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    He actually had a point, although he was unable to provide you with this court case rendering your original statement regarding the oilfield exemption invalid unless it is applied to "vehicles specially constructed to service oil wells" which “normally consist of heavy machinery permanently mounted on specially designed semitrailer chassis, designed to fill a specific need.”
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    I missed this debate but I want to add that I've been thru an audit while using the aforementioned wait time exemption with my rig moving trucks. My bed trucks and gin trucks were fine but the winch tractors hauling the equipment from pad to pad weren't. The official explanation I got was the fact that it had a fifth wheel and could snap under a general freight trailer made it not specially constructed for the oilfield, I've got the 50k fine somewhere to prove it. So you're argument about sand cans and water haulers being able to use it isn't true because they aren't specially constructed equipment. Those companies you mentioned that are using it are either being outlaw or just don't know any better
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    Maybe I'm not understanding you and I'm no expert but most tractors in the oil field have 5th wheels. Oil field exemption is for the purpose of servicing the well only. O.E. does not cover all activity in the oil field, including rig moves. So if your truck is serving a well your ok to use O.E.
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    Also you have to be at a well site to use OE.
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    That's not the way the fmcsa inspector at my audit interpreted the exemption for wait time. He says that only trucks that have been built where they can't do anything besides service a well i.e. Coil units, frac pumps, Kill trucks, bed trucks and such. Unfortunately winch tractors, water trucks, and sand trucks don't fall into these parameters so the wait time exemption can't be used. The 24 hour reset covers all of them tho. The wait time at wellsites is what they fined me for on my audit.
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    I heard North Dakota was cracking down on that as well. Strange thing is coil units, frac equipment, etc are trailers pulled by a tractor with a fifth wheel as well and can be used for anything as well. They are not permanent.
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    Were you audited in Texas?
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    No I was audited in Wyoming but federal is federal. I suppose a TX audit could be different and there is some officer interpretation I'm just giving my experiences.
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    Here in arkansas it's mostly Macks with 45 foot tube tankers for slurry or mud waste for disposal from active rigs.

    Rig count has dropped.

    On our Highway 64 between US 67and Conway AR you have a MAJOR Fracking operation that has about 6 acres of tractor trailers parked when there is no fracking going on. (Natural gas)

    In Searcy above the new Loves truckstop at exit 42 I think, you have a complete gas tanking out fit including a natural gas filling station for semi trucks on property that was once a wonderful living truckstop with EXCELLENT food back in 1992 when I first delivered to land of frost here with ham.

    We are a Natural gas territory more or less. And you will hear the gas trucks jaking through the area on some of our curves, first and second and third on 64 near the town of Beebe, near Vilonia sits a major facility that disposes of slurry water. However that works I don;'t know exactly.

    The trucking has fallen off a little bit these days. Not so intense.

    I hope that with the increase in barrel prices for fuel delivered on Spot markets three months from now past 60 dollars with a upside of 80 a barrel by summer, I hope to see a increase in rig count.

    Disclaimer, We are actually part owner of several rig spots. But they have turned to salt and have been closed since the 70s and no one has reopened them yet. (And probably wont... for a while) and we will go from there.

    The one thing I do keep an eye on quite a bit is Oklahoma and its rigs there in the field. Cushing is one place. Hammond is another.
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    Vaccum tank with sleeper on a 389. Exempt by 15 hrs a day still 70 od and 24 hr restart. Sitting at well shown off duty
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