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    Mobileye is the same company Tesla just gave the boot because they make terrible products.

    Its a camera that looks forward and supposedly keeps track of the driver, but the thing has a mind of its own and will see collisions that never happened and lines on the road which do not exist.

    But fortunately they have done away with the system and have radar anti collision units and some sort of thing that buzzes to keep drivers in their lane. The new systems are vastly better.

    But the Freightliner radar likes to keep like a quarter mile from the vehicle ahead of you, so it constantly slows the truck down. The Peterbilt/Kenworth radars are vastly better.
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    the new system is called bendix. all bendix does is alert you to your follow distance. it also uses adaptive cruise control to keep your following distance when the cruise is set. mobileye is annoying. they both utilize radar and if its raining hard enough they dont work.
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    i wonder if they have mics that can listen in on the cab of the truck at any time.
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