Broker refusing to pay solution.

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    I heard they had a new 3pl in Jefferson. I could be wrong though. I do know there is a new company running down there. Who knows landstar maybe double brokering.
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    He has a point. My last 2 rounds of golf I was paired up with other total strangers and have had the following:

    1. Been told about how a hip surgery effects the sex life of a 60 plus year old
    2. Been shown a colostomy bag
    (1 and 2 were a pair of elderly golf buddies)
    3. Was told (confirmed by FD associates) by the guy that he killed a guy walking along a highway by hitting him accidentally with his car
    (I was not in the golf cart w this guy, I was walking and stayed well behind him and God willing I lived to talk about it)

    But seriously, @ZVar is right, humans will talk and I agree that this info would be probably easy to get if you know how to be polite and talk to people as I was just a hack golfer and know about folks medical and personal stories and didn't even ask.
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    You do understand we were talking about small claims court.Which many but not all states will not let you file on out of state cases because of the small amount of money involved.One reason if I lived in NC I could literally file as many cases I see fit against companies in CA.and most all will not defend them because of the small amount it would cost them many times over the amount there being sued for many states deem it unfair and will not file your case
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    Hi ridge. Would you mind explaining us what you mean by bond? How do we file a bond? How much does it cost? Thanks.
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