BRIDGE LAWS , Tandem holes HELP!!!

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    :biggrin_25512: Bridge law's-king pin law's we got too many law's that tell us what too do, i really like this lady tho, i guess everybody miss the point she was making, she's trying teach the new steering wheel holder's , too be better at there job's, but if she just let everybody out the gate with out doing this, guess what, they be right back at the inbound gate holding up driver's, because they got hold up by dot coffee shop and was told too go back and reload , so now she got about 7 more truck's too deal with on top her normal work load of truck's , so in in a way she's just helping everybody out and that is quite rare in the trucking world, so i tip my hat too this fine young lady for doing that, i always carry a 50 foot cloth reel tape measure i bought at harbor freight, then some jumbo colored chalk, i used too haul waste paper bale's, them are heavy, what i did for every load would weigh on cat scale , get it close to the hole chalk that hole, because next load would be news print new rolls about 6 feet high and 3 feet around, i would toggle back and forth between loads so the chalk in the holes would work for me , i also measured inside the trailer with electric tape were the tandems were and tell them don't go past the mark for that load, a driver has too know were he been loaded and you kinda get a feel for it, , i was out in NY , and this guy was a good loader, he had chart's made up how too load the trailer, you pick out the chart , hand too him, and he clip's that too his fork lift good setup i like that :yes2557:
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    California Bridge law is not the 14th hole. CA Bridge Law is no more than 40 feet from kingpin to rear tandem. Most drivers just slide their tandems all the way forward before going into CA to be on the safe side. I know a few companies like Schneider, Marten, Prime, and a few others with the maximum pin settings for certain states
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    ChromeDome, Thank you very much for your list. Can you please tell me the difference between distance from kingpin to the center of axles on trailer and distance between kingpin and center of rear axle assembly on trailer? Thanks. Also where did you get this information?
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    Center of axles set is BETWEEN the tandems--center of rear axle assembly is basically taken to mean at the MIDDLE of the wheel hub--this also applies to center of front axle set--hope that clears it up for you--
    Also just to reiterate too many drivers are still asking what hole? It's worth repeating that every manufacturer is different and every manufacturer has different models with different hole distances--so you need to know your equipment--since a trailer that moves 250lbs per hole--will have holes much closr than a trailer where you can move 400+lbs per hole---therefor which hole to be in would be totally different in these two trailers--not to mention some trailers have sliders that are much shorter/or longer than others....
    Just my $.02
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    know your kingpin set-back. Industry standard is 3 feet. Take that off the length of the trailer.

    Measure from the back of the trailer forward. Don't need longer than a 25' tape to set the truck.

    (53-3)= 50

    Trailer tandem center is 9 feet from rear of trailer. Kingpin bridge is 50-9 = 41 feet Easy as snot.
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    Even the weight per hole will vary on the same trailer, depending on the 5th wheel setting.
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    Can't always go by 'which hole' even on the same brand of trailers. Do you really trust the quality control of the guys who build those trailers to weld those rails under there to nuclear laser precision specs? lol
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    It all comes back to scaling various loads, making adjusts and figuring out the changes.

    Never change 5th wheel and trailer at the same time until you know exactly what each does for you.
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    Forget holes when you are starting out! 100 foot tape measure is $17 at home depot:


    Lay it on the ground past the tandems. Then go back and make sure the "zero" end is right at the kingpin. Then go back and look where your tandems are. Or ask someone to hold the zero end where you tell them to.

    It is also great to have in the truck if any LEO or DOT questions your length!

    Once you have "taped" a few trailers you will know what holes on each make of trailer are what length. Wright the info down as you gather it.

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