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you get some better training on how to drive truck and handle your next employer.
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