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    Sep 21, 2006
    Not true and varies with each company. I've been paid for filling out paperwork after submitting on line app and was continued to be paid for my time during road test and traveling to get drug screen done. Also On the Job training not driving pay.

    Also you can't dictate responses
    RUN Far away. Screw it, some folks deserve cr england.
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    ] A good attitude & determination ? yea,those excellent qualities are of no good while being employed by CR, unless you consider turning around and smiling as CR has you bent over and is fully up your backside with no grease,a good attitude...
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  3. Danimal09

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    Jul 4, 2014
    shiprock nm
    I agree with you. You first have to pass to be considered for the job, but other companies I saw said even if you pass and meet all requirements you still might not get a job.
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    Jul 5, 2014
    Utah is nice. Been across the street at Central, my son was a trainer for Central. Not now though, their in lawsuits after swift took control. Thinking of CR england myself actually. In winter, the three sisters will wake you up. My son and I put our lives on the line last winter, no one cared. For Central.
    But so many times truckers dont do it for the money, its about keeping things moving, working, you know like farming, it becomes a part of you. truckers are special people. the backbone, without them it all stops.
    Trucking becomes a life, not just a job. Do England and be thankful you have a job, and do your best. If it doesn't work out inb the long run, get back up and do it again.
  5. Danimal09

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    Jul 4, 2014
    shiprock nm
    Hey thanks that was the best advice a lot of people are putting england down but then I hear a lot of good things. Its like you can't judge a book by its cover
  6. Moving Forward

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    Jan 14, 2014
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    But for those of us who have actually read the book, our warnings are just that. The decision is yours to make, but you will also have to suffer any/all consequences that could very well happen.

    As for their SLC facility, I found it to be their best location... however, beware of bed bugs at both the motels and dorm rooms. Good luck.

    BTW, I hope you will resist the urges to buy all of the overly expensive CRE jackets/t-shirts/mugs/etc that will on sale at the school. That crap is nothing but a waste of money and the school is simply taking advantage of kids who don't know any better than to buy the junk... and it certainly won't help you pass the tests or get an actual job/LEASE offering.

    Plus, be sure to lock all your stuff up -- CRE roomates have been know to steal stuff as they're leaving to go back home.
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    Nov 12, 2012
    You aren't guaranteed a job at England either. How do I know? I went there experienced back in 2008 and went through all their crap and was sent home. Why you ask? They were only hiring a small portion of the class and the others were sent packing. 18 hours on a bus to find out there were 60 people in class and 20 were hired. Keep in mind I had stable work history,flawless driving and criminal back ground. What gives? Hell if I know or even care at this point.
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    Jul 3, 2014
    Honestly,if ya cant pass the written test,no one will hire you.they do feed you lunch,im not endorseing them by no means,i drove for 16 years then by injury took a ten year hiates from trucking,every company said id have to go back to school,always kept my cdl,and had to teach my trainer how to back,400 lb woman who couldnt climb in the trailer to put a load bar advice to you do the school,let em charge you whatever their going rate is,do 3 months then put apps in everywhere once you change jobs never pay them another penny,the government is paying them to for training and hiring you,then move somewhere else after 3 months,watch your trainer if e helps ugreat if hes yelling at u,hes only doing it for the money,my guess 80 percent do it for this,in the 80 's and 90's i got nothing for this,nor would i do it now for money,cr england has many of law suits against them,and thee lost alot of them,get your cdl 3 months training and move on,or lease on,train,and feed your traineeys a load a crap.....they know how to make oney for them..take your truck back to gary ,in or salt lake city,ut,anywhere else they will charge you with abandament,3months is all ya need,then cut ya strings
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    Mar 5, 2012
    Yeah ship rock is a tough location for a job. Good luck to you. My brother went to cr england for his school. I offered to train him and run team with him but he didn't like my rules. As i am a clean neat freak. And own my own trk and was willing to teach him but he had to do a minimum of a year with me and all 4 seasons. He didn't like that idea. His first trainer was out of school for 60 days and rolled the trk in montana with my brother in the sleeper. By the way the sleeper safety restraints saved him so use the net in the bunk!!. Come to find out the trainer had never driven in bad weather. Not saying this to discourage you but just be careful who you get for a trainer.
  10. gpsman

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    Dec 10, 2013
    No carrier guarantees any driver a job, much less a student who hasn't so much as passed a whiz quiz. There's your first hint... of exactly what I can't be sure....

    1 day or 30 years and you can be fired for no reason whatsoever... so that's what your "guarantee" is worth. At least Swift was apparently up front about that.

    If you do around average at school and get your CDL they'll probably give you a job, but a CDL does not necessarily even make a shadow of a driver. I've seen students do well on their CDL test and be declined to be hired, experienced guys quit to go to another carrier and Bolo the check ride, and fresh graduates return to their home terminal after a week and be fired after the shop takes a look at their data, without so much as a kiss.

    Sorry, couldn't help you there. You post to a public forum, you get what you get.
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