Boston Based with trailer parking in Salem, MA

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    Jun 18, 2022
    Salem, MA
    Looking for an experienced team driver and truck that is about maximizing earnings. I am a non smoker, non vape, park at the gym OTR driver. I start my day with a run and a shower at Planet Fitness and eat healthy. I have been bringing my dog with me but willing to go without if necessary. I prefer Auto but no restrictions. APU is a must. Navigation is my strong point. Ran the GWB every week delivering to all the Home Depots in New England and the Tri State. Doesn't get much more dangerous than that and have a clean driving record. I was delivering 50k+ lbs of plants solo with a liftgate on a 53' sleeper in all weather conditions at all hours. I'm a worker. Not working right now so catch me while you can. Company fired me for using profanity on our own dock workers strapping trailers dangerously and it was the first write up lol. My annual review attached.

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