Class 1 drivers for free, don't be cheated ! If you are "hired" by this company: G-Line Trucking,

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    Jul 8, 2019
    Class 1 drivers for free, don't be cheated !

    If you are "hired" by this company:

    G-Line Trucking, another used name:
    Jesmine Transport

    Address:34154 RPO Cloversquare,Surrey,BC,V3S 8C4

    Note: This address does not exist at all, His name also fake name, he never show his real name. Presently he use this phone number to hire.

    His customers said he cheated many drivers before by hire and fire without payment;
    He cheated law suit by continue changing his fake name and fake address.

    Now his Yard on KingGeodge BLV close Scott Rd

    Becareful you will be next Victim of this scamer and cheater.

    Driver not be paid hourly, but be required to drive around to escape , by pass, avoild to enter Scales.

    Fuel tank always low near bottom, $200 maximum fueling each time, sometimes driver be asked to pay for him company first.

    Pay cheque bounced back from time to time by your bank;

    Driver be paid one to two month later according to company policy you signed, and then another month later by verious excuse.

    When pay day arrive, he disapear and telling you he is in California phone you to continue work if want payment.

    When driver quit or be dismissed, he will not be paid for last two month pay period.

    Finally you need call police for protection.

    A cheating company and boss.Everything is fake, truck leased, even if you win the law suit, you will not get your money, and he hide nowhere.

    Looking for Class 1-3 Drivers Local Work (Surrey) hide this posting

    compensation: Salary
    employment type: full-time

    We are a local transportation company needing drivers for local deliveries. Work shifts are 5 days a week, weekends are free. 2-4 loads a day.

    We have tractors, trailers, and vans.
    We provide you a truck and trailer.
    Experienced drivers welcome, as well as non experienced.
    Highway driving an asset.

    Local Company that has been in business for 20 years.

    Must have valid class 1 with airbrake endorsement or class 3 with airbrake endorsement.
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  2. indiapacific

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    Jul 8, 2019
    G~Line hire and fire Would not pay driver is cheater and lier and worst of employer
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    For what? Elaborate please ;)
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    I prefer to use the local neighborhood enforcer, Louie "Knuckles" Bombabini, for protection. Rates are high, but service is, let's say, OUTSTANDING!
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    You better watch your back. I heard Knuckles is working for this company now to make sure nobody cry's online about them. Op hasn't been back........
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