Companies offering Health Ins Benefits from Day 1

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    In my experience, the one catch to 'Day 1' insurance is, you have a HUGE deductible for the 1st 60-90 days. Basically, companies that offer day 1 insurance are trying to help the driver not be harassed by the IRS for the health insurance mandate that was enforced initially, but wasn't under the last regiem...but will likely be enforced again with the current administration. If they offer a high deductible plan to new hires, then they can report to the gubbermint that their employee had insurance coverage.
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    You can buy temporary or short-term health insurance in your state. They aren't the greatest plans, but they offer protection during the waiting period with a new employer. More than likely they won't cover a pre-existing condition, but everything else they will cover.

    Short Term Health Insurance In Iowa -

    Iowa Short Term Health Insurance | Affordable Health Plans
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    In the 80’s Werner offered 1st day Ins coverage. Good BCBS policy. I’d guess they still do. Definitely check into the exchange. Must pick a “Silver” policy time qualify for a subsidy. Having Dependants, you’ll pay little or nothing. Don’t go by the estimate on the website. Call them. If you get someone who sounds too stupid to be doing the job. Hang up, and call again. The downfall will be a high deductible, as all silver policies are. Still covers many things, including Dental. Be sure to call any Dr.s or Dentists you have and make sure they accept the insurance. If not, decide if the network has adequate Dr.s in your area. There’s a list of plans to choose from. Private plans, like any other. Just subsidized. You estimate your income. If you under estimate, you probably will owe at tax time. If you over estimate, you’ll get a larger credit, and larger tax return. My cost has gone from $600- 16yrs ago, then $700, then $900. 14 yrs ago. With high deductibles. Today it’s $180 a month. Same deductibles. Recently went down a bit to $160. Thats for my wife and I based on $40k a yr AGI. The coverage is as good as any I’ve had in the past. The only thing I don’t like is it’s an HMO. I always bought PPOMs. They’re better. It’s basically the same coverage a friend of mine has working for GM. Works fir Me. Health coverage used to cost me 25% of my annual take home pay. It was outrageous.
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